Top Ten Chiller-Thriller and Crime Korean Dramas

Many people in general think K-dramas are all about romance and nothing more. We all know how potential Korean romance is, and getting dizzy over feels is a common criteria for all K-drama lovers. However, there are these dramas that scoop out your soul while you're watching them, and let me remind you that these chills don't always revolve around only romance.

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1 Signal

Yeah I agree Signal is really good. When I was completely new to Korean drama, I decided to search up on Google "top ten Korean dramas" it's was around fourth or fifth some lists but the reviews were nothing but praise. The main concept is that two detectives one from the past and one from the present both work together in order to solve cases which may relate to themselves or their peers. Then I watched it...the reviews were spot on. If you've watched episode 1 then it's extremely hard to say you didn't enjoy it. The acting one of the best I've seen not in just Korean drama but in T.V. itself. When I watched Signal, it definitely piqued my interest into Korean drama and movies.

This should definitely be #1. From the cases to the cast to the cinematography Everything is PERFECT! Highly recommended. You shouldn't miss this one! At first I wasn't really into crime dramas but after watching this I love crime and mystery!

A good detective drama is when there is love story and focused more on the thrills of solving the mysterious cases. So far, comparing to other crime/detective drama this is one of the best and it is worth to watch it. Love the plot twist & how it makes you wonder who is the culprit. Once you watch it, you couldn't stop to watch the next episode. It was a drama with a good blends of suspense, emotions, plot twist. You wont regret watching this!

Best from the very start!

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2 Gap-Dong

Even though it's a common police-procedural drama that messes with your psychology, it is so much more than that once you advance through the episodes. There were moments when I literally shook. There were also moments I shut down my computer and couldn't watch an episode till I had recovered. Lee Joon, being an idol actor, took absolute control and amazed a lot of drama fans, moreover, shocked them. An absolutely amazing drama. And let's not talk about the killer OST that just triggers your feels. - rin2787

I'm watching it now and it keeps me questioning who is Gap Dong? I've been directed into this site because I'm looking for answers but I don't wanna spoil myself. I have to refrain from looking for answers and watch it myself till the end. I bet this is really the best crime thriller drama. I'll get back on you when I already finished watching it and have all the answers. Every episode will keep you alive.

This series leave me insane.

Is Totally Amazing

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3 City Hunter

Okay, first of all I'll be honest--getting a grip of this from the first episode was hard for me. It involves marines, political conspiracy and lots of grudges. A surviving soldier and a stolen child that he raised as a weapon of revenge combined is not your average mac and cheese. This series drained me when I watched it, made me lose my breath a couple of times, was fun, was fresh, and was oh-so-thrilling at times. And as an addition, it's not everyday you see Lee Min Ho being your under-cover vigilante slash revenge-seeker on screen. A beautiful watch. - rin2787

The Best Korean Drama of all time

Just simply amazing!


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4 Tunnel

After Signal and Voice, I continue with Tunnel and it turns out GREAT. PERFECT. If I could mention my top 5 crime-drama that would be : Tunnel, Signal, Voice, I Hear Your Voice, and War Of The Sun. All of them will never bore you.

Seriously, such a plot they have there... I'm amazed by the actors, background ost, the twists, the trust, love, stories... They're all perfect together, I'm in love. Best korean drama I've ever witnessed, it taught me a lot and still teach me. thank you Tunnel family from the bottom of my heart.

Gripping drama - honestly the best!

Just finished tunnel.No regrets.OCN never fails to let me down.The suspense and plot twist in this drama is so good.10/10✌🏼️

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5 Nine: Nine Times Travel

Another TvN drama that I couldn't resist putting up. It might not be under the thriller genre, but it will thrill you, no doubt. When you add a famous news reporter who's dying and a few incense sticks that help him travel back in time, there will be drama. A man sets out to make amends to his life through this unnatural time travel method.However, the changes are devastating, and once you proceed through the episodes, you realize there's a lot of crime involved. I wouldn't really call it an exact crime drama, but it gave me chills, and probably is one of the bests out there, in fact. - rin2787

This was a fantastic time travel drama done right. I had nothing else to watch and decided to just go for it and I was so glad I did. I didn't sleep for day marathoning this. a must watch!

