It's good when you just start, because lower levels usually have a hard time getting rid of the defenses with just barbs and archers. - Oliveleaf

Giants are the most important troop until dark elixir is unlocked

Giants are GREAT for town hall 6 and below. But in town hall 7 you get the barbarian king. And then the golem in town hall 8. suddenly, the demand for a giant does down. More golems and hog riders are used. More gowiwies and gowipes. No more giant healer archer or giant barbarian. This makes me miss the old town hall levels were the weaker troops could bring you far distances and levels you dream for ahead.

Giants are the best... Better then any other troop... Use them with wizard and they are awesome

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE GIANTS STINK! I would much rather have a golem and I understand that stacked up they are a terror on the battle field but that is what hogs are for.

Giants are better if you are going for more of a strategic attack but if you just wAnt to storm the base use barbs

Giant work well with healing spell as there more durable

Best normal troop except pekka dragon healer wizard

One of the best troops for both beginners and high experienced ones

Giants rock for town hall 6 and below.

They have so much health that they can take so much damage!

The giants are great but not if they are under level 6.

Giant is cheaper and better than pekka and all

They are very effective with a heal spell. - micahisthebest

High damage but low speed and high health

Giant should be the first troop

Giants alawys mess me up I never use them but sometimes be helpful to you guys I don't hate them but I don't use them

I'm crystal 2 and I don't use giants. Dragons and pekkas have that health and are a lot stronger. Golems are the crystal league giants.

In lower town halls these big guys are the boss. But considering th9,10 11 they are a bit shorthanded.Therefore I agree with no. 9!

Yes they are much usefull they attack defenses and after destroying defenses I can take the loot easily

If you're a beginer Giants are good but th 5 and up they are totally useless, unless they are level 3 or up.

Giant are good for loot long for de I use them with valks and wiz for elixir cheap good troop over all

Giants level 5 above only best also need to ise healer if not bad...

Giants are an essential part of every attack...they are the ones which both attacks defenses and also distracts them so u can place more troops behind0

Now that they have level 7 in the new update they are now better than golems for 5 good reasons.
1. They are SO much cheaper than golems.
2. You can hold a lot more of them so you can distract multiple places at once distracting defenseless for your wizzards.
3. they do damage. Again the golems have so much health (correct me if I'm wrong but I believe they have 4800 at max level) and they do no damage and attack WAY to slow. How ever giants do damage. In my clan our top guy was kind enough to give me maxed out giants, and they 3 shoot a level 3 mortar! I would not have won that battle with out them.
4. They dominate in bronze. If you get 5 giants with 20 archers on a bronze base you win basically. In our last clan war our bottom guy 3 stared their 23/25 guy with level 1 troops. Insane right?
5. they surprisingly work without any help. If you have seen MasterOVs all giant raid video he 3 stared a base with ease. Also I feel like I have to mention that in his all wizard ...more