Top 10 Bulk and Skull Moments from Power Rangers

Some of the best moments (Funny or heartwarming) featuring the iconic comedy duo of Power Rangers.

The Top Ten Bulk and Skull Moments from Power Rangers

1 Taking a stand (Power Rangers in Space)

Astronema has gone all-out in her invasion of Earth. Several of the earthlings have lost hope... but Bulk and Skull haven't. When Astronema demands the Rangers show themselves, Bulk and Skull take a stand and say THEY'RE the Rangers, inspiring others to do the same. They then lead a charge of humans to help the Rangers fight back the army - JT2zeMax

2 Saving the Rangers' Memories (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2)

While on a stakeout, Bulk and Skull see the Rangers teleport in... and finally figure out who they really are! Unfortunately, Lord Zedd's new monster has wiped the Rangers' memories clean... so Bulk and Skull step in to save them. Unfortunately, they lose the memories of who the Rangers really are - JT2zeMax

3 Skull is an expert pianist (Power Rangers Zeo)

We find out that Skull is actually an expert pianist... but he's worried everyone -especially Bulk- will make fun of him for it. However, when he performs Chopin at a concert, Bulk doesn't make fun of him... he supports him - JT2zeMax

4 Destroying the forcefield (Power Rangers Zeo)

In the "King for a Day" two-parter, they're accidentally trapped in Prince Gasket's prison while looking for a lost Tommy. They encountered another prisoner, a reptilian alien named Tritor, who believed them to be great heroic warriors that Gasket had abducted. The duo play up this facade, and end up being part of Tritor's battle to bring down the prison. They get to defeat a squad of Cogs and help destroy the forcefield that trapped the Rangers in the Machine Arena. Before sending them back to Earth, Tritor says that they will be legends and honored on his homeworld of Horath (which they have just helped save). Nobody believes their later tale, except for Tommy, Katherine and Jason (who overhear them boasting about it). However, thinking they are just being further mocked, the duo storm off. - JT2zeMax

5 Joining the Junior Police Force (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

In an attempt at getting uniforms to impress girls, Bulk and Skull join the Angel Grove Junior Police Patrol... but as the season progresses, they actually take their job seriously - JT2zeMax

6 Creating Turkey Jerk (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

After picking up a monster book from the book fair, the duo decides to try and make their own monster to take on the Rangers. Unfortunately, Skull accidentally follows instructions from a cookbook... but Lord Zedd helps bring the monster to life to terrorize both the duo and the Rangers - JT2zeMax

7 Turned into Chimps (Power Rangers Turbo)

After trying to stand up to Elgar, Elgar turns the two into chimpanzees for the next few episodes. They finally revert back after come into contact with residue from Divatox's torpedoes... but they turn invisible - JT2zeMax

8 Bulk and Skull reunion (Power Rangers Super Samurai)

In the Super Samurai finale, Skull comes to bring Spike home, reuniting with Bulk. This raises several questions about what Skull has been up to since we last saw him, but the reuinion was worth it - JT2zeMax

9 Bulk the Greatest Guy in the World (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Bulk and Skull's video project tries to make Bulk look good... but not only does Bulk make a mess at every turn, but the video comes out glitched making him look even worse - JT2zeMax

10 Training for Football Tryouts (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Skull trains Bulk for football tryouts... by having him practice ballet - JT2zeMax

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