I love this drama to bits!

I wiil watch this.. in 2017..

6 Voice

I LOVE HOW THE STORY IS ABOUT THE POLICE OFFICER HAVE AND ORDINARY ABILITY THAT SHE CAN HEAR EVEN A LITTLE SMALL voice. Its also full of people that wrong in using their power. And also a struggle husband that really love his wife and got to find the murderer. And also a lunatic murderer and he is full of imagination love to kill people. The plot is really great. I love yesung. Yesung is the cute police officer ever. And also love the story line that more to find the culprit and a little bit love story. What the most important thing is kang gwon joo is so cool in this drama.

Loved this thriller from the very first episode, There was a lot of suspense and mystery and had me on the edge of my seat the whole way. Excellent acting all the way around. I didn't care for the last episode, I feel it was creepy and weird and didn't end the way I would have liked, but perhaps it was fitting for this drama. I could not stop watching, wanting to know what happened next, it just sucked me in! Great drama!

Voice was insanely good! The story line kept me on my toes and the lead actors made the show amazing! The show as a whole had lots of suspense a seriously terrible serial killer and I was completely sucked in from beginning to end.

Nice story

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7 I Remember You

This drama is something I would recommend to people who are new to Korean dramas or existing fans. It is also family driven, focused on a father, and two brothers. The plot and performance was tip top. I did not expect much, however it blew my mind away with the twists and turns. The story runs smoothly and it was not confusing despite the amount of information needed to make sense of the story. Although romance was not a focal point, the tiny bit of it will make you fall in love with the love between the two leads. All in all, it is a drama to watch if you are a fan of police procedural genres, and a fan of crime dramas.

I admit that I am fairly new to kdramas but this one just really stood out. It's been days since I have finished watching the series and yet the story's constantly been in my mind until now. The plot is so good! It got me hooked on every episode. The actors were also amazing, everything was flawless! I didn't mind the lack of focus on the romantic relationship of the two leads at all. Kudos to the writer and the team behind this drama. Much information about psychology and police procedures was included but as one who is not familiar with any, has understood and even got interested to it. I'm having trouble searching for other kdramas now that would match up to this drama. I simply cannot move on from the impact this drama's caused me. A definite must watch!

Great story, perfect production, awesome soundtrack, plus the actors are sexy

This drama was amazing. I like the plot and the way they acted. I recommend this one.

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8 Defendant

Highly recommended.. Has to be the most loved drama 2017 ji sung proved to be still the number one actor in my lists. Great performance from all the other casts but the lead was electrifying

Excellent plot and awesome acting. Park jong woo and cha min ho rule the screen. A full course treat for thriller lovers.

Excellent! Must watch!

Best crime drama alongside Voice because I can't choose

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9 Healer

This was an amazing drama. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good show!

It's a really good drama. Everything about it is amazing I really did love it. I love the main actor he is amazing and the actress too.

Such a good drama, I love the plot and the cast so much and I miss it so much right now!

This is the most amazing drama ever. Highly recommend to anyone looking for action, mystery and romance. Ji Chang Wook (male lead) makes the feelings seem so real and he truly makes the series shine. It's a must-watch!

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10 I Hear Your Voice

I could easily put most of Lee Jong-Suk's dramas in my list because I am so biased by him. But this drama stood out to me. A combination of a dreadful incidence, promises, crime and fright all gathered into a courtroom drama is what I needed in my life. Did I mention the ability to read minds? He hears everyone's voice, from the depth of their souls. He even hears the minds of his most hated and most loved people. I love this drama so much, I don't even know where to put it in my list, so I'm just leaving it here. - rin2787

It's one of the best dramas I've ever watched.. There's enough romance, thriller etc all at the same time. Lee Jong Suk as usual is perfect. He was excellent.

Noona-dongsaeng relationship make it more interesting about the drama.

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11 The Devil

I had very few expectations when I started this. But the drama really did surprise me. I don't think I have ever felt as much sympathy for the bad guy than in this. The drama questions the very nature of being bad. Who is the devil? Is the good guy really good? Is the bad guy really bad? These questions filled up my head as I watched this.

