Top 10 Best Anti-Heroes in Fiction

The concept of an anti-hero is a relatively new one in literature, compared to traditional heroes and villains. The anti-hero is a flawed protagonist, someone who may not necessarily have all the traits we associate with a hero. They may lack morality, or have a dark past, but they still manage to capture our attention and our hearts. Many of the best stories of the last century have centered around anti-heroes, from classic literature to comic books, movies, and television.

The term "anti-hero" was first coined in the mid-19th century by the Romantic poet William Hazlitt, but the concept didn't really gain popularity until the 20th century. This was a time of great upheaval and change, and the anti-hero was a reflection of this. In a world that was becoming more complex, with shifting moral values, the anti-hero represented a new kind of protagonist, one who was more nuanced and ambiguous than the traditional hero.

The anti-hero can take many forms, from the brooding loner to the charismatic rogue. They may be driven by revenge, a thirst for power, or simply a desire to survive in a harsh world. Whatever their motivation, they often become fan favorites, drawing us in with their complex personalities and unpredictable actions.

What are the best anti-heroes in fiction? From Walter White in "Breaking Bad" to Don Draper in "Mad Men," from Holden Caulfield in "The Catcher in the Rye" to Dexter Morgan in "Dexter," there are countless examples of anti-heroes who have left their mark on popular culture. So, let's take a look at some of the most memorable and beloved anti-heroes in fiction, and vote for the ones we think deserve to be at the top of this list.
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1 Wolverine A fierce and brooding mutant with animal-like senses, heightened agility, and a regenerative healing factor, Wolverine often clashes with his own moral compass as he battles both his enemies and personal demons.

Wolverine is my favorite antiheroes because he has a lot of powers and abilities . He demonstrates exceptional strength and perseverance.

Wolverine is the best anti hero there is. He is one of the major reasons for the perserverance of the marvel comics. After all how can you disagree with the guy whos the best at what he does. Oh and by the way batmans not an anti hero he's a superhero.

Captain America once punched the tendons in wolverines arm so he couldn't retract the claws. Wolverine still won

Listen here bub you dare put anybody in front of logan hell kill you in instan he. Fought literally every major war possible civil war ww1 ww2 Korean War Vietnam and is a unkillable badass

2 Deadpool A wisecracking, fourth-wall-breaking mercenary with regenerative healing abilities, Deadpool is a morally ambiguous character whose unpredictable nature and twisted sense of humor make him both endearing and dangerous.

Deadpool is my favorite antihero because he is very funny even thought he kills people. I love black humor so deadpool knows how to make me laugh. I also enjoy when characters break the fourth wall it allows us to have more "privacy" with them. Moreover I love his costume even if he wears a little girl's bag.

It's my favourite anti heroes because I identify myself through him, I love their actions, he is brave, skillful, noticeable even though he is tourmented, ruthless sometimes he is dull. I place him in type IV on the scale because he is cold-blooded, foolfish, ruthless so he do bad actions, he has an selfish agenda, he break bad.

I voted Deadpool, he is an antihero. I chose him because he is very charismatic, I like his costume and he is very funny because he uses the dark humor. Finally, I love this history because there are many heroes in the saga. It's sad when Deadpool's wife died.

I chose Deadpool because it was an antiheros who marked me in his ways of being and acting. But also his character because he is a super funny character and with superpowers, there is super strenght and self-healing, they are a beautiful superpowers.

3 Vegeta A proud and ruthless Saiyan prince, Vegeta is initially driven by his lust for power and rivalry with Goku, but gradually evolves into a complex character who must reconcile his brutal past with his newfound role as a protector.

I voted for Vegeta as I find his character very interesting. Once a space alien causing genocide across the galaxy to now an alien reformed on Earth. He is quite stubborn and a bit arrogant sometimes (Cell Saga...), yet he still cares for the people around him, whether that be his friends, family or his lifelong rival, Goku. He always comes through and sacrifices himself for the planet if needed. He went from once a genocidal maniac in the Namek Saga, to saving those same Namekians in the Moro arc.

In short, to me, Vegeta is a fantastic character with an amazing development, even when we thought he could have never been redeemed, he ended up becoming one of the most loved and cherished characters in the Dragon Ball series.

Vegeta came to Earth to kill and destroy, he didn't care who got in his way. Then years later he becomes a family man, then turns evil again. After he became evil he reformed a second time after he sacrifice his own life to save everyone. That's double reformation! How many anti heros done that? Certainly not Batman that's for sure.

