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Japan is an island country in East Asia in the Pacific Ocean. It lies off the eastern coast of the Asia Mainland (east of China, Korea, Russia) and stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and near Taiwan in the southwest. ...read more.


Japan not only has the delights of its own extremely varying foods but is also very open minded to international foods and as a result has some of the best French bakeries, Italian restaurants, Indian and Thai curry houses. The quality of ingredients is second to none and the high standards of Japanese people means that excellent food is simply the norm, and not for the priviliged.

I love Japanese food. Best food, neat service, polite severs, Who can't love the raw fish/ cooked fish, who can't love the cultural talent of the Japanese cooked meals, I especially love the tempura it's delicious!

Japanese foods are the most healthier food in the world. As it's not oily, too spicy, or too salty etc.

I love mackerel and salmon. I'm lucky that I got to go to Japan several times. They're all about good service there. Besides the traditional food, go to a Moss Burger and your taste buds will rejoice! Note: The burger is not made of moss.

A lot of what people think is Chinese food is actually Thai or Japanese. "Chinese Food" has become an all-encompassing term for east-Asian food, but it is incorrect. Japanese food is my favourite out of the Asian foods.

Japanese and French food are the basis of Gastronomy in the early 20th century they join their talent and create the Nouvelle Cuisine. They are both complementary and progress, to improve, involve themselves in a mutual respect.

Japan and France are also known to share ideas with each other in the realms of art and cooking. Japan has been heavily influenced by French cuisine within the past few decades, as seen on the television show Iron Chef. Anime and manga are popular in France: manga represents 1,400 of the 4,300 annual book publications and 40% of the comics sales.

Sushi, noodles, rice, all these popular dishes that are made from just about everything from meat to veggies to fish...
And not to mention non-cuisines, like candy and snacks and sweets. Really, great (if not the best) variation you'll find out there!

It's not for nothing that Tokyo has more Michelin starred restaurants - both Japanese and foreign foods - than Paris. But the more humble, neighborhood offerings are also very tasty. And you can't beat the level of Japanese service, without the need to tip. Best country to eat out, ever.

I say anything Japanese is a culinary gold. It is better to have nutritional values in one or two or many more of the Japanese food every meal and snack. It needs actual proof of nutritional facts regarding this type of Asian and world cuisine, thank you very much. - J.P.K.

If more people dropped their inhibitions and tried something new; Japan would be on the top of this list.

I've never eaten as much food in my life as I did in Japan. So AMAZING, and I don't even eat/like fish. I ate like a pig, and got back weighing 10 lbs less.

They use freshest ingredients and not much sugar and salt to cover the dish. You can really enjoy the real taste of ingredients.

Japanese food is an art... go beyond fake Japanese food like dragon rolls, its bad

Dishes you can't forget, even after you go to sleep. The food is on your mind as the sun rises and sets. I have tasted some European versions of Japanese food, and I am going to Japan. Would've gone tomorrow if I had the opportunity.

Japanese food is awesome! Each individual prawn, chicken shaving or calamari is frequently packed with a highly spicy punch that makes you fall in love. And I'm addicted to all of it, down to the last subatomic particle of it!

What bread is to U. S. rice is to Japan. That alone should make it the top of this list. - arbeZameniC

It's amazing and ranges from ramen (the real and fake kind), sushi, udon noodles, and many more. Don't even get me started on Japanese candy. When it comes to artificial flavoring, Japan has got it hands down. They're candy not only actually tastes like what it's supposed to be, but it's tasty as well. Hi-Chew is an amazing example.

They have the best most amazing food in the world. Some people think we only eat sushi and fish, but Tokyo specially has any kind of food: Korean, Chinese, Indian, American, Russian, and basically anything. And Michelin guides ranked Japan as the country with the most starred restaurants.

All the healthy food in Japan! There is a reason that Japanese live the longest! (according to statistics)
It is healthy and taste great too!

As I can say, Japan shouldn't be on top of here. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Japanese food lover, those who claim Japanese food was delicious, that was because the food you eat in your country that the chef has already made changes to the local's preference. I once went to Japan and very, very disappointed. All those tempura, miso soup, takoyaki, teriyaki, bbq, was not as good as I tasted in my country. According to my relatives, the local chef here already changed the taste near to local preferences. Their food was over price compared to my country, and not every ramen taste nice. The only thing that do not disappointed me was a franchise yiran ramen shop, sushi, and okinomiyaki. Their sushi has really no difference except the varities and the freshness. If you wanted to taste Japan food, just stay in your country. However, their food was really a healthy choice. Japanese like to eat fried food and heavy taste hot food. Their meal usually come in a big portion. If you wanted to get ...more - meungjuin

He Japanese have the TASTIEST healthy food on the planet!

Ever seen a fat Japanese guy? Well I have... But he was a sumo wrestler!

Sushi! Sushi! Sushi! Sushi!

Japan is the only country where all people can eat raw egg.
Food safety is the most important thing.

Japanese food is the best! I like the good taste, and it's food is healty food ever. Love the sushi

Yes Japanese food is the BEST!
It is so healthy, but actually tastes good!

I love Sukiyaki, Sushi, Okonomiyaki... And Sara-Udon and more! Japanese foods are all healthy and good looking!