Top 10 Best Cloud Based Hotel Property Management System Providers

Running a hotel, B&B, or any kind of property is no joke. You're juggling reservations, juggling staff, juggling guest requests... sometimes it feels like you could use three more of you. That's where a top-notch property management system (PMS) comes in.

The right PMS can take those headaches and turn them into smooth operations. We're talking about automating bookings, streamlining check-ins, and getting real-time data on how your property is performing. But with all the options out there, finding the perfect PMS can feel like its own quest.

So, what makes a PMS worthy of the top spot? Is it ease of use? Powerful reporting? Maybe it's amazing customer service? You tell us. Scroll down and vote for the systems you think deserve the title of best. Your vote will help other property owners and managers make the smart choice for their business.
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1 Clock

We are a youth hostel in the center of the city. We have been using Clock PMS since we opened, and we are very happy with it. We rely mainly on online bookings, and the web reservation system is very good for us because it facilitates direct bookings from the website.

We use Clock Kiosk instead of a reception desk, and guests are happy because they can check in, pay, and check out quickly and at their convenience. All in all, we are very satisfied with the program.

We had been wanting to take advantage of what the cloud can offer, such as a limited and budget-friendly IT footprint, constant accessibility, and a closer electronic connection with our client base to strengthen our direct market share. We felt that existing hotel software interfaces, which are often separate, were outdated. We were convinced that we could increase efficiency and profitability with a more modern approach, like the one offered by Clock.

These were areas of concern for us, especially after an earlier switch to a different cloud solution. We needed something that was truly responsive - seconds really do matter. Clock has really measured up, and their team has been extremely supportive. Clock POS has also significantly lightened our workload, and our room distribution has noticeably benefited from the XML connectivity employed by Clock. We now feel that our operation is properly supported in terms of software. Clock allows us to leverage some of the latest advancements in hospitality technology, and we anticipate continuing to do so.

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2 WebRezPro

I've been using this system for 3 years. It's awesome, and the team at WebRezPro is always there to lend a hand.

WebRezPro is a cloud-based hotel property management system (PMS software) featuring a no-fee booking engine, full accounting, interfaces, and more.

We are very pleased with the service we've received from WebRezPro staff. The customer service team is top-notch, and the system is easy to use.

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4 Hotelogix

I signed up for Hotelogix, and the software could not do what we needed it to do, despite many calls from their staff in India. Although the software has many features, it was not the best tool for our property.

The company took a deposit for their connection to the OTAs, never connected us, and refused to return the deposit.

I am looking into purchasing a cloud PMS. I have the free trial now, and it's the best program I've tried so far. It's easy to use. I did all the setup with no help.

But when I decided to ask something, it took just 6 seconds for someone to get online and help me. Great support! It looks like this is my program.

5 eZee Absolute

eZee Absolute is the best cloud-based PMS I have seen, with a great user-friendly interface, amazing features, and easy to use. I must say it's a masterpiece.

Also, the most intriguing aspect of this solution is its ability to interface with other third-party solutions like key cards, financial accounting, online booking engines, and credit card payment platforms, making it the number one choice for us.

eZee Absolute gave us everything we were looking for in online hotel software, but we got all of that and much more. The fact that the front desk and online booking engine work together is just brilliant. Best of all, it did not require much capital when compared with other systems in the market. Right from the start, the eZee team has been supportive in every way to my staff.

6 RoomKeyPMS

RoomKey Internet marketing services offer your hotel an all-in-one solution to easily manage your guests and increase hotel occupancy.

RoomKeyPMS support is very professional, and the training team is exceptional!

7 Gearco

We tried several other PMS systems to run our extended stay. We continued to have trouble with providers understanding how our prepaid long-term hotels work. Gearco's true extended-stay system solved the problem. They understood how our business works.

Gearco provided a true extended-stay system when no one else could. We found them after trying many other systems, and it works great.

It's nice to have a system that supports both extended stay and self-storage. It makes our jobs easier.

8 InnRoad

InnRoad is the leading hotel management software and system for property management, reservations, and booking engines, serving hotels of all sizes. Our product is the best cloud-based PMS and hotel software system on the market.

This system has gotten worse over a short period of time.

9 Planet (formerly Protel)

Protel Air is a web-based hotel management solution and a true Software as a Service (SaaS) application, hosted in a secure data center environment. SaaS solutions outsource the hardware, software, and data to the Internet cloud, opening up completely new possibilities for the hotel industry's IT management. Protel Air is the perfect solution for all hoteliers who value flexibility, reliability, and security without having to take care of it themselves.

Protel Air is a cloud solution and a highly integrated and cost-effective hotel management system. It is ideal for hotels that don't want to take on the burden of maintaining their own technical infrastructure.

