Top 10 Geometry Dash Levels

Favorite levels from the mobile game Geometry Dash by robtop. Don't go for difficulty to vote, go by design.
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1 Theory of Everything

I was still fresh and new to the game, but in only about 4 days into playing the game (I think I spent around 2 or 3 of those days on this level), I was able to beat my very first insane level: Theory of Everything. This gave me a lot of confidence, which I don't usually have in life. With this much growth and progress, I was confident I could beat a demon level someday (I still haven't beaten a demon, but I'm still just beginning to get better at the game). Because Theory of Everything gave me this confidence, the song will always have a special place in my heart.

2 Deadlocked

Deadlocked, so far, I think has the best gameplay, the best song, and the coolest things. Not saying that none of the other levels are good, but this has lasers, green tap orbs, the robot, and the chomper guys. I mean, Geometrical Dominator has a lot of this too, but I think Deadlocked has a better use of all of it, personally.

To be honest, the coins are all easy for a demon level. While the gameplay is very exciting yet challenging for most average players, I never liked the wave parts at all. In fact, once I got stuck at 79%, but once I passed the last mini-wave, somehow the rest of it was very easy.

3 Electroman Adventures

So good! I finally beat it and got the first and the last coin. Very fun, and the music is awesome!

It's really fun. I love this level. The music is awesome. The coins are easy. Nothing bad about it.

This level's actually really easy. I got all 3 coins, and I haven't even completed Jumper yet!

4 Geometrical Dominator

My personal favorite (though Blast Processing, Fingerdash, and Clutterfunk are up there as well). The music is killer, and the level is really fun to play and has cool visuals.

Best level ever. It's full of rainbows, and the music is flipping awesome.

I love the rainbows, the robot, the spiky guys, and the song. The level too! It is amazing.

5 Electrodynamix

The coin positioning is well-placed, especially since we see that coins are rarely seen in cube sequences once the new game modes are increasing from time to time. Cube coins are always a thing for me. The beat syncs perfectly in all ship parts.

Very colorful, great atmosphere, great song. The 2x/3x flying parts are extremely tedious, but that's what makes this level difficult and fun to come back to.

Fun gameplay. Great song. Beat it in 254 attempts. Also, listen to the second half of the song after the level is over. So good.

6 Blast Processing

Really good, especially for new players who can't play many levels. The only problem is the UFO from 65-73% is really frustrating, especially due to the ship transition.

1. Should be Hexagon Force and this should be 2! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9... YOU WIN! I love that part! I beat it! Deadlocked, no offense, but it scares the crap out of me. I don't like it.

This is the hardest very-hard-rated official level yet. It has cool wave sections and a cool song. I cannot get sick of this awesome level!

7 Fingerdash

This level feels very different from the rest of the official levels. It has a theme (kind of) and has a lot of detail. Every time I play this level, I notice something new. The song is also not a "classic GD song", as in retro and not that hard of a drop, but it's very upbeat and really fits a Geometry Dash level. The gameplay is really fun too, which is always a plus.

It's definitely a lot better than his last level, Geometrical Dominator, which I found very infuriating because of its buggy gameplay, bad transitions, and memorization. I've encountered one bug in Fingerdash (falling through the upside-down pillars into the abyss), and you have to try to break it. The transitions are smooth and give you time to react, and the cube and ship have pretty interesting and unique gameplay with a focus on the rotation trigger, better than the memorization based alpha trigger.

All in all, this is RobTop's best level until maybe Explorers. Sorry, this is long and unorganized.

8 Clubstep

It's such a fun level. It has good and balanced gameplay, except for a few difficulty spikes. The song is a banger, and you just can't help but tap your foot and bob your head to the beat.

Clubstep hits the perfect mark for me. The song fits so well and is itself very catchy. The level is so satisfying and fun to complete.

I actually like Clubstep, and I had a clubby time in it. The song makes me want to dance like I'm in some kind of trance!

9 Theory of Everything 2

Like it! It has very good gameplay, and it also looks good! The only problem is the ship part is just so darn hard. If you fly slightly wrong, you're dead.

Absolutely love the song and the level. I reached 39% then started working on making levels. My friend beat this because he didn't stop working on it. It is so cool.

This is actually a really nice level, but some parts of it are too hard for me! I like how it shows us not to tap/click at certain orbs.

