Best Clan In Cardfight Vanguard

Which is your favorite clan and you think is the best? Please vote!

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1 Gold Paladin

I love this clan, it has a way to deal with a lot of problems and the superior calling makes it easy to keep a steady board state. The current issue with the clan is that it no longer has a means to finish the game, which hurts the clan as a whole.

The amount of options you have when playing is massive and you are practically overpowering your opponent. It is the best

Gold paladins always manage to fill the field and attack powerfully

Best clan of all time

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2 Shadow Paladin

Shadow Paladin is base on destroying their own allies to gain strong amount of power and effect to destroy their opponent. This is one of the amazing clan to play and with cool and stronger card. Blaster Dark is the best card to play.

Shadow paladin is the best clan according to my opinion. I though Link joker was the best but when I started using shadow they really impressed me due to pressure they give to the opponent in a short amount of time especially transient revenger masquerade and phantom blaster diablo.

I think Shadow Paladins are cool because they destroy the other units to gain power and the always make me win against my big bro

Ren suzugamori

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3 Royal Paladin

The royal paladin join forces to make the attack stronger, similar to the gold paladin but opposite from the shadow paladin. By superior calling units from the deck they can also "brave" to also add power to the attack power, Blaster Blade also have an ability to retire rear guards by counter blast x2. So I think the royal paladin is a better choice.

Royal paladin should be on front of the shadow paladins because the shadow paladins were defeated so much times by royal paladins

They are moderately good. I like shadow paladins second but if cray elementals were allowed they would be second instead

Best clan ever

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4 Link Joker

Link joker is not that hard to use when you use it it has the powerful effect you sometimes like have to flip over one damage for the most powerful limit break it is tough against every opponent that is why I think link joker should be in number 2 or 1

It's very easy to beat aqua force

Its great I am unbeatable with my link joker deck

This clan should be in the Top 10!

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5 KagerĊ

Kagero is the best it should be one of the top 3 the overlords eternal flame can retire a rearguard and stand back up. Don't forget about nullifying the trigger effects and the 22000 power from the legion of the end & the ace. Overwhelming power of the eternal flame may u resurrect once more. All hail the overlord

Card are the coolest and one clan in the game with great cards and art work

Having devastating power and awesomely big firepower

Kagero has two main sub-clans, overlords and blademasters. Blademasters mainly focus on burning rearguards for an extra boost in power due to the keywords Blaze. Overlords (Kai Legend Deck) Uses cards such as Armor of the Flame Dragon Bahr which allows the player to return an overlord to the bottom of the deck with an additional 10k shield making it a free 15k shield and a overlord back into the deck. Kagero also focuses on the vanguard which many decks cannot counter and with infinite burning, decks which focuses on rearguards stands little chance against Kagero. Overwhelming power of the eternal flame, may you resurrect once more

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6 Aqua Force

I love this deck especially its legion BLUESTORM this AQUA FORCE LEGION can MAKE 50,000 damage to your opponent and if your opponent can't block your attack damage he/her will take 2 damage in his/her damage zone in just one turn so in our school my AQUA FORCE deck is UNBEATABLE

Aqua Force is a highly offensive clan and its goal is to get as many attacks per turn. Though it's hard to battle with decks that mess up your field. :P

Blue wave is so broken now

Aqua force is a pretty awesome rush type clan especially thavas build, gaining multiple attacks.

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7 Narukami

The clan can easily take out entire fields and benefit from it. For instance gauntlet buster dragon, if played correctly and successfully pulled off, it can go up to plus five critical.

The new vermillion support lets me take out an opponents entire front row for free with at least 24k attacking strength. The new upcoming stride for the deck is also benefitting for the vermillions.

I use True Eradicator, Finish Blow Dragon and every time I attack with him I attack for 50,000 damage with 6 critical, so that if you don't have a nullify, a large amount of blocks, or a heal trigger than you lose.

With the new vanquishers Narukami has become unbeatable with dragonic vanquisher voltage 's ability. You can bind your opponents rearguard and give your front row power. that's not counting how armour break dragon can get critical +2 and 10000 power so Narukami is surely unbeatable that is why it is my favourite clan

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8 Dimension Police

The clan itself is based around the vanguard and applying extreme pressure to opponents, especially with the daikaiser break ride and support. They can also take out your opponent in one turn if your deck is constructed to retire guardians and have high critical numbers.

Best Deck For Defense applied with some strong offense=best deck ever!