Vegeta was a killing machine who destroyed a whole planet using his fingertips: from being so evil he became so good to sacrifice himself to save Earth.

Végéta is a good character of course is an antihero. He wanted destroy the planet , and kill San Goku. He has a bad language and is very funny. After he became a little bit gentle-hearted and nice. He helps Son Goku to kill a lot of enemy. He protects her wife against the danger , and his son. His a good dad and a good friend for Son Goku.


4 Rorschach A morally rigid and uncompromising vigilante, Rorschach seeks to expose corruption and crime in a dystopian society, even as he struggles with his own demons and the impact of his violent actions.

Rorschach is a hurt man but he can stay true in his moral code. Even if he is violent and crazy and he kills people, to me it's justified, so he is my favorite antihero.

This guy is the best. He mostly stays true to his moral code and is willing to act, unlike Nite Owl.

He's literally the only true badass of Watchmen despite his violent and crazy behavior.

This guy and a few others need to be put higher on this list.

5 Batman A masked vigilante who seeks justice in the crime-ridden city of Gotham, Batman struggles with the darkness inside himself, as he aims to protect the innocent without becoming the very thing he fights against.

Batman is one of my favorite anti-hero because I like the complexity of his character. Yes, he fights for justice and wants a safer Gotham, but his constant fight against himself to resist his murderous desire makes him really interesting. He's still righteous even though he's broken ever since his parents were killed in front of him. To me, it's not just his actions that make him an anti-hero, but also and mostly his mind. I consider him a type 2 on the scale of anti-heroes because although he is dangerous, he still keeps a strong sense of justice, and refuses to kill his enemies.

Batman, although he doesn't have any super powers he can easily fight for justice. Even if he lost his parents at a young age, he learned to overcome it. Despite beating villains, he doesn't kill them. His biggest enemy is the Joker and yet he can be considered as his best friend for how long this game of cat and existed between them.

I choose Batman because he doesn't have superpower. Even if he is a simple human he fights the different vilains to save Gotham City. Bruce has lost his parents and yet he became a very big detective. The different actors who play Batman in movies play the character in different ways. Batman doesn't kill but he can become a dangerous antiheros when he is prepered for battle.

I chose him because he is one of my favorite hero, he save people against some villains like the Joker but he doesn't kill them.

6 Walter White A high school chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine manufacturer, Walter White's transformation from a mild-mannered family man to a ruthless criminal mastermind reveals the depths of human ambition and moral decay.

Walter White is a best anti-heroes because he is a drug dealer to help his family due to the lack of money after his death because of his cancer. It's evil to deal drugs but he tries to save the people who he loves in his life. Walter is a kind main character despite of the illegal business. The anti-heroes I would put in the type 3 because he lets many people die then he kills the people for the business and the drug which is illegal same for the wellness of his family .

I choose Walter White as my favorite anti-hero because even if he became a drug dealer it was for a good cause. He wanted to help his family after his death of cancer. Despite the things he did he just didn't want to leave his family with debts. That's why he choose to leave his job to sell meth


I voted for Walter White because he's the perfect antihero for me.He's a dad who suffer from cancer and he have ton claim money quickly for his family before he died.So he decides to make and sell meth .He does an illegal act but it's for the sake of his family.

Walter White is a good character. Even though he became drug dealer. He did this since he has a cancer and the money is going to belong to his family, that's why I love this character.


7 Spawn A former elite assassin who is resurrected as a Hellspawn, Spawn struggles to reconcile his dark past with his newfound supernatural abilities, as he battles both the forces of evil and his own inner demons.

I like Spawn (HBO Series) better than the comic book version of Spawn and the live action version of Spawn, and I taught Spawn (HBO Series) to stop stealing Wanda Blake from Terry Fitzgerald and Cyan Fitzgerald and I can't blame Spawn's vengeance on the criminals and the villains who wronged the good sinless people, good guys and the heroes anymore.

8 Light Yagami A high school student who discovers a supernatural notebook that grants him the power to kill, Light Yagami becomes a vigilante known as Kira, whose godlike ambitions and twisted sense of justice lead him down a path of darkness.

Light Yagami is recently my favorite one anti-hero, first of all Light Yagami didn't enjoy the criminality so much. He has his own personality, he is very clever and he knows how to manipulate people.
What which is interesting, it's the fact that when he discovered the death note, he have plans all the death in his book on serious criminal to decrease the criminality rate.
Even if Light Yagami killed a lot of people, he had a good reason behind this. Despite his crime, Light stays my favorite one.
Finally I place him in the type 4 because he won't hesitate to kill people who try to discover his true identity.

