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21 P.O.W.

This song is incredibly underrated it. A lot of people hate them for their newer stuff but screw them this song is a middle finger to them it shows that they are still one of the best metal bands ever ( my second favourite band, right under iron maiden) listen to it and you will not be disappointed

The best song on Temper Temper for me. How the HELL is tears don't fall part 2 so high up?! P.O. W is WAY better.

Great song. Glad they came out with new material. This is what I showed my army buddies and they loved it

Ha! this more like all these things I hate pt.2

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22 No Way Out

Lots of fans were disappointed with Temper Temper and these guys needed to give them something heavier to show they are still alive. Then this song came out and I only have to say this: BULLET IS BACK! - tiagocowboy11

The single of their 2015 album called Venom. Perfect riffs, screaming and brutal. I love it!

Needs a place here, the band went above and beyond with this song in terms of instrumentals. Shows that they've still got it.

Venom is extremely underrated, and this is the best song

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23 Her Voice Resides

Deserves a spot in the top ten for sure! Poison is a classic album with so much classic songs in it including this one. Epic screaming epic guitar solo epic song! - wolphert

It has such a good solo matt's screaming... dis song is damn underrated! -

Best lyrics of any song they have ever made. Truly beautiful...

Should be in top three at least because it's one of there best songs I believe

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24 The End

your hair reminds me of a time when we once were...
this song is one of the best bullet for my valentine songs I have heard. deserves to at least be in the top 10.. just listen to the lyrics

One of the most underrated Bullet For My Valentine songs out there. Listening to it reveals a deeper, more complex and bitterly beautiful song equipped with outstanding clean and heavy guitar parts, great drumming, a nice breakdown, and one of the most piercing, bitter, yet beautiful outros I have ever heard.

This song is immensely underrated, I have been a fan of bullet since '06 when they released this album, and this song deserves to be in the top 5 no doubt

This should be so much higher! What is wrong with people. You want a sad song,here ya go!

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25 Begging for Mercy

This a new song, just released from their upcoming album, Fever. This song is AWESOME and you can get it for free off of Tweematic just post something saying you downloaded it onto your Facebook from the site and the download button appears. They do this to get the word out about the album, and I think it's pretty damn smart.

54th? This song should be at least be in the top 5. Come on! The rhythms, the solo, the riff, the vocals. What's not to like?

how's this tenth... should be above 'your betrayal' super lyric with the best BFMV solo I've ever heard... this song rocks

This deserves to be in at least top 5 this is the first song I heard by Bullet For My Valentine

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26 Forever and Always

This song should not be at number 28! It's an amazing song, it's addicting. It's a slower song than most of their songs but it is simply amazing! The guitar lyrics are just phenomenal. It get stuck in my head so easily. The vocals are top notch. Probably the best vocals of any of their songs.

Should be in top ten! It really resonates with me and has so much emotion in the guitar rifts and lyrics and raises a fire in my heart every time! The acoustic version is just as good too!

The Guitar lead is so awesome! The coordination between drums and the guitar is so awesome that you can never get bored in any part of this song, AMAZING!
After hearing the lead you think you're in a different world

Easily the best song. Can't beat that guitar riff

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27 Eye of the Storm

Why Isn't this like #1?!? The musicianship and lyrics are so amazing! This is their best song in my opinion!

28 My Fist, Your Mouth, Her Scars

It's just the best song ever from Bullet For My Valentine. I'll always love it, the screaming is awesome, I always sing it when listening to it) THE BEST) PEOPLE VOTE FOR IT

Awesome song don't know why it's down here

One of their best songs ever!

Super underrated song overshadowed by the more "popular" songs on the CD. Still one of my top 5 songs from Bullet For My Valentine.

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29 Just Another Star

this is one of the best, listen this live in brixton god its amazing yeah

Don't really get why this is ranked so low? ITS AWESOME

I first heard this song when I was 9 years old but I never new the name of it, it belonds in the top 5

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30 Venom

I love this one. Deserves to be in the top 20 at least. Plus, to me it's sounds like it's from an anime.

