Best Clash of Clans Troops

What are the best Clash of Clans Troops from Best to Worst?

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1 Dragon

12 Dragons will be extremely hard to take down, and they damages a LOT. One of the best troops.

I wonder why everyone else uses dragons so well. When I use dragons, they always go around the town hall. others keep telling me to use dragons for clan war and trophy pushing, but when I use then, they almost always go where ever I don't want them to go. I have only two starred a town hall 8 once. and I have never done any three star raids with dragons except against town hall sevens, even when I try funneling them towards the air defenses, they never do that. I even have trouble attacking some town hall sevens with dragons. I wonder how a lot of other people use dragons so well. Their my least favorite. After 12 failed raids, I stopped using them

Dragons seem amazing I'm sure they belong in the top 5 due to how much damage they can make. However they are extremely expensive, don't go after what they should be, and are rather slow. I say the should make #3 or #4.

Yes number on son best one sooo much damage so much

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2 P.E.K.K.A

Pekka is so much more powerful than the barbarian king

They are hard to take down and have a powerful attack

Pekka should be number one as its only downfall is real as whereas dragons have to worry about air defense archer tower wizard tower air bombs air skeletons seeking air mines and Tessa's infernos chows and more... Also wizards are weak so pekka should be number one!

A maxed out pekka, has more Hitpoint, and Damage per second, than a maxed out pekka.

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3 Wizard

Wizards have long range attacks, and if you just put 3 at once beside an archer tower or cannon, it can easily help out the giants and balloons. Wizards can shoot over walls, do massive damage per second, and also have an AFRO!

Wizards are awesome in groups! They may not have much health but they are great at just attacking! I myself like to use these paired with Dragons and I find them easy to donate to my clan members most have 20 Clan Castle space so 5 fills em right up! I love to use them against Resource bases because you can place 3 down, destroy the base, then end the battle and I get 6 - 10 easy trophies! Then spend 2 minutes to let me get 3 more, then head back out into battle! This works especially well for lower level players that are Silver II and under and can give you 100 trophies in under an hour!

Wizard does amazing damage and should be #1 not dragons because air defences make short work of them and space and cost they are the most expensive elixir troop and dragon can only be tanked by lava hounds which deal no dame but wizards can be tanked by many troops

Wizards are the best because they are splash and have a long range. They can attack both ground and flying units and should be #1.

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4 Valkyrie

Valkyries are insanely powerful as Clan Castle troops. They can't be killed with one lightning spell and are hard to take out with mass barbarians and archers. The best way to take them out are spread archers, but that uses a lot of time, so they are amazing Clan Castle troops and I agree should be #1.

They aren't too hard to kill, actually. Well, it depends on your army. But Valkyries are good because of their health and damage. - Oliveleaf

Valkyries are great for Clan Castle defense! one valkyrie can take down a number of troops in one swoop of her bid, heavy and dangerous battle axe! The valkyrie is mostly used in war defences, but not much in attacks! Vote for the valkyrie, vote for defense!

She's got plenty of hit points not to mention damage per second. With her splash damage, its no sweat to take out pesky barbarians or archers. Since she swings in between buildings, its like taking out two birds with one stone. Valkyries are perfect for clan castle defense (Townhall 4-8). However, Valkyries are extremely unpredictable when using them in attacks, as sometimes the move completely around the enemies base. With a well thought out troop evaluation, I think Valkyries should be #2 or #3 on this troop list.

It can distroy barbian

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5 Golem

Awesome unit, although it's low damage points mean that it takes a lot of time to wreck the wall. Group with a couple of wall breakers and walls will disappear in no time at all. But they are pretty much exposed to eagle artillery especially. Put in giants as well and there will be a bigger possibility that the meat shield will last longer enough for the sweaters like wizards to clean out the rest of the remaining buildings.