Light seems to be the best antihero on this list. He's very smart even if he can be crazy some time, he's a really manipulative character and cold-blooded killer. The reason why he became like that is because he own a book named "Death Note" and by owning this book, he summoned a demon of death who made Light a monster. He used the book to make a better world by killing all the criminals. Despite the fact that he kills people, he cares about the world so that shows that he's an anti antihero.

My favorite antihero is Light Yagami. Why ? Because even if he broke bad during the manga, he did the best choices for the safety of the world. Killing the killers is controversial, and yet, if you're a good person, Kira (his nickname) is not your enemy but your saviour. The acts of Light make us question our notions of good and bad.

Light Yagami is a anti-heroes because his objectifs are noble. He used a book to make a better world by killing all the criminal.
He as a anti-heros because his objective is noble but the way he does it is not moraly good.For me it is the best anti-hero on this list because his very smart but he break bad in the manga ,he want to become god. He cares about the world this is why he's an antihero. On the sliding scale of anti-heroes he are the type 4 because his morality is still on the good side

9 The Punisher A relentless and brutal vigilante, The Punisher is driven by the murder of his family, and his desire for vengeance leads him to become judge, jury, and executioner, often at odds with the very concept of justice.

It's the best one.
He's an old marine man and when he comeback some guy killed his family. After that throughout the show we are going to see his revenge against the men and destroy all a group.

Wait! #50 that doesn't make since, Duffy duck is more ahead than the friggen punisher the punisher is the definition of anti hero it should go 1. The punisher 2.Barman 3.Mad Max 4.Daryl PERIOD

As someone already told Punisher is the definition of anti hero

10 Zero (Code Geass) The masked alter ego of Lelouch Lamperouge, Zero is a cunning strategist and revolutionary leader who uses his power of mind control to fight against the oppressive Britannian Empire, while concealing his true identity and moral dilemmas.

Zero is my favorite anti hero of all time. Seriously he manipulates, kills, lies, steals and ACHIEVES WORLD DOMINATION. But he does all of this to bring down a brutal dictatorship, find his mothers murderer and, most importantly, make the world a better place for his crippled sister. In some ways he could be seen as a 'ends justify the means' manipulator, but unlike most of these characters, who are spineless cowards, Zero is willing to put his own life on the line for his plans.

Zero should be higher. He's the perfect example of an anti-hero. He's killed a lot of people but just want's to destroy the Britannians despite the fact he's one too.

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? Eren Yeager Eren Yeager, spelled Eren Jaeger in the Funimation dub, is a fictional character appearing as the protagonist from the manga series Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama.
? Satsuki Kiryūin (Kill la Kill) Satsuki Kiryuin is one of the antagonists from 'Kill La Kill', an anime series that ran from 2013-2014, created by Studio Trigger.
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11 Sweeney Todd A vengeful barber who turns to murder after a tragic betrayal, Sweeney Todd's descent into madness is fueled by his quest for retribution, leading him to blur the lines between justice and bloodlust.

He is driven by one thing and one thing only: his own goals and he doesn't care about anyone but himself. perfect example

12 Red Hood (Jason Todd) A former Robin who was brutally murdered and later resurrected, Red Hood becomes a ruthless vigilante who seeks to clean up Gotham City through any means necessary, even if it puts him at odds with his former mentor, Batman.

He defeated Batman. If that isn't enough he can control Bizarro. I can say more but I think I put down my case

13 Han Solo A charismatic and self-serving smuggler, Han Solo is initially driven by his own interests, but eventually finds himself drawn into the larger cause of the Rebel Alliance, helping to bring down the oppressive Galactic Empire.

We love Han Solo because he is an icon of the star wars movies, he is badass, smart and very courageous. Moreover he is outlaw

Alexis and Camille

He is the best character on the saga Star Wars!

14 Lelouch Lamperouge A brilliant strategist and exiled prince, Lelouch uses his newfound power of mind control to rebel against the oppressive regime of Britannia, all while hiding his true identity and grappling with the consequences of his actions.
15 Ed (The Lion King) A hyena and henchman of the villainous Scar, Ed's simple-mindedness and loyalty to his pack lead him to participate in the evil plots against Simba and the Pride Lands, making him an unwitting anti-hero.

