Top 10 Cloud Based Hotel Property Management Systems

Cloud PMS gives you a lot features comparison with other PMS such as much control on your business. Add as many users & setup rooms & rates without limitations. Setup unlimited points of sale outlets for other services, & even get booking engine for your website.

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1 Hotelogix

We found Hotelogix to be the best as it is very easy to use and the interface is user-friendly. We took their free trial and before the trial period ended, we had bought it as we were quite impressed. Their support staff is helpful.

I am a Hotelier and my Hotel based in India. When I was firstly interact with Hotelogix support that was nice since then I am using the Hotelogix Software and believe me they have a great product.

Thanks to Hotelogix Team,


Few months back I was nervous and face much difficulties to manage my hotel property they I heard about Hotelogix from one of my colleague. The best feature of Hotelogix is to offering 15 days free trial without credit card details. Thanks to hotelogix and their support.

All the best

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2 Clock Software

After a thorough research we have chosen Clock PMS and Clock POS to manage our hotel will all-day restaurant unit. The integration between the two is great, plus there are multiple useful features like digital signatures, mobile operations, guest self-service with room service and so on. Good price and great support, too. Thumbs up for Clock.

Great software for my family hotel. Easy and non expensive, booking engine is just excellent

The Demo is promising. I'll keep an eye on it.

NOT only a PMS, a full, all-in-one hotel management platform. Whatever fragmented solutions there are in the market, Clock Software combined it into one MEGA solution!
Sledded support as well! - ClockSoftware

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4 SabeeApp

Sabeeapp has all I need... and thanks to the fast support team

Our sales is growing because of SabeeApp, and there customer service is amazing, especially Egle. Big thank you guys.

My sales is increasing since I use SabeeApp. Amazing customer service. Special thanks to Egle, and to all SabeeApp Crew.

We are verry happy with SabeeApp and Egle is great

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5 RezEasy Cloud PMS

RezEasy Cloud represents the future of hotel Property Management Systems with its integrated Web Reservations, Agent/Corporate Client Booking Module, Transaction Module, multi-property and multi-language capabilities. Hoteliers benefit from improved PMS accessibility, flexibility, reduced overhead and technical frustrations. Check out all of the features in RezEasy, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Used it for 12 months and it has worked perfectly. I really like the one-time license fee. After sales is first class.

6 eZee Absolute

EZee Absolute gave us everything we were looking for in online hotel software but we got all of that and much more. The fact that the front desk and online booking engine working together is just brilliant. Best of all, it did not require much capital when compared with other systems in the market. Right from the start, eZee team has been supportive in every way to my staff

Using this software since last 1 year and completely satisfied with the product. Easy to use software, nice competitive pricing and very supportive and customer friendly company. Great going. Keep it up.

I have just seen the demo. Being a small player it is not affordable. Otherwise features wise I will definitely recommend. Only one suggestion to the management of eZee. Please prepare some economic model for the hotel/ Guesthouse having below 10 rooms.

The eZee Absolute is the best cloud based PMS I have seen, with a great user friendly interface, amazing features and easy to use; I most say it's a master piece.

Also the most intriguing that of this solution is its ability to interface with other third party solutions like key card, financial accounting, online booking engine and credit card payment platform making it the number one for us.

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7 Webrezpro

I've been using this system for 3 years. It's awesome, and the team a WebRezPro is always there to lend a hand.

We are very pleased with the service we've received from WebRezPro staff. The customer service team is top-notch and the system is easy to use.

As a hotel marketing platform and CRM we find WRP is a superb solution and well supported with prompt response times.

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8 Mews Systems PMS

I had a client in London looking for a good cloud based PMS for ages and after months and months of searching we heard of Mews via another property in London. I was very surprised on how simple it is to use yet so advanced. With the team being all new and most of them not coming from a hotel background they picked it up so quickly. The whole product is so seamless. The one thing my client was annoyed about was logging in everywhere twice and updating photos, description s..e tc. Because the PMS and the Booking Engine are joined at the hip, whatever we update in the PMS it instantly updates the Booking Engine. The highlight was payments, having a payment function inside the PMS was the best thing! Gone are the days my receptionists are standing and charging cards and now instead they are helping guests! Thanks Mews and keep up the good work.

Mews wipes the floor with both traditional PMS and Cloud PMS providers. The key difference is, they get design, and the result is brilliant... The technology is slick and streamlined, and the user experience has clearly been crafted by people who know what they're talking about. Mews is leading the way in hospitality technology solutions, and the product delivers an experience that both the guest and team love. To add to that, the Mews team are really great and the actually really, really care about customer experience. If you're not already using Mews, you should be.