10 Clutterfunk

I know this is one of the most hated RobTop levels, and I can understand why because the song is kind of weird (but I like it), and the gameplay is very chaotic, especially for the last part (but I like it).

Level and song are cool, gameplay is also cool, and I really love how the mini portal got introduced. 1.4 is great!

Let's face it: Clutterfunk is underrated. I beat Electrodynamix before this! That's how hard this is.

The Contenders
11 xStep

This song is a banger. I like the ball at the end even though it is easy. The first coin is just stupid though.

Just fun. I beat this level before Time Machine and Cycles 3 coin.

A perfect challenge for normal players. (I have beaten this level.)

12 Base After Base

The Base After Base song is my jam and favorite song ever! I just beat Dry Out yesterday, and now I can't beat this one.

The music is nice and slow, and very peaceful. It's the best music because I like peace. It deserves #1!

Easy coins, catchy song, easy level in general. What else is there to hate about it?

13 Hexagon Force

I like the music in this level, but I can't beat it because of the stupid 40% bug! If I got past 40% and the dual ship part afterward, I could probably beat this level easily.

This level has a great beat, and I love the design of it. The dual mode is really fun and adds a nice challenge.

Most of the parts are fun to play, but the dual cube spoils the fun. Still, it's a good level overall.

14 Press Start!

Very cool level. This level is like a remix of many different things that could happen in a video game. This level deserves to be number 1!

Honestly, the best song ever makes me want to jam out.

15 Back On Track

It's really fun, and the star coins are easy. Nothing bad about it.

This is really fun, and I completed it! The music is relaxing too.

The most impossible level in the game.

16 Can't Let Go

I am completely obsessed with this level. My ten-year-old cousin plays Geometry Dash Lite daily. When I'm over at my aunt's house, I always ask what she's playing, and she says 'Geometry Dash.' I thought the songs were stupid and annoying, and I thought it was some math game that tricks you into having fun.

I heard her playing this song, and I sat by her and watched her play it from beginning to end. I downloaded the app that night and stayed up all night trying to beat it. When I did, I screamed so loudly that I woke everyone in my house up, and I checked my alarm clock and it read "2 A.M." I was amazed. Now I have limits to this game, but I am really surprised that Back on Track could top this. Back on Track is the second level, and the song sucks! Can't Let Go is much better, and it deserves #1.

17 Jumper

You always want to jump even though you can't!

Underrated level, in my opinion. It's really fun, and the song is relaxing and happy.

18 Cycles

Great song, challenging coins, somehow hard for beginners. Overall, this level is fun.

The song is so soothing and calm! This level should get first place!

It clearly has too many triple jumps, which makes it a challenge. Challenges are fun, especially demons.

19 Dry Out

Out of the first eleven levels (and songs), this is my top 11.

11. Jumper, too happy for a hard level.
10. Cycles, I haven't gotten a good listen to it yet.
9. Time Machine, it reminds me of rage.
8. Stereo Madness, good for the first level.
7. Back on Track, awesome piano.
6. Polargeist, very futuristic.
5. Base After Base, super intense.
4. Can't Let Go, the most emotional GD song.
3. Clutterfunk, very wacky, but good.
2. xStep, catchy and fits perfectly when you go into wheel mode.
1. Dry Out, sounds like a science lab in the beginning and eventually sounds like you are trekking in the desert, fitting its name. It is amazing. Dry Out wins.

20 Bloodbath

How in the world did Riot beat this? He's a GD God. I only have 7%...

I got 100% on Bloodbath, and I love the music.

21 Polargeist

This is one of my favorite songs.

22 Nine Circles

I really like the trippy NC effect. It's just cool. And the song is also cool. I currently have 30% on it, and I want it to be my first hard demon.

This level started a whole legacy. Push it up, people!

I have never seen such a cool and decorated level.

23 Cataclysm

Bloodbath, Aftermath, Ice Carbon Diablo X, The Hell Factory, and Cataclysm are the hardest levels in the game.

This is the hardest level ever!

24 Time Machine

I only beat it once, but it took me six weeks! Six weeks! The upside-down bit at the end is so hard!

I'm so pissed that Time Machine is all the way down here.

The music is good, but I beat ToE before I beat this... Too hard for its level.

25 Unity
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