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1 The Care Bears Movie

I loved this movie as a kid but as an adult, I find it cringy and poorly animated. I mean, I get that the movie was made in the eighties but even then animation equipment was pretty good. At least with this movie, there is more adventure to it than the second one.

I Hate This Movie! This Movie Sucks! The Care Bears Movie Is Worst Classic Animated Movie Ever! This Movie Is Huge Ripoff My Little Pony The Movie (1986), Which My Favorite Cartoon Movie Ever! I Can't Believe I Watch This Stupid Movie I Was Kid in 2007. Tom And Jerry The Movie Is Better Than The Care Bears Movie (1985)

Looks like we got a GoAnimate styled rant below. Care Bears movie came first before the MLP movie (1985 before 1986). You didn't explain why you thought it sucked either. =__=

For my thoughts, this is the first and the best Care Bears movie in my opinion, and a very good movie on its own. The animation isn't as good as Disney, and has errors in it but it still has its own charm to it and is fine in its own right. The story isn't the best ever and has some writing issues, but it's still entertaining, all the characters are likable (though some of the Cousins could have been characterized better), most of the Bears have their own simple personality traits (though the two animated series showed them better) the songs are enjoyable, though not as good as the second's, and even though it can seem too saccharine and corny at times it still has a cutesy charm that makes it enjoyable, and it has a good message I believe even adults can like: no matter how alone you may think you are, ...more

This movie is inspiring, thought provoking, and incredible. It is everything you need in a movie as a whole. The Godfather is trash compared to this. This is the accomplishment of cinema we have all been waiting for. Also check out the incredible sequel, Care Bears II. Which nearly lives up to the best movie based on anything ever. I would highly recommend you do check it out.


2 Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

I actually watched this movie first as a kid and even though the plot was pretty boring, I watched the Care Bears Family and it made sense. Then I watched the first movie and it was a completely different origin story. I later found out that the first movie was an origin story for the DIC series of Care Bears and A New Generation was the origin story for the Care Bears Family T.V. series but because both movies and the Care Bears Family have the same animation designs, it can easily be confusing. Especially for younger kids.

Not as good as the original one, and it does have big plot holes (Bears and Cousins growing up together for whatever reason here) that were created for merchandise/money, and of course there's that awkward fourth breaking wall scene that I don't know why they did so, but the animation was a step up from the original though still not Disney quality, the songs were better than the first film, and True Heart and Noble Heart are enjoyable characters. - SailorSedna

3 Care Bears: Journey To Joke-A-Lot

I didn't like this film. Ugly CGI, lame story, annoying, forgettable songs, some of which never seem to end, poor voice acting, and yeah, I'm not too fond of Funshine's gender change either. - SailorSedna

I actually like this movie [and despite having watched 80s care bears hand-me-down tapes, I honestly prefer Funshine as a boy besides, we have Cheer Bear so can't we let Funshine's change to a boy slide? ] and it is very adorable! Big Wish shouldn't be on here because it was so cruel to Wish Bear [my favorite Care Bear].

4 Care Bears: Big Wish Movie

Y'all might think this movie it's garbage because of the animation,but to me it's a masterpiece

I wish this movie never existed.

How sweet!

5 The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland

I loved this movie and it really made up for how confusing the last two movies were. It was nice to see Good Luck Bear have some time to shine but what confuses me is the whole family dynamic between Swift Heart Rabbit and the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

Another thing I'd add as to why I didn't like this film; to kinda quote The Animated Movie Guide (which gave this film 2 stars out of four when I'd have given it 1 and said it was the weakest), perhaps part of the problem also lay in displacing the Care Bears and their Cousins from Care-a-Lot, the Forest of Feelings and their nameless suburban environments and cities they visited, which with their ordinary places such as parks, schools, carnivals, houses/mansions, hedge mazes, sports stadiums, beaches, nameless summer camp and its evil places like The Land Without Feelings and Professor Coldheart and No Heart's castles, actually offered more wonders and excitement than Wonderland here, an example of a great concept turning out poorly. - SailorSedna

Deserves a lower title. Lizzie Hearts is the TRUE Princess of Hearts. Lucky nobody likes this movie anyway.

�� I REALLY don't like this movie

6 Care Bears Nutcracker Suite

Decent ending to the 80's Care Bears movie and underrated in my opinion (though glimpsing at it was my first exposure to Care Bears), but the ending still slightly confused me. - SailorSedna

7 Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!
8 Care Bears: The Giving Festival Movie
9 Care Bears to the Rescue Movie
10 Care Bears: Forest of Feelings

This one along with the other three below aren't actually movies at all, they're just a collection of some of the DiC series episodes on one DVD, ranging from three to four episodes.

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11 Care Bears: Share Bear Shines
12 Care Bears: Carousel of Dreams
13 Care Bears: Magical Moments
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