TWIX so good! It has caramel and a cookie mixed with chocolate so good!

Snickers is just plain chocolate!

Twix is hands down the best candy ever to be created! It has that crunchy caramel inside. With a chocolate shell, you're left dying for more. They always say quality versus quantity. Quality is off the charts in this argument. Quantity does not fail to show either. (Seriously. Has anybody seen how small a piece of Milky Way or Snickers is? ) The other candies do not even match the amazing taste of Twix. Snickers, Kit-Kat, Milky Way? Please. Come up and fight Twix. The king of candies

YES! Twix are my favorite food. I am looking forward to getting as many Twix bars as I possibly can. I mean, what isn't there to love about Twix? Shortbread and caramel with a coating of chocolate! Every trick-or-treater's plan A: Get as many Twix as possible. Plan B: Take your sibling's Twix.

It was a fight between Snickers and Twix, but Twix was the winner. I love how unlike most candy bars, Twix has a nice crunch where the biscuit in it is. I love the biscuit, SO MUCH! I especially love the Twix ice cream bar. Talk about yummy! I love the tasty milk chocolate and caramel. No wonder Twix is number one, it's so good!

I could've called it! I could've bet that Twix is the best candy bar of all time! Twix been my favorite ever since I was 3! So now that I am 14, that means that I have been tasting a candy bar from heaven for 11 years, a candy bar called TWIX! TWIX IS THE BEST CANDY BAR THAT HAVE EVER BEEN INVENTED!

I'm so so glad that Twix is number 1 because it deserves it! The chocolate is so creamy and sweet, the cookie is delicious and makes the texture so enjoyable, and the caramel is perfectly gooey/chewy. Every time I eat one of these bars I feel happy, and I feel like everything is fine, or at least will be. Thank God for Twix

Simply the best candy bar out there. It combines a crunchy wafer, caramel for that slap you in the face with your own tongue deliciousness, and milk chocolate to bring it all together. Eat most other candy bars and your body tells you that one is enough. Eat a Twix and your taste buds crave another.

I LOVE TWIX! It is so good when you bite it and the cookie melts in your mouth and caramel with chocolate is a perfect combo with the cookie. It's crunchy, sweet and it's just so good. Better than any other candy bar. Especially snickers. Not my favorite.

Twix deserves to be #1! There's something satisfying about how all the flavors mix together. There's a really nice crunch from the biscuit and the chocolate and caramel mix is perfect. WAY better than Snickers, which doesn't have as much contrast with its nougat combo.

Wow.. This is really an amazing chocolate. The caramel melts its way into all the other flavours to create the maximum flavour. Perfect for all ages and people. No doubt my favourite.

Can't decide between cookies and candy? Twix has you covered - it's a combination of the two! My personal favorite, this sugar cookie, caramel, and milk chocolate confection is a godly Halloween creation. You can keep your Snickers and Milky Way. Twix crushes the competition!

Perfect combination of texture and taste makes the Twix candy bar the best! The crunch and buttery flavor of the biscuit and the sweet, creaminess of the caramel and chocolate.

It's the best candy in the world. They should make every candy bar like twix its the best ever made and if you never tried it you need to because it will change your life forever and everyone knows it.

The peanut butter kind is incredible. Chocolate cookies and peanut butter and chocolate? YES. The regular kind is good too.

I used to not like Twix. I eyed with suspicion, and reached for 3 Muskeeters or a milky way instead. Then I started liking Snickers. I forgot all about nougat and the chewiness of my old favorites, and began to like texture. One day, I realized the Snickers were all out in the variety pack of mini chocolate I had bought. I ate a milky way, but it was even mushier than I remember. I resigned myself to a Twix, and upon eating it I loved it! Its now my favorite, even rivaling Snickers.

Its awesome candy: it has caramel, and its part cookie, and the chocolate is soothing and filling. It tastes delicious! It has to be the number 1 candy. Its really the best!

Two awesome bars of goodness twix is just SO GOOD I can't think of how this chocolate it's just so good oh my GOD I can't think of anything else better then this flavored goodness treat.

Twix is simply the best! Of course any one of these I better than a mounds! Caramel, peanut butter, take your pick. Either one rocks my candy loving world!

A better bar could not be had. OK, Snickers is about equal. Good for you, too. I could eat about two hundred of these at one sitting.

Twix its just so good. It's like your buying two of them. For the price of 75 cent. Twix definitely deserve to be number 1, because it's so addictive and good.

I remember when I was a kid and I would sometimes not buy my actual lunch so I had money to pay for a Twix. The caramel, the crunch, everything about these were awesome. - DarthZilla

Man. You gotta love Twix, with the sweet crunch, followed by the delicious caramel topped over it, and the sweet, mouth-watering chocolate poured on it. Best candy ever INVENTED, HANDS DOWN.

I love Twix. It's like a crunchy caramel enjoyment. I would eat 1000 of them everyday, but then I would gan 50 pounds and I don't want to do that. How long dose this thing have to be before I post it?

When I lived in India, this was the only candy bar I requested my American relatives to get for me. Heaven is a never ending twix bar

Best mix of chocolate and caramel ever. Has a taste like no other. Plus comes in 2 bars to share this masterpiece with others. To bad I can't share it with others. Ha ha laugh out loud