Best Text Message (SMS) Marketing Services

Text message marketing is one of the most efficient forms of advertising today. We scoured the internet to find the best of the best and here is our list of the Top 10.

The Top Ten


Great customer service and an easy to use system. They even have the same 84444 short code in Canada and the USA. &

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2 SMS Message Pro

One of the few sites that offers both long codes and short codes. Long codes are regular telephone numbers that are often cheaper to use.

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3 Text2VIP

Really great software for bringing customers back to our restaurant! We also like to use their trivia and text2win contests when we have live entertainment.

I was surprised to find that not only did text2vip have features we couldn't find with any other company but the pricing is way better as well. I'd recommend them for sure.

Has a lot of top clients on the site including companies like Salad Works. You don't get great clients if you don't have a great service.

Love using text2vip to send our customers text message coupons! Support is unbelievably good.

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4 ProTexting

I agree it is a great service, we just signed up by your recommendation and it is nice so far.

Colorful site with some good features like creating QR Codes.

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5 SumoText

Offers MMS services (pictures included) along with SMS. Neat feature.

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6 Wham Mobile

I like that the site has a 800 number right on the front page. Seems like they provide good customer service.

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7 Trumpia

Trumpia's strength seems to be a very good white label offering for those that want to sell text messaging themselves.

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8 Tatango

One of the best features of this site is the case studies in the blog.

Great SMS marketing resources!

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9 Club Texting

Club Texting appears to be a niche site catering to the bar and nightclub vertical. It has similar functionality to EZ Texting.

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10 EZ Texting

The site seems to have a lot of users so they must be doing something right. Was concerned, however, that they didn't check my list to be opt-in prior to sending broadcast text.

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The Contenders

11 has lots of cool features for small business customers. They offer live chat, email, and US phone support.

These guys are great! They actually answer the phone for support!

12 SMSonNet

Easy interface, nothing odd
Cheap rates on international bulk sms
5 SMS free after registration

Rather new service, still each service need to be tested before stopping at one...
the rates seem to be good, as for sms sending quality - need to check...

13 FreedomPop
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