Most health out of any troop (including its spawned troops), one of these (along with a decent army comp) can 3 star a base high up in crystal, master, and even champions. Not to mention, used by pretty much all champions league players, aka the guys that are the best at attacking/defending. Coincidence? I tink not.

Golems and Wall Breakers and Healing and Rage Spells are AWESOME

This mighty rocky creatures are the kings

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6 Hog Rider

Hog riders can help because they jump over walls and they do a lot of damage and have a lot of health

Hog Riders are the best! I don't have them yet but have seen them in battle, and I think they are the dragons of the lower level bases! My friends brag about all Hog Rider three star attacks. Dragons are great for higher level bases, and Hog Riders for lower ones! Love these guys, and really want them!

The only thing that can beat hogs are double giant bombs, clan castle troops, and the archer queen. Other then that, they are invincible! They jump over walls and do high damage!

Hog riders are best, they can jump over walls

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7 Balloon

Dragoons, and balloonions are my favorite troop combo, in all balloons are the most imp factor, they do and give heavy damage, without balloons dragons will wander, and taken down by air defences and also the minions are too fragile to get exposed, so in all ways it's the best troop of this game... Also the most favourite. - glambert

The Balloon is basically a giant that flies. It does ridiculous damage when massed over one place, and are very efficient.

Balloons at number 6 come on there perfect I attack with them all the time and the last upgrade is boss. I think they should be higher

It is best ever but only speed is slow...but best
PLEASEE keep this on1st

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8 Witch

How is the witch lower than barbs and archers? As long as she's kept a little away from the battle, she's a boss! And why's the giant at 10?

Witches are great I don't think she should be #8 she stays a bit behind the other troops she is amazing not to mention she can bring back troops from the dead to help attack.

She does a lot of damage, and her minions will take the damage from defenses or traps for her. 2 or 3 of these will have a devastating effect.

Witches projectals and the skeletons make total destruction,and plus the witch shoots very fast,great cc defense troop

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9 Giant

I like them because they attack the defenses instead of recourses so its more likely for you to win

Giants are extremely slow and die before destroying all defenses. Half giants die before destroying level 4 walls. But Giants are still important because before unlocking dark elixir troops if they die the game is lost.

Still effective in war at th10 if you bring some wiz with them.

Giants are great because there cheap and they don't take that long to train there even better paired with wizards I would advise you use them if your a farmer but they still work great even if your not a farmer. there a bit slow but also paired with rage there not to bad they can help get past some tough spots.

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10 Lava Hound

My friend got these and they are boss

Lava hound are only useful to save your flying troop

#1 in my opinion because they basically a flying golem, but even better, they don't split into 2; they split into 8(or more)

Lava hound destroyes air defense. While it is busy with air defense put loons and Dragon and u will have 90 percent chance of winning

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11 Barbarian

In my opinion strength in numbers is key. What I do is spawn in 5-10 giants to draw the defenses fire then I spawn in about 50 barbs and let them tear it apart. Usually by the time the giants are dead the barbs have finished trashing the place and dominate the renaming defenses.
Their only downfall is that if the mortars and wizard towers don't get taken down quickly you are so screwed if you only have Barbs. which is why it is always handy to have a healer or two handy. If things still are not working for you get a lightning spell and healing spell into the battle.
I could go on for about 50 more reasons why this troop is the best. Also don't dislike this comment because I put barbs instead of Barbarians.

Barbarians are better than archers they have more health and are more powerful. They work great together in groups like 15 barbs after the same thing destroys it pretty quickly. Mortars can get these guys though so beware of putting them in groups sometimes.

Barbarian are very good troops they have the most damage in tier 1 group troops and they take only 1 housing space they do quite good amount of damage and goes will with king under ability,their only major weakness is splash damage although that doesn't matters much they can easily overwhelm any point defense and are good for farming and cleanup as they are extremely cheap!


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12 Archer

Archers are very effective when in a group they can shoot from a distance so they aren't always the center of attention. But they have low health so they die easily and their damage per second is low. They are quick though. Just watch out for mortars with these guys.

