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Which is your favorite clan and you think is the best? Please vote!
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1 Gold Paladin

I love this clan, it has a way to deal with a lot of problems and the superior calling makes it easy to keep a steady board state. The current issue with the clan is that it no longer has a means to finish the game, which hurts the clan as a whole.

This is an amazing clan with a lot of different tech options. This also has the power to kill on first stride with three proper set up on heavenly law(pwyll and horsa need to be on board). The clan is also very defensive which is nice and gurguit can be splashed with ezel which is
super nice for the link joker matchup. Also having a consistent board is always nice

The amount of options you have when playing is massive and you are practically overpowering your opponent. It is the best

Gold paladin is the best clan! Can hit with three huge attacks with gurguit grade 4, or can hit for 5 attacks with glorious reigning. Ezel is my all time favorite. Come on Raven Ezel!

2 Shadow Paladin

Shadow Paladin is base on destroying their own allies to gain strong amount of power and effect to destroy their opponent. This is one of the amazing clan to play and with cool and stronger card. Blaster Dark is the best card to play.

Shadow paladin is the best clan according to my opinion. I though Link joker was the best but when I started using shadow they really impressed me due to pressure they give to the opponent in a short amount of time especially transient revenger masquerade and phantom blaster diablo.

I've played Shadow paladins since their release. Best clan by far, the amount of power you can pull together as well as the card advantage from circulating cards on the field to restand, guard restrict, and just powet to beat down the opponent is amazing.

>They're the creator of Vanguard's favorite clan
>They're used by Ren and Kazuma, the best bois of Vanguard
>They get frequent and amazing support every time
>They've stood the test of time since day one and always get back into the meta
>They have the most amazing (and EDGY) art out of any clan

With all that being said, it's understandable why this clan is so expensive and popular.

3 Royal Paladin

Royal Paladin is a strong yet easy clan to master. Its specialty is calling comrades to activate abilities and give power bonuses. For begginers, this would be easy to use. The downside of this clan, however, is its difficulty to be built. Altmile,Blaster,Alfred and other RP builds are hard to find and expensive. But, when the the deck is finished building, all the hassle and expenses are worth the strength of the Royal Paladin clan. That's why the Royal Paladin of United Sanctuary is the strongest clan in CFV.

The royal paladin join forces to make the attack stronger, similar to the gold paladin but opposite from the shadow paladin. By superior calling units from the deck they can also "brave" to also add power to the attack power, Blaster Blade also have an ability to retire rear guards by counter blast x2. So I think the royal paladin is a better choice.

Royal Paladin is my clan...while it superior calls rear guards with skills, you can keep your cards in hand and add some defensive skills so it's unlacking in both defense and offense

They gain so much power with their own rear guards like all units in front gain +3000 power for every grade 1 and its even a stride.
So 5 grade one rear guards equals +15000 to all fron row units

4 Kagerō

Why is this not at the top of this list? First of all, DOTE got a legion leader making him OP like hell again, and then the clan has stride where some can retire and restand easily. There's also that grade four non-stride unit that the silent tom ability, can retire all of the opponents rearguards with just limit break with some costs, and negates all effects of your opponents triggers while it's your turn. To add on to that, there are units that gain crazy power from how many rearguards are retired on your opponents side, such as Demonic Dragon Mage, Mahoraga who's a 5k grade one but gains 5k each time a unit is retired.

Kagero has two main sub-clans, overlords and blademasters. Blademasters mainly focus on burning rearguards for an extra boost in power due to the keywords Blaze. Overlords (Kai Legend Deck) Uses cards such as Armor of the Flame Dragon Bahr which allows the player to return an overlord to the bottom of the deck with an additional 10k shield making it a free 15k shield and a overlord back into the deck. Kagero also focuses on the vanguard which many decks cannot counter and with infinite burning, decks which focuses on rearguards stands little chance against Kagero. Overwhelming power of the eternal flame, may you resurrect once more

I run kagero... I haven't been beaten yet since I've finished it. I use DOTE/DOTX legion and with my build I never run out of cost for skills, and I NEVER deck out, while controlling my opponents field. A true paladin buster at its finest honestly. Aqua force, no problem, shadow paladin witches easy, gold, shadow, and totals stand no chance in the world. BEST CLAN EVER!

Kagero's posses the ability to destroy your opponent in one huge hit by using many of their abilities to power up your grade 3. They can also have extremely powerful G units that can destroy your opponents rear guards and help their formation fall apart. Kagero's are amazing beasts with powerful abilities.

5 Link Joker

It's too overpowered. You can easily shut down opponents. I used it in tournaments and easily destroyed everyone with clans that utilize teammates. Unless I go against the same clan XD.

Who wouldn't want to manipulate and control your opponents moves? From vanish deletes of the rearguards to Deleting the Vanguard, can't go wrong here.

You can lock away your opponents cards and limit clans such as Bermuda Triangle (melody) and Aqua force (accel and stand abilities) from using big abilities.

