Top 10 Best Demon Slayer Characters

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has become a cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences worldwide with its stunning animation, gripping storyline, and lovable characters. The anime, which is based on the manga by Koyoharu Gotouge, follows the journey of a young boy named Tanjiro Kamado, who becomes a demon slayer after his family is brutally slaughtered by demons. With the help of his comrades, Tanjiro embarks on a quest to avenge his family and protect humanity from the demonic threat.

But as much as we love Tanjiro, it's the diverse cast of characters that make Demon Slayer truly special. From fierce demon slayers to terrifying demons, each character brings something unique to the table. Whether it's their personality, their fighting style, or their backstory, there's always something to love about each character.
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1 Tomioka Giyuu

I LOVE GIYUU SO MUCH. He is my FAVORITE character. Without him, the story wouldn't even go on. He talked Tanjiro into become a Demon Slayer. He had one of the saddest childhoods, (his best friend and sister dying to protect him) and he put his life on the line for Nezuko, promising if she bites, he, along with Tanjiro and Urokodaki will commit seppku. Also, the way he does his dead calm is amazing, he is such a skilled swordsman, and he has a big heart :)

Emo and great. Character made the show and his character arc was so interesting, one of the main reasons I watched Demon Slayer.

2 Kamado Tanjiro

I really like him he is not a hashira but I bet he will be able to surpass that level and defeat Muzan once and for all.

Has a surprisingly low amount of plot armour.

3 Kamado Nezuko

Such and annoying dude! I don't know weather I love him or hate him, he could be bad ass sometimes but when he's not he makes my ears bleed! Should totally get a new voice actor

Nezuko is my Number One! She is super cute and adorable. I'm a girl too, but Nezuko blew my heart out when I saw her.

Nezuko is amazing and the bit where Nezuko becomes small and dodges all of Kanao's attacks was pretty cool.

4 Hashibira Inosuke

This crackhead is one of the best. He's funny and insane. We need some of those in our lives, am I right?

Very funny and interesting of a character.

His backstory with his mom actually made me cry. Inosuke is a great character.

5 Agatsuma Zenitsu

Look guys. Let's get some spunk in this list and make this anime proud. Zenitsu is my favorite Demon Slayer character because I disagree on what people say is annoying. Wouldn't YOU be afraid of blood-thirsty demons chasing you? Yeah, I thought so. I also relate to how he has low confidence levels, and believes he's a loser. How he wants to be powerful but just doesn't think he can do it. I think many of us can relate. Not saying that he's extremely powerful and loyal. All the other Demon Slayer characters are wonderful, but this one will always have a special place in my heart.

6 Shinobu Kocho

I love the way she acts when's she's angry. Shes always trying to hide her anger. But she's really kind at heart. She sacrificed herself to kill douma.

She is my favorite demon slayer character because she is sooo pretty and her breathing style is super unique. She also sacrificed her life just for the safety of other people

She's my favorite character in the whole anime and how she was able to make her weakness into something strong is so cool. In the manga, she was even cooler and I was really sad when I found out about her backstory and her view on herself.

7 Kyojuro Rengoku

Definitely a strong and kind character, in the mugen train arc he showed determination and persistence against Akaza. Also, one of the hottest out of most of the characters

Rengoku is amazing. His personality makes the show so much better, and truly heartbroken how he died. But his legacy with move on ever time we take a bit and say, "UMAI"

He is my favorite hashira I love his burning passion and his amazing personality I wish that he could have taught Tanjiro.

8 Kanao Tsuyuri

She's cute and quiet, I relate to her a lot. She's also very strong and I felt so bad for her after that person (manga readers know who) died

She's cool and I kind of relate to the inability to make decisions easily.

Please tell me someone else loves her, shes like my 3rd favorite. She's nice, beautiful, elegant and she tries her best. You can tell she is proper. She was trained by a hashira after all..

9 Akaza

If I had to pick my favorite villain from Demon Slayer it is obviously gonna be Akaza. I f you don't believe me then just look at his backstory.

As much as I am really sad that he killed Rengoku, I still really like him because I think he's such a hottie 0-0.

I don't know why this character intrigued me so much but I love him.

10 Mitsuri Kanroji

She is so strong and has a unique fighting style, which is why she's one of my favourite characters.

She is super cute, sweet and kind! I love her personality! Also her and Iguro are like the BEST couple ever

The Contenders
11 Sabito

I really wish we could have seen more of this character.

His smile melted my heart. He deserves more love.

12 Muichiro Tokito

I love Muchiro sm. I relate to him so much personality wise, and being very skilled despite being young. It was cool seeing his development in the series and I live his design and breathing style

He's so cute and cool! He's also very talented. I'm sure if he was alive he'll become the strongest hashira over time.

I like this guy and I still don't know why.

13 Urokodaki Sakonji
14 Kibutsuji Muzan

I love watching him kill demons and humans. He does it so well. Muzan Jackson is one of the coolest villains in anime history. Also hot!

I'd be honest, apart from the Michael jackson hee hee style, he's kinda boring.

15 Kokushibo
16 Kaigaku
17 Rui
18 Tengen Uzui

Do we even have to explain why? I think Uzui is probably one of the most funny, flashy, amazing characters in all of anime. This guy is the best and nothing is wrong about em!

Cool design, funny, and badass nothing more needs to be said.

19 Enmu
20 Obanai Iguro

One of my favourite Hashira, Iguro is so cool and his character design is awesome. His snake is cute and he's a great character.

21 Gyutaro
22 Muzan Kibutsuji
23 Kamaboko Gonpachiro

The best. More powerful than yoriichi. Solos Goku, Vegeta, The sailor senshi, the upper moons, hashira, u.a and the pro heroes, all might, all for one, the league of villains, every Naruto character, yoriichi, Muzan, and tanjuro. At once. So powerful it brings me to tears honestly.

24 Yoriichi
25 Douma
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