Top 10 Best Wizard101 Schools

The Top Ten
1 Storm

I believe Storm is the best school, for a multitude of reasons.

1. They have the strongest attacks. Some people say that the lower health and bad accuracy is too much to lose for good damage, but as you get further in the game, you have more than enough accuracy, and you end battles quickly enough to not need much health.

2. They have a lot of charms and wards. In comparison to other schools, Storm has a lot of charms and wards. I find that Storm is the school that has the most gear pieces that come with a blade or trap, and they have Supercharge, which can generate more blades than a Storm wizard could ever need.

3. Storm gear brings out what is good in a Storm wizard rather than compensating for what a Storm wizard doesn't have. This is a personal preference, but I love how ridiculously high of a damage boost Storm gear can give you. The gear is very versatile as well: Storm gear is very easy to adjust accordingly to your playing style, because there are also gear options to suit a more defensive playing style as well.

2 Death

My main favorite schools are Death, Storm, and Balance. My first-ever character was Balance, and I really liked the wards, blades, and shields that come with it. However, I think Balance is best as a secondary to boost your primary school and not so great as a primary.

In my opinion, I think Death is the best. When paired with Storm as a secondary, you get steal spells for attacking and healing simultaneously. You can also hit heavy with Storm spells in between. I play my main character with this combo, and I have soloed most of my quests so far in the game due to the attacking and healing I can do. This combo is a really good idea for those who like to tank because it means you can survive several attacks by healing with a steal spell while attacking. When you don't need to heal, you can hit really hard with Storm spells.

3 Fire

Fire and Storm are the strongest and most effective schools by far. My friends are Storm and Life, and I'm Fire (proud). Together, we get through battles quickly. My Life school friend is there to heal us while my Storm school friend and I conjure very powerful spells.

Life may not be the most powerful, but in battle, it does have its privileges. I believe the correct order is:

1. Storm
2. Fire
3. Balance
4. Death
5. Life
6. Myth
7. Ice

Fire and Life definitely deserve to be higher up on this list. You have dishonored the fairies that save your butt in battle and the sunbirds that kill your opponent. Shame on you! [slaps you]

4 Life

Lots of health and practically perfect accuracy! As you get to higher levels, you will never fizzle, as it's super easy to get 100% accuracy for Life! Not only is this super convenient, it could save your life. The many heals you receive as a Life wizard are super useful and make survival super easy.

Contrary to the popular belief of this game, Life wizards can actually easily do a lot of damage. It may take a bit more preparation compared to schools like Storm, however, it is super easy to one-hit enemies. And unlike Storm, we rarely have to worry about our health. And once we do need to worry, it isn't hard to get it back up again!

5 Balance

Tons of blades and traps can make your ordinary damage spells absolutely extraordinary! Mid-level health and mid-level damage make Balance seemingly an okay class. But that's not what Balance is about. The many traps, shields, and charms make playing as Balance completely unique!

Even though learning to master Balance may be a challenge, once you learn the tricks to Balance, you're practically unstoppable! In PvP, however, Balance's skills are best used in group play. You can buff your team and send devastating attacks to the other team. However, you may find that it works best as a supporting role in the game.

6 Myth

I don't understand why more people don't choose this school - great damage (third best in the game!) and better versatility than anyone else. They can play well on a team as a backup hitter or stunning and removing feints and shields, but they also do great solo. Thanks to Minotaur and Orthrus, shields have nothing on them. And in PvP? Medusa's two-round stun paired with Earthquake renders opponents effectively useless.

Unlike Storm or Fire, Myth is challenging enough to be enjoyable. You carry more than five spells in your deck and you get to see a new end to each fight. If you know how to play it, Myth's definitely the best.

7 Ice

Ice is actually the best school in many things. People underestimate them just because they are so weak. I have beaten Warlords many times, and I am ice. With the right things in place, ice can be extremely strong, just like storm.

Ice has the highest natural health, and they have tons of resistance, more than every other school. Ice attacks such as Snow Angel are better than fire and storm. Snow Angel does very low damage at first, but over time can defeat the enemy. Fire Dragon does strong damage first, then it does weak DOT. Storm doesn't even have a DOT attack. Ice may not be the best, but it is an extremely good school.

8 Sun

Turn your cards into treasure cards! Well, kind of...

You can add damage and accuracy to the spells you already have. I mean, who wouldn't like to add a little damage or make sure it has a better chance of working!

This is VERY important because of the damage-adding spells. If you don't have those, you basically can't play the game at higher levels.

Sun doesn't take up a turn! You just enchant the spell and use it, unlike star and moon.

9 Star

The auras in the Star school are pretty useful, but not enough so that I would rank it as the best school on Wizard101. They look cool, though.

My favorite part about auras is that they help boost your stats. The Wizard101 creators balanced this out by making the wizards more vulnerable to the school opposite of their primary school in those specialized auras, which I appreciate. Also, they only last four rounds.

Improve your defense or offense without shields and blades! Create a ring around yourself to improve your damage percentage or give yourself extra resistance! What's not to like about this school?

10 Moon

Using Moon spells, you can polymorph and find out what it's like to have a different school's spells! This, however, is kind of an unknown school since you can't start training it until around level 50.