Top Ten Characters In Hollyoaks Who Serial Killer Silas Blissett Should Target Next

Serial Killer Silas Blissett is back in Hollyoaks! A good thing for the writers as the soap needs a character cull. So...who should he set his sights on?

The Top Ten

1 Lindsey Roscoe

A fellow serial killer. A nurse who is also doing a bit of overtime as The Gloved Hand Killer, murdering innocent hospital patients. Silas needs to eliminate his competition... - Britgirl

2 Cameron Cambell

Argh! He's just awful isn't he? He killed his girlfriend's parents and attempted to kill his own brother! The village of 'Oaks would be a lot nicer without us having to endure that Scottish accent of his... - Britgirl

3 Diane O'Connor

Silas would be doing us a favour really. She's boring! - Britgirl

4 Holly Roscoe

She broke Jason's heart when he found out ON HIS WEDDING DAY that his bride had been fooling around with his twin brother, Robbie. Silas frowns upon such goings-on. - Britgirl

5 Joe Roscoe

Nice chap and everything but more boring than a disused cleaning cloth and has half its personality. Would Hollyoaks really suffer if Silas did us this massive favour? - Britgirl

6 Nancy Osborne

She used to be so nice! But she really has become a typical teacher. She's so bossy and nosy! She has to go. Oh, Silas... - Britgirl

7 Leela Lomax

She needs to go simply because of her murdering the fashion scene. - Britgirl

8 Peri Lomax

Leela's spoilt teenage daughter. Silas probably wouldn't look to her a a potential victim but if I were the writer... - Britgirl

9 Frankie Osborne

She wouldn't be missed, except by Jack and let's face it, he's only there to make up the numbers! - Britgirl

10 Silas Blissett

After he's done us and the rest of Hollyoaks cast a favour, he should suddenly get an attack of conscience and kill himself. After all, who needs people like him around, eh - Britgirl


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