10 mycloud

To be very honest, I cannot say whether Mycloud is the best in the market or not, but I have been using this PMS for the last year with absolutely no issues. There are no failed reservations to be taken care of. The PMS is very user-friendly, with an easy-to-understand interface, especially when it comes to group booking and the accounting part.

Moreover, the rate intelligence Mycloud offers, along with the channel manager connection, is a game changer. This has helped me a lot in understanding the competition in the market in terms of rates, increasing my revenue by 37% compared to last year. I strongly recommend using Mycloud and their services, not just because of the ease of the system, but also for the kind of support I receive from them.

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11 RezEasy

RezEasy Cloud represents the future of hotel Property Management Systems with its integrated web reservations, agent/corporate client booking module, transaction module, multi-property, and multi-language capabilities. Hoteliers benefit from improved PMS accessibility, flexibility, reduced overhead, and technical frustrations. Check out all of the features in RezEasy. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Used it for 12 months and it has worked perfectly. I really like the one-time license fee. After-sales service is first-class.

12 elina

We found that the team was very friendly and helpful. After being trained, we learned how to use the platform to reduce the time spent on operational tasks. Tasks such as charging guests, reporting invalid cards, and contacting guests via email pre- and post-stay can all be automated. Being able to limit staff to just using the part of the system that they need helps a lot.

Being a management company, Elina PMS allows our owners to come and see the performance of their portfolio, check their revenue, and inform us if they need to take back an apartment. The booking engine is great. We have been able to get more bookings from new and returning customers. Overall, we are very, very happy.

13 SabeeApp

We believe that running a hotel is not about administration all day long. SabeeApp will do the work for you from the time of the reservation through the check-in and check-out, and even after.

My sales are increasing since I started using SabeeApp. Amazing customer service. Special thanks to Egle and to all the SabeeApp crew.

Our sales are growing because of SabeeApp, and their customer service is amazing, especially Egle. Big thank you, guys.

14 LodgeGate

LodgeGate is the next-generation, web-based Property Management System for hotels, apartments, and bungalow parks, ranging in size from 5 to 5000 rooms.

Very helpful staff. Great integrated channel manager!

Many options, good connections, works as it should!

15 Newhotel

Newhotel Cloud PMS is the most complete cloud PMS on the market right now. It is able to localize to any country's fiscal certifications, fiscal printers, tourism boards, and immigration authorities. It is multi-language, multi-user, and is localized for more than 50 countries with 3,000 hotels.

16 Cloudbeds
17 PMS Cloud

Simple and fast. Easy to set up. Works perfectly with several sales channels. All you need in one place.

18 OpenHotel

We vetted 15 systems, and OpenHotel had the most functionality at competitive pricing. They continue to increase their features and add them to the system. Great groups, packages, and event management features as well.

The little support we've needed has been nothing less than amazing. So glad we found them.

We've tried several US-based cloud solutions and found OpenHotel to be the most advanced. They have a lot of very useful features and reports. Their customer support is top-notch, with responses and resolutions often within minutes of the ticket being submitted. I'm glad we found them.

19 Guestline
20 ibelsa

Ibelsa Rooms is a cloud-based hotel management software aimed at all types and sizes of hotels and accommodation facilities. Ibelsa enables the user to easily navigate through the various processes involved in running a hotel, from customer care and the management of booking engines to hotel website integration and all types of social media. With Ibelsa, all relevant working processes are performed centrally.

No installation costs. No maintenance fees. No binding contract. Ibelsa is flexible, user-friendly, and absolutely safe!

21 Newbook

The best cloud-based PMS, which makes integration of third-party services very simple.

22 RMS
23 InnGenius

2.99 per room per month includes direct connections through our booking engine InnConnect, an easy-to-use PMS with POS, housekeeping, customized email templates, payment gateway connection to or CMS, and an optional GDS connection. We offer 24-hour support, online chat, and lots of other great features! With an office here in Houston, TX, we are also local. Sign up for our completely free 30-day trial.

Be sure to sign up to InnGenius and InnConnect, as they are both included in the price. Get completely set up without paying a dime! We are so sure you will love our product, we offer complete setup for free.

24 Hotelmeister

Hotelmeister is a cloud-based hotel management software which gives you more time for what really matters. Designed specifically for the needs of small and medium sized hotels and holiday rentals. Hotelmeister is the first self explaining hotel management software in the world. The property management system is fully responsive and optimized for PC, Mac, Tablet, iPad and even mobile phones.

Spend more time with your guests, instead of managing your hotel.

No upfront setup fee.
No contract binding.

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