This is a classic.Not really. A 2007 drama revolving a tarot-card reader who also has some specific psychic abilities, a mysterious lawyer and a detective with regrets of his own. As usual, all these fine people are interconnected through a past occurrence. I loved this drama, and I loved watching it, I loved the chills it gave me and I loved the tears I shed for it. My love for this plot and drama would probably explain why it still exists in my list after eight years. - rin2787

12 Two Weeks

Another amazing plot that I haven't seen fully. Shmuck, what am I doing with my life? But according to thrill lovers, this one is a must-watch with its plot revolving around a man who has been accused of murder and has to save his dying daughter before it's too late. I can only imagine the amount of times I'd have to shut my computer down for this. - rin2787

Awesome, keeps you on the edge of your seat.

One of my favorite

Amazing drama and Lee Joongi was awesome in it!

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13 I Miss You

Don't you just hate those dramas that drive you insane with feels and unbearable scenes from the very first episode? No,man, you gotta love em. You gotta, at least, love I Miss You. A tragedy of two children where the boy abandons the girls and leaves her for dead in the hands of kidnappers is no mild. You need a lot of strength to watch this drama, I know I did. Heart-wrenching crime at first, and soon it's packed with thrills when the boy becomes a dedicated detective for the sake of his past mistake and swears to find the friend he abandoned. When Yoon Seung-ho is antagonizing JYJ's Mickey as the lead, you need no other reason to watch this. - rin2787

Love this too

14 Golden Cross

I still haven't seen this and basically am referring to the thoughts and ratings of fans, trailers and the general plot. A prosecutor gets entangled in messy business with the most influential people in Korea. He has to go against this certain circle of people to clear off his father's name who has been accused for the murder of his sister. By the sounds of it, it's going to be extremely awesome, and I want to watch it asap, and maybe it will go way up my list after I do. - rin2787

15 Wanted

One of the best korean thriller drama. Can't wait for the next episode! Love the plot.

Most thrilling Series I have seen Ever

Currently my Favourite drama now! can't wait for the next episode

16 The Village: Achiara's Secret

I don't know where to start about this kdrama. It's definitely not explicit because each episode just leaves me questioning more and more, in a good way. It's absolutely suspenseful and contains enough gore scenes for me to continue eating while watching. I was deep in this drama for all 16 episodes! Suspenseful music, YES! Twist, YES! Mystery, DEFINITELY! Thriller, OF COURSE! Great actors/actresses, POSITIVELY! Achiara's Secret has left me yearning more.

17 Bad Guys

To combat rising violent crimes, the Police Chief asks Detective Oh Goo-Tak (Kim Sang-Joong) to form a team consisting of criminals. Detective Oh Goo-Tak is currently suspended from the police force for using excessive force. Detective Oh Goo-Tak gathers team members: Park Woong-Cheol (Ma Dong-Seok) who is a gangster, Lee Jung-Moon (Park Hae-Jin) who is the youngest serial killer with extraordinary intelligence and Jung Tae-so (Jo Dong-Hyuk) who is a contract killer. Also, Police Inspector Yoo Mi-Young (Gang Ye-Won) joins the team.

Great fast paced noir style drama. Really loved it

This is definitely my favorite korean Drama!

One of my first K-Dramas and I really love it. Love the interaction of all the actors.

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18 Vampire Prosecutor

Its an awesome drama. Loved it even more than the vampire detective. A third season is definitely required. Superb acting and plot.

One of the best drama's there is! you will not be disappointed!


19 Heartless City

Just one of the best dramas in the Crime Noir theme! It's really profound with great plot twist and wonderful actors! Puts you on the edge of your seat in every episodes!

Amazing drama. My favorite character in this was Jung Shi-Hyun.

Awesome! The acting is superb!

Honestly one of the best drama’s i’ve watched that had a very consistent plot and theme that lasted until the very end of the drama. definitely one of my top 5’s.

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20 38 Revenue Collection Unit

When I decided to take a break from Korean typical drama (romance, chaebol, etc) and gave this drama a try, it didn't disappoint me at all but now I couldn't move on instead! This drama was so good and entertaining. Every actors gave the best of them and the plot was so much interesting. You guys should watch this!

This got me in to watching more thriller-crime dramas!
I love that they execute every cons flawlessly and all..!
the cast, the story line, the acting is amazing!

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