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1 See You Again

Can't listen to this song without getting emotional, that sort of impact is hard to come by with mainstream music these days, should be number one.

Lovely song and very moving words

The best song I think with beautiful music it will make you emotional I love it

god song

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2 Attention

Well I like this track.

This is one of the best, and his voice just makes you crazy! I am addicted to it and I have to listen to it every single day

I would kill God to see Charlie singing this live, the Giutar is ingenious, the percussion is simply nice, but it's all about that psycho base line. See this in the "live lounge" and view the "light years away"cover to see a different take on this masterpiece. This song kept me from suicide, no Joke! Love you Charlie Puth, you are my hero.

Sensational song

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3 We Don't Talk Anymore

I am irrevocably in love with this song. The way it envelopes you despite your immediate surrounding into it's calm and melody is amazing. I can listen to it anytime regardless of my mood and this makes it the best.

Love this song

This song is my number one favorite song of Charlie puth because it has an amazing pitch and tune

Its sad. Two lovers break up and don't talk together as much as they did when they were lovers. They don't love their other one anymore and its about 2 people who broke up and don't talk as much to the other person... :( Feeling so bad for them right now. I think I'm might cry... :(

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4 How Long

Seriously? This isn't No. 1? Well, just wanted to say, you absolutely have to listen to this song. It is awesome! I listen to it every single day.

Simply Amazing

I love it's my favourite song I listen it more than 10 times a day if didn't listen the song so I suggest please listen to it

I love this song. It should definitely be number one! Please VOTE! Really amazing and the music video is so awesome.

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5 Boy

It is his most shifting, and warm production, and the chorus is very odd. The fact that he says "like a boy" and leave that little bit of space makes it memorable, and a little different. I like that. The the mix is spectacular as well. I think he really was on one when he made this as he included the falsetto tag (when he repeats boy and goes up the scale to then come back down). Voicenotes as an album (save for "change") that is almost perfect when it comes to what he was trying to accomplish. Dr. Dre seems like an influence with the drums he was using which is never a bad thing. It's a perfect song. 1. Boy 2. We Don't Talk Anymore 3. Attention, if I had to rank his three best songs. That's a hard one as voicenotes is almost like greatest hits collection.

It has got good beat

Unos maestro

6 Done for Me

This should've been in the top 10, it's my favorite charlie puth song!

Why this song isn't in top 10...

I love this song

Love song

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7 One Call Away

The most amazing charlie puth song. Man does he have a beautiful voice. The best in my eyes. This is literally the most heartfelt song I've heard. Love you charlie. - Ark-M

My Most Favourite Song In Charlie Puth. He can't even sing it the same way because it's so good. I Get Goosebumps every time I listen to Charlie Puth Play The Piano While Singing. You Guys Should See Charlie Puth Play One Call Away On Piano Without Him Singing The Song. Best Song Ever!

I love this song its incredible I really hope more people listen to it you'll be amazed at his awesome voice its just wow it's so hard to put it in words especially this song.

First charlie puth song I have ever heard AWESOME

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8 Marvin Gaye

Even as someone who hates both artists involved... I didn't think of this. Even the production is terrible. It sounded nice at first... then I noticed they put trap percussion and gang vocals in it. It's really awkward, especially when they try to go for soul music. Also, both Marvin Gaye and the BackStreet Boys were trashed in this.

This gets a 0/5. - WonkeyDude98

This is the best Charlie Puth song ever! I have listened to it over 500 times. It is my most played song in my iTunes! I don't like Meghan Trainor's songs that much but I still love this song! GO CHARLIE PUTH!

Reminds me of when my boyfriend and I get it on

Simply amazing

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9 Then There's You

This one is definitely should be on top

An amazing love ballad

I like it

10 Dangerously

The Best Song EVER! I mean seriously, the pitch is perfect, it is so catchy and the lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful. Such a masterpiece! I listen to it everyday!

I know the lyrics front and back and listen to the song every night

This song needs more attention it's so good!

Best ever! Drop the mic!

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11 Left Right Left

Romantic and awesome composition

12 The Way I Am

I love this song so much and he sounds even better singing it live! This song actually tells a story that it doesn't if you hate me or love me and I don't care and that yeah, I can get nervous and a little shy and that's just the way I am. Go Charlie!

How is this 12? It should be higher! I'm just saying this because that's just the way I am!

Amazing song

Hey don't forget his voice I loved it

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13 Look at Me Now

Love you Charlie Puth

I like this song. but I wouldn't put it as my 5 on this top ten list, I might put it as my 7 or 8 but not 5

Just sounds really good. the best song

Best of Charlie Puth,the lyrics are just chanceless

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14 Suffer

This song is what made me fall in love with Charlie Puth.

One of his songs that deserves more β€œAttention! ” Super amazing. My favorite.


15 Change
16 Some Type of Love

This should be #1

Only to good,nothing else.

This is a really underrated song, I hope more people appreciated it :(

Uhh... amazing song(? )

17 My Gospel

This is my friend and I's favorite. After he introduced it to me, I couldn't stop listening to it. A lot better than One Call Away or some of the other top 10 in my opinion.

Why is this not on the top of the list?

Seriously it could be on top of the list

Love the beat of the song, it should be higher

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18 River

This song has escaped many people's attention, neither would everyone appreciate it. But I'll say that it's one of the masterpieces of Charlie Puth. It's calm and melodious, and the harmonization was at its best. Charlie Puth fans should definitely give it a shot, and I bet, it wouldn't go in vain.

19 Empty Cups

This my favorite song! It's so catchy!

Best one...!

So flippin catchy

20 Girls Girls Girls
21 Oops
22 Losing My Mind

This one is good

23 If You Leave Me Now
24 Somebody Told Me
25 Nothing But Trouble

Lil wayne rap was awesome, and charlie puth high notes was too good.

It shd b in d top ten lisr for sure...!

26 I Won't Tell a Soul

Underrated song

Really like this song. Voicing is superb! Arrangement is nice,as is the melody line. Can listen to this over and over.

27 Back to Your Heart
28 Does It Feel

Amazing song, beautiful vocals!

Why isn't this at number one? its worth it

This song is just beautiful <3 - Ark-M

29 Go Round
30 Up All Night

This songs should be in top ten list,that's my opinion.

31 Sexy Shades
32 Man with a Wig

What type of song name is that? - Th3Zm0nst3r


33 Swag Woop!

Obviously the best - Klauzy

34 Patient

Not one that has you turning up the volume but such a heartfelt song. You can tell he has poured his heart and soul into this track and the bridge is exceptional - one of the few that actually adds value. The varies changes in tempo help to showcase his incredible vocal range and you've got to love the echo through the second verse. Great 90's ballad throwback

" LOVE THIS! The time he says 'please be', just kills me! Love you Charlie Puth."

35 Betty Boop

Very underrated

36 Your Name
37 L.U.V

I love this song

This song so touched especially for sombody to fallin' love

38 If You Leave Me Now - Charlie Puth

Great new addition to his music

39 The Pickle Song


40 Through It All

Far out this song is amazing


41 1984

This song was just too good. The middle tune was fabulous though.

42 Sober
43 Tangerine Dreams

I love the calming melody, not to mention the artist🀀

44 Slow It Down
45 LA Girls


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