Balloons are the best! They deal heavy damage and will destroy most defenses in a few shots however they are a big slow if no rage spell placed on it

Even the Level 6 Balloons are too easily taken out by Air Defenses, Wizard Towers and Hidden Teslas. You are better off going with Dragons, or better yet, not using air troops at all.

I used this guy from the minute I found em and till I quit. This guy is under rated. Not the best but in less you r th8 this is your best choice w/ rage spells

Although these troops are painfully slow. They do a lot of damage Plus when they fall they do damage as well pretty cool.

They are the best because they take out defenses and you just need good clean up like minions and drags.

Balloons are of no use. Two shots of air defense level 1 can defeat level 1 balloon

Vote for balloon they are really invincible (level 6) try them and you will never believe your eyes

They're good because they have good health and damage especially level 7.

Id put an army of level 5 balloons up against the "best" any day of the week!

Balloons are great due to their high damage and they are really good... As long as you killed at least 1 air defense.

Does so much damage that u can use a haste instead of rage and it will have same effect

One of the best troops. can totally destroy a village and the top players use them

They are a bit overrated, but an army of them is very good. - micahisthebest

Balloons destroy anything in their path and with minions everything dies

Balloons are very good offensive units although not much helpful at lower levels they do incredible damage at higher levels,especially when behind a meat shield like lava hound and under rage they can wipe out any base!

Balloons are so overpowered with all those hit points and damage per second! how are pekka #1? And how are loons #8? Honestly loons should be #3 at least, I mean 5 housing space for something that shreds any base apart?! Come on man/woman

These things can devastate and swarm a base.

Balloon are only good if they are max if not max they are horrible.

I have also and I use them all the time and they are good attackers

They explode when they die so anything near them dies with them.

It has skeleton and best drops of bombs it's my best favorite.

Balloons, amazing... they are just so good, especially at level 6 - respawnthedoc

When a balloon dies it falls and when it does it does damage

Balloons can dominate anything in its path in groups

Super terrible. Super low health. SUPER NOT WORTH IT