I was responsible for the search of new PMS for our properties. Even though sales part was very smooth, I had big concerns about actual on-boarding and implementation. These guys were just amazing! From the day 1 of the onboarding "they held my hand", all questions were answered in a very prompt manner, training was efficient, installation of Channel Manager was easy or at least seemed like it. It's been 6 months since we are "live", they still keep an eye on me. Yes, it was quite a big change, there were challenges, but now staff and management can see that it all was worth it. I am really happy with Mews! Do not choose any other PMS unless you at least speak to these guys, you will know right away what I was talking about.

My name is Georg, Manager of Group. We are using Mews in five properties. Before choosing Mews, I reviewed over 100 PMS and Mews was BY FAR the most innovative PMS. I did not regret this decision a second.

If you are looking for a new PMS, have a close look at Mews. Right now, I think you cannot find a better solution out there.

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9 Bookatonce

So smooth and easy, for everyone!

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10 RoomKey PMS

RoomKey internet marketing services offers your hotel an all-in-one solution to easily manage your guests and increase hotel occupancy.

RoomkeyPMS support is very professional and training team exceptional!

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The Contenders

11 Protel Air

Really easy to use, well designed tools and features for all levels of our staff and a great support team! Thanks to an experienced German provider.

A web-based hotel management solution and a true SaaS application that is hosted in a secure data center environment. The perfect solution for hoteliers who value flexibility, reliability and security.

A truly innovative, flexible, cutting edge system. Quick and very personalized support. Highly recommend.

The only one with all needed features. Love it.

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Dormito. Re is Cloud based accommodation management system designed for small independent hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, hostels, lodges and vacation rentals. It is also suitable for tourist agencies and it offers front desk tools, online booking capabilities and reservations, guest management and profiles, financial accounting features, improved communication with your guests, social media promotion and other useful feature.

13 InnRoad PMS

InnRoad the leading hotel management software and system for property management, reservation and booking engine serving hotels of all sizes. Our product is the best cloud-based PMS and hotel software system on the market.

This system has gotten worse over a short period of time.

Easy to use for my small inn!

14 RezOvation

RezOvation Innkeeper Software provides all the tools you need to manage your guests and reservations, design, promote, and host your website, as well as make your website bookable.


Complete hotel technology under one login.
Fully operational PMS that is also a platform to control Channel Management (no need for 3rd party software) and Content Management System platform (no need for 3rd party solutions).
One login = fully feeatured online PMS, Channel Manager, Website creator, content manager.

16 Roomsy
17 Hetras

If you need a light system, that has a complete open infrastructure to connect with 3rd party systems, whilst offering you a full automation of check in and out, a guest mobile app and key, and a digital guest journey - Hetras is the right company. Our guests love automation and independence!

Self explaining, almost no user training needed.

Great technology and fantastic support.

It is a great cloud-based PMS for hotels and hotel chains. The software is very user friendly and easy to understand. Therefor the time for training is pretty low. Our guest like it very much. We have been automating a lot of your processes with hetras. Now the Front Desk has more time to acutally serve the guest inestead of entering just data. We love it.

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18 Elina PMS

A rockstar Property Management Platform for serviced apartments! Has the tools apartment providers need

A cloud based property management system for hotels, resorts and serviced apartments.

Personal back-up and flexible system solution has convinced us: This must be among the best for hotel (and apartment, like us) management.

We found that the team was very friendly and helpful. After being trained, we learnt how to use the platform to reduce the time spent on operational tasks. Tasks such as charging guests, or reporting invalid cards and contacting guests via email pre and post stay can all be automated. Being able to limit staff to just using the part of the system which they need helps a lot.

Being a management company, Elina PMS meant that our owners can come and see the performance of their portfolio, check their revenue and inform us if they need to take back an apartment.

The booking engine is great. We have been able to get more bookings from new and returning customers. Overall, we are very, very happy.

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19 Gearcoinc

A global application architecture which is comprised of hosted Cloud-based Property Management Systems (CPMS). -

20 ibelsa.rooms

Ibelsa. Rooms is a cloud-based hotel management software aimed at all types and sizes of hotels and accommodation facilities. Ibelsa enables the user to easily navigate through the various processes involved in running a hotel, from customer care and the management of booking engines, to hotel website integration and all types of social media. With ibelsa, all relevant working processes are performed centrally.
No installation costs. No maintenance fees. No binding-contract. Ibelsa is flexible, user friendly and absolutely safe!

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