Ed, in "The Lion King" is my favorite anti-hero because even if he is manipulated by Scar, a mean lion who wishes to be the king by killing others lions, he was very foolish so it's funny to see him. I think he was an anti-hero of type 2 because even if he is a criminal, when he still alone, he is sympathetic.

Ed is really funny for me. He is compelling even if he is foolish. I think he's just manipulated by Scar and I suppose that je is kind in reality. We can't see him all the time in "The Lion King" and this is a bad thing because it's a good character.

16 Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes) A crude and narcissistic assassin, Travis Touchdown's quest for infamy and wealth drives him to kill his way up the ranks of the United Assassins Association, making him an unconventional and morally ambiguous anti-hero.
17 Faith (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) A rebellious and troubled Slayer, Faith's struggle with her inner darkness and complicated relationship with Buffy make her a complex anti-hero who ultimately seeks redemption for her past actions.

A brutal Slayer with issues, Faith is after the one who killed her Watcher. But the desire sends her spiralling downward into an alliance with evil. A really interesting character to watch.

18 Deathstroke A master assassin and mercenary, Deathstroke's exceptional skills and tactical mind make him a formidable adversary, while his complex motives and personal code of ethics keep him walking a tightrope between hero and villain.
19 Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights) A dark and brooding figure, Heathcliff's passionate love for Catherine Earnshaw leads him to seek revenge on those who have wronged him, resulting in a destructive and tragic tale of obsession and vengeance.
20 Scorpion A vengeful specter and skilled ninja, Scorpion seeks to avenge his own death and the murder of his family and clan, often putting him at odds with both the forces of good and evil in the brutal and supernatural world of Mortal Kombat.
21 Severus Snape A stern and seemingly heartless Hogwarts professor, Severus Snape's loyalties remain a mystery throughout the Harry Potter series, until the true depths of his love, sacrifice, and allegiance are finally revealed.

Severus Snape is definitely my favourite antihero because he's a character that you learn to love through all the movies. He his a complex character, he's sarcastic that's what I like in him even though at first he seems like a cold and mean character we realise that he his brave and a good man in the end. On the sliding scale of antiheros, I would place him in the type 3 because he killed Dumbledore and was a Death eater so he his definitely "more dangerous" than the type 2.

21...? 21?!?!?! Severus Snape is literally the best anti-hero of all time. He was a bully who drove everyone he loved away by making horrible life choices. But he saw his flaws and worked to be better by choosing to put his feelings aside so that he could help Harry and redeem himself.

He's incredibly complex, tormented, and yet incredibly brave and committed. 10/10.

Severus Snape is my favorite anti-hero because he is nasty. Despire a broken hearts I am empatic for him. Despite the fact that helps voldemort he eventually by helping Harry

Severus is very wonderful!

22 Garfield A lazy, sarcastic, and gluttonous orange cat, Garfield often displays selfish behavior and a lack of empathy, making him an unlikely anti-hero whose relatable flaws and dry wit have endeared him to millions of fans.

I choose Garfield because it's a compelling character. It's a funny character and yet he is annoying. Garfield do nothing, he is leasy despite being very sympathetic. He likes lasagna and makes practical jokes. He is in category one antiheroes because it's just a heroes

My favourite anti-hero is Garfield because it is a funny character who likes to eat lasagna. Garfield is a very lazy and egocentric housecat.
Although it is a cat, he is kind with mice.
I place him on the type 2 of the scale because it's an anti-hero who loves to kick Jon's other pet, a dog, Odile.

Garfiel is very funny, despite not being ordinary he is a housecat, that's why I love the lead characrer.
Garfield is my favorite character even if, he always annoy Johnn and Hoddy. That's why he is condidered as anti-hero.
He is in the type one because Garfield it's not a hero because he don't save character despite he is also hero because he is the lead character.

I died laughing when I saw him on the list.

23 The Comedian A brutal and cynical vigilante from the Watchmen universe, The Comedian's violent methods and nihilistic worldview put him at odds with his fellow superheroes, revealing the darker side of the costumed crimefighter archetype.
24 Catwoman A skilled thief and occasional love interest of Batman, Catwoman navigates the fine line between hero and villain, often using her cunning and seductive charm to achieve her goals while still displaying a sense of morality.

I love her and her superpowers, she's really strong. However, I think she's way too sexualized just because she's a woman.

25 Invader ZIM A small and incompetent alien tasked with conquering Earth, Invader ZIM's egotistical nature and penchant for destructive schemes create chaos wherever he goes, often blurring the line between villain and anti-hero.
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