Top 10 Christian Rock Albums of 2013


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1 Rise - Skillet

This is a brilliant album. - EvilAngel

Circus for a Psycho is my new favorite rock songs - letdot52

The best BY FAR! Amazing is all you need to describe it. Best songs: Not Gonna Die, Fire & Fury, Circus For A Psycho, Salvation, What I Believe - amcskillet

"I Will Burn, I Will Burn For You, With Fire and Fury, FIIRE AND FURY". A Great album. People that don't like it are not REAL Skillet fans cause this is some of their Best!

2 Icon for Hire - Icon for Hire

I keep listening to this album over and over again and it amazes me every time. I've never heard such genius! This is what Christian rock should be about; discreet, yet relatable messages on how to live, not constantly calling out Jesus' name in worship. Icon for Hire has it figured out- and they continue to deliver. Please keep making more outstanding albums guys!

Love this album! Especially: Cynics & Critics, Sorry About Your Parents, Watch Me, Slow Down, and Rock & Roll Thugs - amcskillet

Man, this album rocks! I can just listen to it all day

3 Release the Panic - Red

I can get enough of this album. is so good. RED has improved to another level in this album

I love this album. Especially Glass House, it is too beautiful

4 We As Human - We As Human

Crazy good album with unbelievable guitar riffs and outstanding lyrics

5 A Messenger - Colton Dixon
6 Who We Are EP - Flyleaf
7 Rebuild - The Letter Black
8 Love & Worship - Seventh Day Slumber
9 Scarecrow - Decyfer Down
10 Made In Canada: The 1998-2010 Collection - Thousand Foot Krutch

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11 Need You Now - Plumb

That's not even rock

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1. Rise - Skillet
2. Icon for Hire - Icon for Hire
3. Release the Panic - Red
1. Rise - Skillet
2. We As Human - We As Human
3. Who We Are EP - Flyleaf
1. Rise - Skillet
2. Icon for Hire - Icon for Hire
3. Release the Panic - Red

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