Link Joker can lock opponents cards so they are unable to use, retire or attack with them. It's a cool deck to have.

6 Aqua Force

This clan was my first deck, and I'll never waiver in my belief that it's the best. Because, really, Paladin clans, can YOU attack 10 times per turn?

My main is a Blue Storm deck built where if all conditions are met, I can attack a total of ELEVEN times in one attack!
Best clan that suits my play style in anyvideo game I have ever played or card game.
Aqua Force through and through.
My only bane is Link Joker and my full potential being locked away.

Aqua Force is a highly offensive clan and its goal is to get as many attacks per turn. Though it's hard to battle with decks that mess up your field. :P

Aqua force is a pretty awesome rush type clan especially thavas build, gaining multiple attacks.

7 Narukami

The new vermillion support lets me take out an opponents entire front row for free with at least 24k attacking strength. The new upcoming stride for the deck is also benefitting for the vermillions.

I use True Eradicator, Finish Blow Dragon and every time I attack with him I attack for 50,000 damage with 6 critical, so that if you don't have a nullify, a large amount of blocks, or a heal trigger than you lose.

The clan can easily take out entire fields and benefit from it. For instance gauntlet buster dragon, if played correctly and successfully pulled off, it can go up to plus five critical.

I uses Narukami. At first, I said that my deck sucks, since I have no perfect guards, and only 1 stride (Rain Element, Madew). But then, I modified my deck (still no perfects and 1 stride), and I defeat Luna's deck (Pale Moon with Harri as Ace)

8 Dimension Police

The clan itself is based around the vanguard and applying extreme pressure to opponents, especially with the daikaiser break ride and support. They can also take out your opponent in one turn if your deck is constructed to retire guardians and have high critical numbers.

True Daikaiser and Daiyusha legion being breakrided can legally retire up to four guardians from play because their two abilities are two separate retiring abilities. And with the new support for them, they can even retire guardians when drive checking certain grade 2s and not just Dimension Police grade 3.

Just bought true daikazier deck can't wait I love this clan retiring r.g of your opponent and given them extreme pressure and killing your opponent in one turn

Best Deck For Defense applied with some strong offense=best deck ever!

9 Gear Chronicle

My Gear Chronicle which is a ZTB build with Chronojet Dragon Z and Chronovisor Heritage and all those good cards have been unbeatable since I got it. It's attacks are quite powerful thanks to the existence of Pulsar, Merryblock Dragon and Pulsar Tamer, Igigi, also Chronodragon Gearnext which restands and KEEPS the triggers gotten on the first attack. Chronovisor Heritage had always been my finisher if I couldn't with Gearnext. It's because Visor pretty much confirms a win if your opponent's hand is around 5 cards left since it can re-stand all of your units up to 3 times with the vanguard having a maximum of 4 attacks with triple drive each time. With all the attacks you deal to the opponent, you might even overkill them.

I have a gear chronicle deck and I usually be my friends's Kagero deck. My other friend also has a Kagero deck and I beat him with that. I also know someone who has a Link Joker deck and I won, cutting it close. Gear Chronicle is the BEST DECK EVER!

Gear chronicle is able to combine multiple attacks with the ability to send back cards. There are also many different types of decks in gear chronicle that are good like chronojet and chronofang decks.

For me gear chronicles are best! They have a ton of g units with different abilities (like mystery freeze(guard restrict),gearnext(multi attack with Vanguard), beyond order(famous for otk turns,and gear groovy ( all the infinite combo done with it),etc.) and great guardians like uluru who gets sheild for every card face up in g zone which is really nice for a clan focus around a lot of g units the only down side is that it's begging for good supports for standards. But when it'll come it would be back in meta again!

10 Pale Moon

Pale Moon has the ability to call units from the soul, executing combos flawlessly annd seamlessly. The best part is watching your opponent stare in disbelief as you get an ultimate formation out of thin air and return it back to the soul! It may be hard to use, but veterans like me will find it a piece of cake. Link Joker, eat your heart out! "Omega Lock all your rear-""I don't have any rear-guards."
Pale Moon for the win!

Now you see me, not you don't, pale moon is just THE Definition of flashy fighters.

Pale moon, it has an ability by soul charging but able to call it out to battle and add power to the attack to make the attack power stronger to defeat the opponent's defense

Like Dark irregulars and oracle think tank,pale moon focus on filling soul.Unlike both of them pale moon switch rear guard with unit in soul to make combo flawlessly.

The Contenders
11 Nova Grappler

Nova Grappler can stand many times as of the abilities which can make multiple attacks.

I really like nova grappler specially with the victors... It could stand multiple time just like Aqua

This card makes me so good at this game I beat all my friend with this card!

