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Beastars (stylised as BEASTARS) is a manga and anime series created by Paru Itagaki based on anthropomorphic animals as high school students. The series focuses on a cultural divide between herbivores and carnivores. The plot started when Tem, an alpaca, was murdered and eaten by a fellow student.

The main character is Legoshi (alternatively spelt Legosi), a grey wolf in his second year of high school. The series takes its name from a rank in the series, Beastar, which is a prestigious rank that requires great notoriety.
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1 Legoshi Legoshi (レゴシ, Regoshi?), also referred to as Legosi, is a male gray wolf and the main protagonist of the Japanese manga and anime series, Beastars by Paru Itagaki. Though feared and misjudged by others for being a tall carnivore, he is actually quite mild-mannered, docile and awkward. Legoshi more.

Legoshi (alternatively spelt Legosi) is the protagonist of Beastars. He is a grey wolf and a second-year student of Cherryton High School. He develops a crush on Haru, a third-year rabbit student.

2 Bill

Bill is a bengal tiger student of Cherryton High. He was an antagonist during the first arc of the story, and since became a side character. He is an outgoing, extroverted, and confident student. He is the best friend of Aoba.

3 Ibuki
4 Riz
5 Jack

Jack, a Labrador Retriever, is Legoshi's closest friend since childhood. He supports Legoshi all the way through his life.

6 Chief Lion
7 Haru

Haru (also incorrectly transliterated as Hal), is a third-year rabbit student. Due to being a white dwarf rabbit, she is treated as fragile by society. She is often bullied by fellow students, mostly by Harlequin rabbit Mizuchi.

8 Free
9 Juno

Juno is a first-year grey wolf student. She fell in love with Legoshi at first sight. She is a charismatic character and is known for her kindness. She can be possessive at times, especially when she was in love with Legoshi. For example, she showed a different side of herself when she intimidated Louis.

10 Gohin

Gohin is a 39-year-old giant panda. He works as a therapist for carnivores. He has a strict personality, and isn't afraid to call others out. However, he also has a sense of humour and is very reasonable.

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11 Jinma
12 Aoba

Aoba is a second-year bald eagle student and a good friend of Legoshi. He is very intelligent and calm and likes to keep harmony between his friends.

13 Durham
14 Louis

Louis, a red deer, is a third-year student who aspires to become the next Beastar. He values strength and dominance, and looks down on those who don't. He is the star actor of the Cherryton Drama Club. Despite being arrogant at times, he often treats others with kindness.

15 Lycaon
16 Els

Els is an Angora goat student. She is very cautious around carnivores, and grabbed a pair of scissors when Legoshi approached her. She was the secret love interest of Tem, an alpaca who was murdered.

17 Voss

Voss is a minor character. He is a second-year fennec fox student who lives in the same dorm as Legoshi, Jack, and Aoba. Being only 1'4", he likes to be carried by his roommates. Not much is known about his personality.

18 Pina
19 Collot
20 Legom
21 Tem
22 Melon
23 Yahya
24 Rokume
25 Mizuchi's Boyfriend
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