Top 10 Best She-Ra and The Princess of Power Characters

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1 Catra

I think she is a popular fan favorite, I definitely felt bad for her since the very beginning. She and Adora have been bffs for life, then Adora leaves for a couple hours and wants to abandon everything and have and forget everything they've done. She also always seems to get the short end of the stick, and was always second best to Adora. Though her character development is great and she ends up getting the redemption she deserved. Great character, the plot would not be the same without her.

Amazing character! I've loved her since the beginning. She's so hurt: she was BFFs with Adora forever (plus, they had feelings for each other) then Adora decides to stay with people she's only known for a couple of hours. Shadow Weaver, Hordak, and Adora don't think highly of her (that also counts Double Trouble for that one scene in Destiny Part 2). And what's more? Nothing except the fact that everyone keeps abandoning her! Poor Cat.

2 She-Ra

She-Ra is actually a good main character. Not many main characters have great character-developpment, but She-Ra does. She┬┤s kind and loyal to her friends and did what was right for good. She misses her old friends still deep inside, but she did what was right in the end, and that's what stood out to me. She made a sacrifice to leave her home, the one place where she had people she new to protect her real people and the world itself.
I love She-Ra, she is an amazing character that really stood out to me.

I like this character. Coming from me that's saying something cause the only main characters that I really like are Gumball from TAWOG, Steven from SU, and Sonic from, well, sonic.

3 Entrapta

This strange intriguing character has won title of my favorite character. The sweet passion she has for science is amazing and her bubbly personality always lightens the mood. I love her a lot, and her kindness to others shows how it always tops everything.

My favorite character, super adorable, just like her food, also is hilarious. She makes this show worth watching.

I like her because she's different from the other princesses.

4 Scorpia
5 Glimmer

2nd best character in my opinion. I love that she actually had development. In s1 I found her annoying, s2 she was just kinda there, s3 she starts growing on me and did good, s4 was her worse season for the type of person she was BUT it was her best season for her development. Which made her one of my favorites.

I can relate to her because I'm a little stubborn.

6 Mermista

She's blunt, but silly at times. I love this character.

7 Bow

He is the glue that holds everyone together, just a bunch of love the at no one can dislike.

He carries all the hero's and basically the smartest one.

He is the definition of a cinnamon roll!

8 Hordak

He is my third favorite bad guy in the show. Next to Catra and Shadow Weaver.

9 Horde Prime

I haven't seen season 5 yet, (I just started watching it) and I already know I like this guy.

10 Sea Hawk

Funniest character in the show. He's perfect for Mermista.

Sea Hawk is definitely a comic relief.

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11 Shadow Weaver

Shadow Weaver was a good character, and I liked her. Not much at the start, but she had some good character-development and her story is pretty interesting. I like her personality and how she helped Adora with what she needed to do, and most of all to raise her.

12 Perfuma
13 Wrong Hordak
14 Queen Angella

She was strict, and didn't let Glimmer do what was best, but she was still amazing, and very selfless in the end.

She is just so beautiful and underrated, she's perfect in my eyes.

15 Double Trouble

I know he was a bad guy, but I liked him!

Honestly I don't know what to say they are just likeable for some reason I don't know,

16 Frosta
17 King Micah

I'm sorry he wasn't there for long, but he was still amazing.

18 Kyle
19 Swift Wind
20 Adora
21 Rogelio
22 Huntara
23 Netossa
24 Spinnerella
25 Lonnie
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