Top 10 Best The Owl House Characters

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1 Eda the Owl Lady

She is so funny and I love her. She is an amazing "witch" of owl.

She looks like Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo.

She reminds me of my mom.

2 Amity Blight

I completely agree with the placement on this list, but Amity does deserve the number one spot for being a truly amazing character, Eda the Owl Lady is a great character.

Amity rules! I wasn't so sure about the ship Lumity, but now I live it! Amity isn't as cool as Luz, but I still like her. Let me tell you, when Amity and Luz became a thing, I was like WHAT? NO WAY. Love it, though

From a rude, pompous top student to a friendly, sweet gay panicking tomato!

She's so cute when she's nervous!

3 Luz Noceda

I love Luz Noceda so much. We share the same MTBI we both are fantasy lovers and use escapism all the time. She is so relatable and I can't express how much I love her. Luz Noceda #1 character real!

Luz is an amazing character, but she does simp over Amity a lot which is alright because Amity actually feels the same way, she's so lucky that Amity likes her.
Lumity is still a good ship low.

I want her to wear a tuxedo like she did in Enchanting Grom Fright but a full one instead of the top half of one.

I relate to her so much! She's a quirky, weird teenager! Love her so much!

4 King

I love king! He is hilarious and voiced by my favorite Voice Actor Ever! (Alex Hirsch) he is funny and one of the main reasons I love the show other than the action and the complicated plot.

A funny and cute little gremlin he is.

Funniest character, hands down.

5 Hunter

Hunter aka the Golden guard is one heluva character. He is what is called a FOIL character for Luz and Amity. He accurately depicts what prolonged stress and pressure can do to a teen. His design is brilliant. The eye bags displaying how existed he is and how overworked he is. His scar from a fight or possibly one of Belos' outbursts. His on-screen mental breakdown is a clear signal that this bad but sad boy needs some therapy and sleep. He needs to escape his toxic environment. I think Lil rascal will help with that.

Without a doubt, THE best character. Down to his backstory, design, everything. His backstory is so interesting, yet so heart-wrenching. You can't help but want to give the poor kid a hug. His design describes him as a character, he's overworked and in an unhealthy environment. He's adorable as well.

Spoiler for season 2 episode 6

Ok. Wow, what a way to introduce this character. He is misguided by Belos and from the ending of the episode could have gotten his scar from him. I hope he gets more screen time. From what I have seen he's a villain that could have a turn around and learn how to use Lil' Rascal.

I love him! Great character and amazing! I love him so much I kinda also ship him and willow

6 Camilla Noceda
7 Hooty

If you don't like Hooty, watch "Knock Knock Knocking on Hooty's Door," then you'll like him. Even though he can be annoying, he is really kind and just wants to help his friends. His friendship with Lilith is so sweet! He's also pretty powerful. HOOTY RULES

Hooty is amazing! He is funny and he is voiced by Alex Hirsch, the best voice actor. He isn't annoying and I would use up all my day to listen to his life story!

Hooty is the best character no questions about it.

Hooty is awesome. I loved the episode Knock Knock Knocking Hooty's here

8 Emira Blight

She honestly cares about her sister and twin. She's a cool side character.

She is a pretty cool teenager.

9 Willow

I love her geeky personality but she is not an interesting character because the show barley gives room to develop some of their side characters which is a shame because I think she has great potential.

Ugh, I HATE WHAT THE OWL HOUSE IS DOING WITH HER CHARACTER!... Ahem, sorry about that. Anyway, I hate the fact that Willow and Gus are being overshadowed by lumity and basically everyone else in the show. I really wish we'd gotten more Understanding Willow type of episodes because I REALLY do want to understand her more (and Gus). But sadly, I doubt this is going to happen because Willow and Gus only exist to be Luz's friends. I love lumity, but I wish they would give Willow and Gus some of the spotlight too...

Most definitely the most underrated AND she needs more screentime. Kinda dissapointed at how little screentime she's had in season 2 so far. I hope in the future we get to see more of her!

I like her, along with Gus, but they need more development to be on my most favorites list. I hope they are fleshed out in season 2.

10 Gus

Gus is actually REALLY powerful! In the episode "Labyrinth Runners," he is shown to be able to create powerful illusions that completely change the landscape. He can also make someone look like someone else. He was able to take down the illusion coven head, and he can use his powers to trap someone in their memories/view their memories.

Underrated AND probably the funniest character, that's all I have to say.

He worships humans.

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? Camila Noceda
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11 Edric Blight

Edric deserves more love! He's so adorable

12 Lilith Clawthorne

She went from being the most hated character to one of the most loved in the fandom. Yes, she's made mistakes. But she's learning from them. She has great character development, and I can't wait to see more of her in season 2b

Was she forgiven too easily?

13 Emperor Bellows

Alright, if Tails was a villain Emperor Belos is truly the type of character he'd be since Belos has The Day of Unity while Tails has The Great Harmony going for him.
Besides, Emperor Belos is the perfect way of writing an evil version of Tails with Tails being Philip while Belos could work as a villain name for him.
Heck, can you imagine him being a young inventor that comes to power the same way Philip did before taking his revenge on the Mobians of Westside Island in the same manner as the day of unity, only he uses the great harmony instead.
This'll clearly be another version of Tails that never met Sonic resulting in a timeline where he becomes the mysterious leader of Westside Island before destroying them as a sign of revenge.

Emperor Belos deserves to be number one on this list since his smart and evil.
Also his design actually looks like an owl before looking like a fox when his mask is removed.
Besides, I actually like the idea of a fanfiction being written with Tails as Emperor Belos himself; fanfiction writers, make it happen.

14 Raine Whispers
15 Vee

Is it wrong of me to say that I'm surprised that she didn't eat Luz in the episode Yesterdays Lie?

16 Alador Blight
17 The Collector

Watch the season 2 finale and you'll see what I mean! I love this chaotic little guy. They're super powerful as well, and I love their design!

18 Warden Warth
19 Boscha
20 Tibbles
21 Kikimora
22 Skara

She is one of the nicest members of Boscha's girl posse and is so bubbly and cute.

23 Principal Bump
24 Terra Snapdragon
25 Odalia Blight
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