Top 10 Weirdest and Most Unusual Comic Book Crossovers

Some crossovers can be awesome, disappointing, and in some cases, weird. Here are the most notable examples of fun, unusual and unfitting crossovers that were mostly made as a special issue.

NOTE: Add official ones, not fan-made ones as they will be reported. It's just so that I can make reliable lists.
The Top Ten
1 Star Trek / X-Men

Okay, I get it sounds ridiculous to make a team-up between Marvel's mighty mutants and Gene Roddenberry's optimistic space opera, but this happened in 1998 as a single special issue, along with a related-novel called 'Planet X' that was published in the same year.

2 Batman / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Batman is a famous DC superhero character who lasted for over 80 years. TMNT is a team of anthropomorphic pizza-loving turtles named after famous painters and were introduced in underground comix, then becoming popular with the 1980s Saturday morning cartoon. They of course, team up together along with Shredder and fight Bane.

3 The Punisher / Eminem

As a huge Eminem and Marvel fan, I love how they collaborated because Eminem is a huge fan of comics and originally wanted to be a comic book artist and writer until he discovered rap music. However, it was also made to promote Relapse, which was panned at first but now has a cult following.

4 Archie / The Punisher

In the special 1994 crossover issue, The Punisher hunts down Archie Andrews, mistakenly thinking he is a criminal. He then teams up with Archie to save Veronica Lodge from a kidnapper. Surprisingly, it had critical acclaim, and was published by both Archie Comics and Marvel Comics.

5 Sonic the Hedgehog / Spawn

This takes place between Archie Super Sonic Special #4 and #7, where Spawn meets and talks to Sonic and his "furry" friends. Not only Spawn is in the crossover, but Shadowhawk, The Maxx, Savage Dragon and more appears as well. This was more of a Sonic the Hedgehog/Image Comics crossover. They stop by to help Sonic track down the Master Emerald, which was stolen from Sonic's dimension by a villain. Eventually, Knuckles punches really hard to get everything fixed, a move that Superboy Prime would later steal for Infinite Crisis.

6 Superman / Bugs Bunny

So, until 2000, why didn't anyone think of the crossover between America's favorite icon Superman and the wacky antics of Looney Tunes? We all know that the Looney Tunes characters have already "tooned" up with Michael Jordan, and was when Lola Bunny came out, who she is the biggest animated sex symbol. So it's just the four-page adventures of Looney Tunes and the Justice League.

7 Spider-Man / Ren & Stimpy

Marvel's Spider-Man was your friendly neighborhood superhero, while Nickelodeon's Ren the psychopath and Stimpy the dimwitted go to crazy and disgusting adventures. It was issued just for a way to boost sales, which is money-grabbing. The Ren & Stimpy #6 issue shows Spider-Man and Powdered Toast Man fighting together.

8 Superman / Muhammad Ali

Ladies and gentlemen: The world greatest superhero vs. the world's greatest boxer. It was a special 1978 issue (when the movie was going big at the time), and who came up with it? It was the Bronze Age, everyone would just... work, so it was one of the most fun and enjoyable Superman stories they can ever make.

9 Superman / Masters of the Universe
10 Avengers / David Letterman

It was in Avengers #239, published in 1984, the time when it was the Bronze Age for comic books, and was also the time when grown-ups stay up to watch David Letterman, or adolescents would quietly watch "past their bedtime". In the story, the characters Wonder Man, Hawkeye, Beast, Black Panther and Black Widow get to be invited by real-life host David Letterman to his talk show. During their time on the show, a villain named the Mecho-Marauder attacks and manages to incapacitate every member of the Avengers. However, Letterman bashes him in the head with a giant prop doorknob, so yeah, that's it...

The Contenders
11 Spider-Man / Saturday Night Live

It seems too silly making a crossover between a Marvel superhero and a NBC late-night variety show, but it did happen. It was published in 1978 as part of the Marvel Team-Up series. So a lot of people got to enjoy their comedy icons fighting alongside Spider-Man. It was also an early time for SNL, where there was Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and John Belushi... before Eddie Murphy, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, and a lot more famous comedians got to join the show.

12 Justice League / Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
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