Top 10 Bonus Tracks by Metal Bands


The Top Ten

1 Distant Memories - Blind Guardian

Bonus track from their 2015 album - I guess they decided the song was too soft for the album. - Metal_Treasure

2 Lords of Summer - Metallica

Bonus Track on Hardwired to SelfDestruct - christangrant

3 Piss - Pantera

Bonus Track on VDOP remaster/Reissue - christangrant

4 Aggressive Perfector - Slayer
5 Wages of Sin - Theocracy
6 God of Thunder - Death

It's a KISS cover, bonus track to the Japanese edition. - Metal_Treasure

7 Martyr - Soilwork
8 Lunar Lament - Demons & Wizards

When bonus tracks to albums of a side project are better than most of the popular songs, you know these musicians are great. And underrated. (Demons & Wizards is a supergroup, side project of metal musicians). - Metal_Treasure

9 Harvest of Sorrow - Blind Guardian

This beautiful song has 7 different studio versions and 2 official live versions! But it has always been a bonus track to different albums. Vocals and vocal harmonies are pure bliss. - Metal_Treasure

10 Bury Me Under the Sun - Lamb of God

The Contenders

11 Shoulder of Your God - Lamb of God
12 Duke Nukem Theme - Megadeth

That Moment when the Bonus Track is better than all the others on the album (Risk) - christangrant

LOL, I thought the same, christangrant. - Metal_Treasure

13 Sleepwalker - Nightwish
14 Spatial Architects - Demons & Wizards
15 Sleeping Sun - Nightwish
16 All the King's Horses - Blind Guardian

Bonus track to the Japanese edition only (2006). - Metal_Treasure

17 Giving the Horns - Anthrax

Bonus Track on Volume 8 - christangrant

18 Man Without Shadow - Primal Fear
19 The Wizard - Blind Guardian
20 White Room - Demons & Wizards
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1. Lords of Summer - Metallica
2. Piss - Pantera
3. Distant Memories - Blind Guardian
1. Lords of Summer - Metallica
2. Piss - Pantera
3. God of Thunder - Death



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