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1 The Care Bears Movie V 1 Comment
2 Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

Not as good as the first one, and it did create plot holes just to add in merchandise of toy lines but it's still good and you could easily make up your own headcanon as to what happened (mine is the spirit from the first one wiped the Bears/Cousins' memories and took away the Cousins' symbols somehow). True Heart and Noble Heart are likable and make a cute couple, the cubs are cute, the animation, while it can't compare with Disney/Bluth, is still charming in its own right and better than the first film's, the soundtrack was great, Dark Heart is a great villain and the story with him and Christy was well done.

The only flaw besides the plot holes though is the "We Care" scene...I know it's supposed to be like the "Save Tinker Bell" thing from Peter Pan, but still... - SailorSedna

3 Care Bears: Journey To Joke-A-Lot

This doesn't deserve #3. This one was horrible. Terrible animation with ugly character designs, sub-par voice acting, a bad story, annoying, irritating songs and I like Funshine as a female better. - SailorSedna

4 Care Bears: Big Wish Movie
5 The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland

The worst of the original Care Bears trilogy. I picked this up at a used library sale, and was so excited to see this movie when it came out, I had seen the two Care Bears movie previously and loved them, and I loved Alice in Wonderland, I've read, seen and loved the original Alice in Wonderland book (never read Looking Glass), saw the Disney film and the one with Martin Short, Whoopie Goldberg and Gene Wilder (the most faithful film adaptation in my eyes). I was so excited to see this and the concept does sound awesome. Too bad I was wrong and the actual movie wasn't as great as it sounded. Great concept I'll say, but failed execution. The version of Wonderland was just too wacky and weird looking, even for Care Bears standards and such, some of the characters like Dim and Dum, the bastardized version of the Jabberwocky were annoying, the action/use of Care Bear Stare scenes weren't all that great, the songs weren't anything enjoyable minus "Rise and Shine" and "Mad ...more - SailorSedna

6 Care Bears Nutcracker Suite

First Care Bears thing I saw as a kid, until 2004, the last media/animation thing ever involving the Care Bears, and looking at it again as an adult, it's decent and enjoyable but nothing more. The characters are good and used well, the voice acting is good like always, the story has some nice action in it, and it is a very charming and unique adaptation of the Nutcracker story line, but it's not without its flaws. The animation, while good, is a step down compared to the other three movies (to be fair it is a T.V. movie), the Vizier looks too similar to the Wizard of Wonderland from the first film, the ending is a bit too similar to the first theatrical movie's and may be confusing if you first see it and is kinda a bit ambiguous (was it a dream, or was it not? It probably wasn't), and the movie is a bit too short, only being about an hour long whilst the other ones were about 75 minutes average.

Also, what is with Funshine Bear shooting out RAINBOWS AND FLOWERS from her ...more - SailorSedna

7 Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!

Is this worth watching, along with the other 3 below? A million times NO!

Horrific character designs, terrible animation/art, and a bad story and subpar voice acting plus that's not how the Care Bear Stare works!

Plus, Grizzle is a pathetic villain. - SailorSedna

8 Care Bears: The Giving Festival Movie

Apparently "Christmas" is a forbidden word in this film! - SailorSedna

9 Care Bears to the Rescue Movie
10 Care Bears: Share Bear Shines
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