Top 10 Cheesiest Songs

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1 Careless Whisper - George Michael

Careless Whisper is the best type of cheesy. - SamanthaW

2 True - Spandau Ballet
3 Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go - Wham!
4 I Melt With You - Modern English

I mostly remember this being in chocolate commercials. Appropriate. - SamanthaW

5 Hey Mickey - Toni Basil

And to think she was nearing 40 when it was released... crazy. - SamanthaW

6 Heartbeat - Don Johnson
7 I'll Tumble 4 Ya - Culture Club
8 You Spin Me Round - Dead or Alive

The video is so cheesy. and since then Pete Burns has made himself look like a woman.

9 Barbie Girl - Aqua

I'll admit to liking Aqua, but WHY on Earth did they have to release this song? Sure, it appealed to kids who still played with Barbies back then, but now those kids are grown up and it makes us scoff.

I remember watching a Sims 2 video with this song in it when I was younger.
It made me cry. - SamanthaW

10 She Blinded Me With Science - Thomas Dolby

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? The Worst Day Ever - Simple Plan
? Booty Pop - Albert

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11 Especially for You - Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan
12 Take On Me - a-Ha

Ok... What? Take On Me isn't cheesy. And if it is at all cheesy, it's the right kind of cheesy. Like, the most delicious cheese to ever exist. The kind of cheese you can eat daily and never get tired of the taste.

A-ha is one of the best and overlooked artists ever. Although Take On Me is the most iconic, and its music video won me over and became my favorite A-ha song, most fans will say that Take On Me is not their best song. So check out some of the other ones. Morten Harket's voice though... *faints*

And let's face it, if this song is cheesy, then the crap of today is like... Ancient moldy Gorgonzola cheese. Blech! No thank you.

13 Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) - Generation Girls

Does anyone actually like this song? Genuine question. - SamanthaW

14 I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred

This song is so cocky sounding. Confidence is one thing, this song is another

Uhhhhhh... I hate this song like no other. I mean whats the point to it? - fireinside96

Obvious joke song.
Still corny as hell, though. - SamanthaW

15 With Arms Wide Open - Creed
16 I Think We're Alone Now - Tiffany
17 Wannabe - Spice Girls
18 Livin on a Prayer - Bon Jovi

The vocals are lame enough, but the instrumental to this song raises the cheese factor even further. - SamanthaW

This should be higher - TheHabsFan

19 Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden
20 U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer

Can't touch what? The bowl of food in front of my face? I want to eat my soup, and I will eat my soup. Mr. Hammer. Thanks.

It may be incredibly stupid, but you can't help but be thankful for this song's existence.
This is just one of those songs that makes you think, "Huh? People actually thought this was cool at some point? " - SamanthaW

21 Umbrella - Rihanna
22 Brainpower - Freezepop
23 Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
24 Because We Want To - Billie Piper

I actually didn't mind this song... until I watched the video...

25 Str8 Ballin - Tupac
26 Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant
27 All Star - Smash Mouth

This song would've been mostly forgotten by now if it weren't for Shrek. - SamanthaW

28 Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus

I think we can all agree that this is one of the dumbest songs of the 90s. - SamanthaW

29 Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

FEEL DURR RAIN ON YARR SKIN - xandermartin98

30 Twist and Shout - The Beatles
31 Gangnam Style - Psy
32 Sonic Boom - Sonic CD
33 We Are the Champions - Queen
34 Don't Mind - Kent Jones
35 Shape of You - Ed Sheeran
36 One Thing Leads to Another - The Fixx
37 Rock Me Amadeus - Falco
38 Convoy - C.W. McCall
39 Disco Duck - Rick Dees and His Cast of Idiots
40 Heart of a Dragon - DragonForce
41 Who Are You? - The Who
42 A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay

This is probably one of the sappiest songs Coldplay has released, and that's saying a lot. - SamanthaW

43 The Final Countdown - Europe

These guys were pretty much proto power metal. - SamanthaW

44 Chocolate Salty Balls - Chef
45 E.T. - Katy Perry
46 Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce

Bands like DragonForce and Manowar sit firmly in the "so bad they're hilarious" camp. - SamanthaW

47 Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
48 Bad - Michael Jackson
49 Rock Lobster - The B-52's
50 Science Genius Girl - Freezepop
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