Depends what level. Gold 3 and below barbarians are a huge help. Above that barbs are only used to help out the better troops. I think valkyries should be 1 or 2 along with dragons.

They are the cheapest to train, and only takes 20 seconds. They have more health than archers, and also power. An army of these can wreck an entire base. - Storm

These are great troops, especially a whole heap of them. Deploy 200 of them and watch the mayhem! - micahisthebest

My opinion is different I think barbs are like in spot7 because with all barbs you can rush bases and destroy them in 10 seconds

Boss in large groups except against mortars and wiz towers

If you want to save elixir use 100 barbs 100 archers and one barb it's an easy attack and could do some damage

They are the best because they have good amount of health ( they have more health, attack damage, and cost less than archers )

Barbs aren't all that good they are slow and can't shoot over walls like archers.

Barbs are purely for beginners and are strategically nerved from th7 and one

I think the barbarian is the best troop because you can have hundreds of them depending on town hall.

Who compiled this list? If I wanted to 100% a base with an army of 240 level 6 barbarians; I would have to drop about 1500 cups to find a level 6 town hall, attack it with the barbarians and maybe, just maybe I would 100% destroy that base.
This is stupid top 10 list because everyone will have a different opinion.

First first troop in the game and if you use them right they can not be stopped barbs are a little bit of everything wich I like also in most raids you do you will always use some barbs to help you out

I win with 165 barbs in my opinion they are 5#

In low the levels the barbarian is practically invincible. But if combined with a few giants you can achieve (maybe)a champion on th3.

I spawn 70 barbarians and boom! 3 star. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Barbs are the best they know teamwork they know how to fight they are fearless warriors they only know three things teamwork,destruction and winning they are good

Its very helpful for break outside town hall,

Great for sniping collectors and mines

Only 25 elexir and 20 seconds, an army of these beasts can destroy tons of stuff!

It's all about "Vinnie Barbarino" man. They're cheap strong and stupid... All I ever ask in a warrior.

W/out the counterpart archer I would not recomend it but these guys have good hit points and good damage at a low cost.

Archers are better in case of range theycan attack from a range...barbs have to go closer in which they die easily

These small insects are of no use they die sooner in the war and their king also if we send 50 together 1 shoot o9f mortor is enough to kill them there's nothig like giant in coc