Stand,stand,stand again and again! Use a lot of critical so that the vanguard / rearguard will keep standing and have a higher critical

12 All Clans

All the clans are powerful and great in their own special way and are seen best by who's compatible to it's play style. For instance I used to think just narrow-mindedly like everyone here but then saw the greatness in several clans when some of my friends started using a deck that they had been secretly building, and when I had played it, I felt that he had made the entire clan itself shine in its own abilities and colors. So either he's a genius, paid someone else to build it for him, or he's really good at Cardfight! Vanguard.

All the clans are powerful in their own unique ways, which is why it is so sad that often only a select amount of clans usually get the needed support to strengthen and diversify them.

Everyone may have different clans which they use, by beauty or by strength, but generally, I'd say that a clan can be made invincible, unbeatable, usually by the one who holds it. So in simple terms, it's the player that matters, not the deck.

There is no best clan but I think people are led to believe a deck is good when it is less hard to use.
I also agree with all the other comments

13 Genesis

Genesis is the best especially with the regalias because I would postulate that they have the strongest attack and they are good at defending.

Extremely powerful and lots of skills! I swapped from gear chronicle, narukami to Genesis!

Genesis is the best! Especially with the regalia aces; angelica, minerva and yggdrasil.

14 Nubatama

This clan is pretty amazing. It was just like, you open the core, attack the inner side, and then replace the core again. And you can return units to hand, so your opponent can't retire, or lock, or else.

Binding cards from the hand and field making it tough for your opponent to guard and intercept

This is My choice..

15 Granblue

Because you can have no cards in your DROP ZONE! So we can call all cards in our decks.

Best clan ever!

I like pirate...

16 Dark Irregulars

It is very defensive but at the same time it is aggressive when attacking

Gorgeously themed - despoiling their souls for gothic speciality

Its actually better than most clans above this it really depends on how you build the deck

17 Bermuda Triangle

What makes Bermuda Triangle a really good clan is the fact that you do not need to waste any wonderful rear guard resources because of its bouncing ability, and every time you bounce a rear guard combo skills activate.

The cards are strong why is it 21th place. It has lots of cards with skills too.

I enjoy the dream team

Ange, Prisms, heck even the Melody units.. what more do I need to say?

18 Neo Nectar

I like this clan. My friend have a Neo deck, and he have 2 Ace : Holly Musketeer, Elvira and Maiden of Venus Trap, Reverse. They play well.

Really a good clan, I play arboros dragon deck and until this time it can compete with new deck.
The biggest enemy of neo nectar is link joker, I don't want to fight against them

"I have all the ahsha's and my deck is super strong. I have only lost once so far and it was against a v-series deck. All my cousins have strong v-series decks and I beat them."

It involves a lot of strategy and critical thinking to pull off. sure, it's rear-guard reliant, but you gotta work and work with what you have. solutions are things that you need to find, it doesn't appear out of nowhere. neo nectar may seem like a typical beat-down base clan but there's more to it than meets the eye.

19 Oracle Think Tank

The oracle think tank, there is an ability that you can look at the cards on top of your deck and superior call, also put the rest of the cards at the bottom of the deck. You would also know when a trigger will come unless you can memorise how you put the cards in order

It is king crimson in a nutshell and can easily pull triggers as well as good defense.

20 Great Nature

Amazing clan by all means. They can easily over power any deck that does not stop boosting and I have won 3 tournaments with them.

If you do not like animals, you are heartless.

Who doesn't love animals?

Chat noir, tester fox

21 Tachikaze

Tachikaze is getting much stronger now due to the tech booster. Especially the grade 4s. It's getting pretty strong and I think we should give this clan a chance to prove itself!

Gaia is especially strong. Powerful consecutive attacks and solid defense!

This clan has surprisingly high drawing ability.

22 Megacolony

Multiple clans can shut people down, but forcing them to make bad choices can help you win in the end as well, making them waste units to call on top of their paralyzed ones. That and all the hand advantage is nearly Oracle Think Tank levels of drawing. You will win the battle of attrition if you play this deck.

Megacolony is a extremely fun as well as competitive. I love watching my opponents reactions when I say, "I paralyze your Vanguard! " which I get to do once to three times a game. I love it how one move can change the entire game. This is my true clan and it is awesome!

Always my avatar deck! It has the ability to paralyze all your opponent's units, including the Vanguard, making things much harder for them!

Megacolony is a strong control and defensive clan. This deck can be built in anyway rhe player wishes to but in my opinion the "agro-control" version is better as it provides good control and defense along with huge hitters or on-hit units that give pressure to opponents. This clan is my favorite and true clan, for all those who love insects I salute you :')

23 Angel Feather

I play the nociel build very good only has one very bad match up LJ I love the way it heals but you can swap cards from your hand to your damage and damage to hand it makes big plays and big rushes. And nociel cards can give you great hand advantage and is very quick

24 Touken Ranbu

This clan is rather good when you know what the good combos are.

"atm it's my favourite clan"

Fabulous as fudge!

Its just strong...

25 Deletor

I have used a deletor deck for a long time. It is extremely strong and with the new stride support, it could as game changing as glendious

It makes your opponent use more cards to guard and making their hand quite empty

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