Totally worth being top 20 at least! This song gives me bone chills!

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31 Fever

"Fever" is the fourth and final single from Welsh heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine's third album, Fever. The band were planning on releasing a video but as of yet there has not been one released. The song is said to be a "classic" Bullet for My Valentine song as it opens with a very fast "heavy metal" riff. -Wiki - michealjosephkennard

Maybe at the first time you listen this song it don, t sounds very good but if you start to listen it many times you realize that it's awesome!

Great song! Lyrics rock! Riffs rule! Love this song it's such a party tune

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32 Breaking Out, Breaking Down

Everyone can relate to this song in some way or another, it truly is powerful - thumbs up Bullet For My Valentine

I am disgusted that this is number 31, this is clearly one of their best songs ever, just listen to it and you will be in love.

We can't blame this world forever!

I used to play this song always.

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33 Don't Need You

That's certainly one of the best songs I've ever heard, with its medieval background and tragical dark atmosphere, all the screams and the addicting chorus, it's simply breathtaking, Bullet For My Valentine you did it again

After Venom, Bullet just show us that they never be "Temper Temper" anymore. And then, this song is coming up. Love this song so much

This new song is just lit!

Amazing song

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34 Road to Nowhere

Such an underrated song. One of the best power ballads of the 2000s. Should have been more than just a bonus track

Keep calm and listen to This song

Suprisingly underrated. This is truly a brilliant and powerful song.

On a road to nowhere

35 Dignity

Along with Bitersweet Memories and Your Betrayal, Dignity has the catchiest chorus on the album, Fever. The song shifts from an upbeat verse into one of the most tuneful choruses made by Bullet. Sure it's nothing like Waking The Demon or Tears Don't Fall but it's insulting that it isn't in at least the top 20. Give this song the dignity it deserves!

This song definitely deserves to be the in the top tens. Just love it

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36 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Metallica is the best band of this world and it is also favourite band of Bullet For My Valentine members... This song is great I like it but still they need a lot to match Metallica... I also like Bullet For My Valentine but they are nothing in front of mallica... If you check creeping death of Bullet For My Valentine they have done it so poor... They really need a lot to match Metallica...
Still they all are awesome... I like there all songs... Only they have done creeping death very poor...
Bullet For My Valentine rocks...

Metallica song... I love this songs by both bands... But Metallica is Metallica... Bullet For My Valentine need a lot to match with Metallica... Metallica is my favourite band and 2nd favourite is Bullet For My Valentine... So love both the bands...

I voted for this because Metallica is the best band ever and that's the only reason why so many people hate them. They are Bullet For My Valentine's inspiration.

Bullet for my valentine will always be better than Metallica, forever and always.

37 Disappear

This is definitely better than rest! Got to be in top 5!

This song is so much awesome to be at this place!

Are you kidding me?
This is one of their best songs and definitely deserves to be on top 10 or at least top 15! How is this trailing at blimmin 42? That doesn't make any sense, it has one of the most amazing guitar solos ever - amanmulji

In Bullet For My Valentine style. Must be at least 11

38 You Want a Battle? (Here's a War)

Just stunned. What a piece of work. Great job Bullet For My Valentine!

Great new song, Venom looks promising

Amazing lyrics and chorus! While staying heavy!

Seriously a great song by Bullet For My Valentine, deserves to be at least in top 20s..

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39 Last to Know

Huh I think the ears of every one were blocked when they started listening this song... I don't blieve what he hell this song is doing up here...

Why is this not on the top ten? You've got to be kidding me!

the people didn't even vote once for this truly catching song
please just listen to it once and you'll love it

40 Breaking Point

Great intro and solo I love it its not the best but it's a sold build song its simple yet it gets the job done though.

I thought it was in top 1 spot. why aren't there any temper temper songs in the top ten list

Not even in the top ten? This is the song that got me hooked, and it needs to be higher.

Really good song! Deserves a place in top 20!

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