Funniest or Strangest Post Fight In-Ring Interviews in Boxing History

These are some of the funniest and strangest post fight interviews in boxing. If you have a favorite that's not on the list, please add it.
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1 Tony Thompson vs David Price (2/23/2013)

*Interviewer brought up Tony Thompson was listening to "Easy Like Sunday Morning" by Lionel Richie in his dressing room before the fight*

Interviewer: "So what's going to be the soundtrack Saturday night for Tony Thompson? "

Tony Thompson: "Ay man, I'm going to go home and break my wife's hips. I ain't had sex with her in awhile. She is going to feel the pain! "

Interviewer: "And the pleasure."

Tony Thompson: "Oh there's gonna be some pleasure mixed into there but she's might be crippled in the morning. So, um, if anyone wants to donate a wheelchair to the save Mrs. Thompson fund...LOL"

Note: Some boxers practice celibacy while training.

2 Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Victor Ortiz (9/17/2011)

Floyd Mayweather Jr: *directed to the interviewer Larry Merchant* "You never give me a fair shake. HBO needs to fire you, you don't know s**t about boxing! "...You ain't s**t! You're not s**t!"

Interviewer (Larry Merchant) : "I wish I was 50 years younger and I'd kick your a**! "

3 Mike Tyson vs Clifford Etienne (2/22/2003)

Interviewer: "Mike, were you really sick this week? What was the problem? "

Mike Tyson: "I broke my back! "

Interviewer: "What? What do you mean by that? "

Mike Tyson: "My back is broken! "

Interviewer: (Long awkward pause/silence with him and Mike staring at each other) "What? Like your vertebrate or..."

Mike Tyson: (Cuts off interviewer mid sentence) "Spinal! "

The look on Jim Grey's (interviewer) face was priceless.

Note: There were rumors days before the match that Tyson was going to pull out of the fight due to some sort of undisclosed illness.

4 Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston (2/25/1964)

The legendary post fight interview.

Ali: "I'm the king of the world! I'm pretty..."

Interviewer: "Hold it, hold it, hold it. Your not that pretty."

Ali: "Ima bad man! I shook up the world! I shook up the world! I shook up the world! You must listen to me! I am the greatest! "

Note: This in ring interview took place moments after Ali won the Heavyweight Title for the first time at 22 years old.

5 Mike Tyson vs Lou Savarese (6/24/2000)
6 James Toney vs Mike McCallum (8/29/1992)

James Toney: "My birthday was on Monday and now I feel like a can go home and enjoy it with some Burger King. Here I come baby! Burger King! Burger King! And shout out to Bob Arum cause he's my man. Don King, kiss my a**! "

7 Paulie Malignaggi vs Adrien Broner (6/22/2013)

Broner: "I beat Paulie. I left with his belt and his girl."

*Paulie run over and gets in Broner's face*

Malignaggi: "That's personal yo! You don't..."

Broner: "Hey, I'm just saying you lost"

Malignaggi: "Ay, I know I lost. Don't, don't... hold up... But don't bring up about taking my side piece. Don't bring up about taking my side piece! That's my side piece! You don't get laid! "

*Fighters get separated. Paulie flips off Broner as he walks away*

8 Mike Tyson vs Tyrell Biggs (10/16/1987)

Interviewer: "What broke him down was it..."

Mike Tyson: "Constantly body punches. When I hit him with body punches, I heard him, actually he was crying in there making woman jesters' like ugh ug oh... I can't... I knew he was breaking down soon"

Interviewer: "Are you saying Biggs was crying when you hit him? "

Mike Tyson: "Yes"

9 Ricardo Mayorga vs Vernon Forrest (1/25/2003)

Interviewer (Larry Merchant): "I wanted to end this with one jester Ricardo. Here, you haven't smoked in a long while. You haven't smoked since you started training. This is your favorite cigarette (Larry puts the cigarette in Mayorga's mouth and lights it, Mayorga instantly takes a drag). We toast you."

Note: Ricardo Mayorga was a known cigarette smoker who would light up in the ring immediately after his fights.

10 Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko (11/28/2015)

After the fight, which Fury won the Heavyweight Title by unanimous decision, he grabs the the interviewers mic and starts singing "Don't Want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith to his wife. It was so tacky. His wife was wide eyed and eating it all up.

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