Top 10 Boy Meets World Quotes

The Top Ten

1 Fe-he-he-heny! - Eric Matthews
2 Life's tough. Get a helmet. - Eric Matthews
3 UNDAPANTS! - Cory Matthews
4 They want you to take the rolls! - Cory Matthews
5 Lose one friend. Lose all friends. LOSE YOURSELF.  - Plays With Squirrels
6 My Name is Plays With Squirrels - Eric Matthews
7 But to me, a real hero is someone who does the right thing when the right thing isn't the easy thing to do. - Mr. George Feeny
8 I do my thing and you do your thing.  You are you and I am I. And if in the end we end up together, it's beautiful. - Topanga Lawrence
9 You see, duckies are good because not only do they give you that non-threatening sense of security, but you can feed them crackers and you can ride 'em. See, duckies are the horsies of the ocean. - Eric Matthews
10 Cory, if stupidity was in the Olympics, you'd win a Nobel Prize. - Eric Matthews
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