Archers are great, the only thing about them though is that they are killed in one shot by mortars, so heal spells won't even do anything.

The best troop in my opinion! You can drop 220 of them on a th9 and get a lot of loot without loosing trophies. Will almost always score a 50% damage using them. Combine with 8 earthquake spells and you can raid deep into a base and its storages using only archers

They die by one mortar shot, terrible card

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13 Archer Queen

Queen with a few healers can clear so much of the base and help so much in directing troops. Bowlers are the best, but they aren't on here, so I went with the queen because she is so important to a bowler healer army and healers aren't useful throughout many town hall levels. Dragons in mass are good but can be a little unreliable, PEKKA's even more so even when used in a gowipe or something. However the queen has the invisibility ability helping her get out of the tight spaces she gets herself into. Furthermore, she is useful in any army composition either to direct troops or clean up.

She does a lot of damage but her health is lower than a barb king. I'm not sure which one is better. I just know she costs more than a barb king but both can defend your base. And her upgrade to send out archers while she cools down is cool.

Archer queen 'SHE SHOOTS WALLS' she can be useful at times but she loves storages that sometimes makes me mad I HATE when she shoots walls but other then that she it pretty cool #worse then the barb king

Super cool lol

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14 Barbarian King

Well, every town hall 7 just can't WAIT to get their first hero. The barbarian king. The barbarian king is important because it shows a symbol of accomplishment of how far you have got to be here. And I also can symbolise the hard work you took getting and saving the dark elixir for something that precious! You'll never feel alone in your village and the other raiders would fear upon you in all kinds of attacks! And with your handy king, you can take damage more than a giant, and use the rest of the troops for back up. The amazing-spectacular part is - that you don't have to get more! #NotAnAdd

Barb kings are boss. They can take out almost anything with one hit. Also they spawn other barbs.

Barbarian Kings special ability is called iron fist which summons more barbarians when activated

He is amazing!,no elixir neeeded to train,once you buy him he serves you for free! its strong and has a lot of health,stronger than the archer queen - dollarsign

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15 Minion

When tanked with balloons, their destruction is total.

Add some dragons and balloons to the list and you will dominate

Good for the amount of housing space with seeking air mine proof

Small fast and deadly when paired with anything

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16 Healer

Come on healers are raid savers. Look at my story on the archer queen and you'll de what I mean.

Healers are good for th 6&7 but in th 8+ they are useless because the air defenses becomes more stronger and can easily take down a healer, that's why I wish I was in lower th and not in th 11

They should be 5-10, they are better than the normal heal spell. - micahisthebest

Wow healer is an amazing troops. U can use them with giants it would be powerful
But use healing spell with giant to destroy the Air defense then use the Healer

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17 Goblin

Great for loot raids but that's about it. They wont do well for u if u are trying to trophy raid.

They should make goblins smarter. Since they are the fastest troops, they can run away from any clan castle troop. - Oliveleaf

Goblins are awesome! Best for loot! There favourite targets are Resources, Town hall and clan castle

The Goblin Knife. Enough said.

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18 Farmer Barbarian

Farmer barbarian? Whats it suppose to do?

Who the hell is this farmer barbarian never heard of

Farms and raids. What better combination? - Imusquishu12345


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19 Wall Breaker

Wall breakers are great they can break walls so the troops like giants can cross to go after defenses.

They should be in the top ten a good pack of wall breakers could get you all the way to the town hall area for me I use like 4-6

Wall breaker are only good for busting walls for golems or giants.

Awesome for CC

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20 Maxed Town Hall 11

This isn't even a troop.

First of all its not made of ice because it came out last year and second of all it is not a troop it's a Town Hall that looks like a white building with plants and a flag and other color detail.

Apparently, town hall level 11 is coming out soon and it is going to do made out of ice! By Max

Wow Town Hall 11 that's amazing

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