Dimension police card get many power and critical

best deck

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9 Gear Chronicle

I have a gear chronicle trial deck and it is amazing I always win and I am thinking of upgrading it my zodiac time beasts trial deck is good and can time leap and put units at the bottom of the deck gear groovy is outstanding and next stage is impeccable gear chronicle deserves to be number one and is great I recommend it to any beginners

Gear Chronical is able to put cards at the bottom of the opponent's and able to call cards bind the other one and at the end of the turn call it back which gives you extra attacks and doesn't build up your drop zone

Gear chronicle is very strong hero but this clan should be on the top 3 clan and this clan is not deserve to be on bottom

Gear chronicle with time leap can attack up to about 12 times and can benefit hand size to 3~4 cards. also,with gear groovy,nextage, or gear next you can attack twice with your vg. With zodiac time beast chronojet build you can do many combos with cards like avenir pheonix or split Pegasus.

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10 Nova Grappler

Nova Grappler can stand many times as of the abilities which can make multiple attacks.

This card makes me so good at this game I beat all my friend with this card!

Nova grappler card is very strong

Blaus can actual help with hand with morgonrot and lb can help if u can't stride

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11 Pale Moon

Pale moon, it has an ability by soul charging but able to call it out to battle and add power to the attack to make the attack power stronger to defeat the opponent's defense

Now you see me, not you don't, pale moon is just THE Definition of flashy fighters.

The combo Catherine +Alice and Ginny is too strong

I like it. I lef hari

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12 Granblue

Granblue works in every situation, and is just cool

Really fun clan do win and to play with it General

Best clan ever!

I think granblue is really cool and that it is really good at replenishing field back from the murky dephts of the drop zone

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13 All Clans

All the clans are powerful and great in their own special way and are seen best by who's compatible to it's play style. For instance I used to think just narrow-mindedly like everyone here but then saw the greatness in several clans when some of my friends started using a deck that they had been secretly building, and when I had played it, I felt that he had made the entire clan itself shine in its own abilities and colors. So either he's a genius, paid someone else to build it for him, or he's really good at Cardfight! Vanguard.

Everyone may have different clans which they use, by beauty or by strength, but generally, I'd say that a clan can be made invincible, unbeatable, usually by the one who holds it. So in simple terms, it's the player that matters, not the deck.

It is stupid to rank clans as the best because none can truly be called better-"beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

I don't believe that a clan is stronger than another clan, I think that all the clans can be the best not just the power but the ability given is not use to its fullest at all times but by doing that all clans can be at the top to have better cardfights at all time s

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14 Genesis

"Big hand, No Deck-Out, High Power, Checks Top Cards of the Deck, Easy Superior Call"

I like Genesis Artemis deck

Genesis is always the best lol

Genesis is the best especially with the regalias because I would postulate that they have the strongest attack and they are good at defending.

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15 Dark Irregulars

Gorgeously themed - despoiling their souls for gothic speciality

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16 Neo Nectar

I like this clan. My friend have a Neo deck, and he have 2 Ace : Holly Musketeer, Elvira and Maiden of Venus Trap, Reverse. They play well.

Spam bloom and superior calling allows bloom to activate more easily

I started vanguard recently and got my self Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha deck of a mate and play tested it with some of my mates and enjoyed the clan and think it is a very strong clan

How is this here... Neo might be one of the strongest clans with dream spinning and glorious bloom ahsha

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17 Nubatama

This clan is pretty amazing. It was just like, you open the core, attack the inner side, and then replace the core again. And you can return units to hand, so your opponent can't retire, or lock, or else.

One word: Domination

This is My choice..

This ishould just great

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18 Megacolony

Multiple clans can shut people down, but forcing them to make bad choices can help you win in the end as well, making them waste units to call on top of their paralyzed ones. That and all the hand advantage is nearly Oracle Think Tank levels of drawing. You will win the battle of attrition if you play this deck.

Megacolony is a extremely fun as well as competitive. I love watching my opponents reactions when I say, "I paralyze your Vanguard! " which I get to do once to three times a game. I love it how one move can change the entire game. This is my true clan and it is awesome!

Megacolony is a strong control and defensive clan. This deck can be built in anyway rhe player wishes to but in my opinion the "agro-control" version is better as it provides good control and defense along with huge hitters or on-hit units that give pressure to opponents. This clan is my favorite and true clan, for all those who love insects I salute you :')

This can can be very dangerous if you play it in the right way

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19 Tachikaze

Gaia is especially strong. Powerful consecutive attacks and solid defense!

Tachikaze is getting much stronger now due to the tech booster. Especially the grade 4s. It's getting pretty strong and I think we should give this clan a chance to prove itself!

This clan has surprisingly high drawing ability.

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20 Great Nature

Amazing clan by all means. They can easily over power any deck that does not stop boosting and I have won 3 tournaments with them.

Who doesn't love animals?

Chat noir, tester fox

Very powerful Units. Bigbelly is the best!

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