Charlie Puth Songs with the Best Chorus

The Top Ten Charlie Puth Songs with the Best Chorus

1 See You Again

Of course, he can't even sing it like before again as I saw in a utube video

2 Attention

The best song ever made, deep lyrics, a moving bass line, and vocals that demand attention, I wouldn't be alive today if this song didn't exist, here is my list

1. Attention
2. Look at me now
3. LA girls
4. See you again
5. How long

I want to make a song with Charlie Puth.

I would've killed myself if this song didn't exist, Charlie Puth is my hero, can we hang out sometime Charlie?

God damn.

3 One Call Away

Love This Bad Boy. It has quality great voice and when he says the first save gives me goosebumps. Love this song One Call Away But its underrated should be higher itself. But other than that well done Charlie you've done good.

BEST CHARLIE PUTH SONG IN MY OPINION. He can't even sing the song the same way he did in the music video for One Call Away. It doesn't really have much energy but it makes goosebumps everywhere!

4 We Don't Talk Anymore
5 Marvin Gaye
6 Some Type of Love
7 Losing My Mind
8 Nothing But Trouble
9 Dangerously
10 Left Right Left

The Contenders

11 How Long
12 Up All Night
13 Suffer
14 Then There's You

Good Quality song. Charlie Puth is amazing

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