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Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is a country at the centre of the Indochinese peninsula in Mainland Southeast Asia.


Thai cuisine (in Thailand) is by far the best cuisine on earth, much less the rest of Asia.

If you're outside of Thailand, or Southeast Asia, and want to make real Thai dishes, you can forget about it. Outside of the region, you simple cannot get the same, correct, fresh, ingredients that are essential to making real Thai cuisine.

Unfortunately, most folks' experience with Thai cooking is at their local, so-called, 'Thai' restaurant, outside of Thailand, which uses substitute ingredients and other modifications to traditional dishes because either the real recipe is impossible to make in whatever country they're in, or because they're afraid the local culture won't be able to handle the real thing.

Even the street vendor food, the kind they cook to order--not the pre-cooked kind sitting in vats--is better than anything I've had in all of Europe and Asia. With the exception of the Somboon restaurants, stay away from the tourist traps with the fancy decor, and ...more

Duh, best food ever. It's a no-brainier for Thai food. Do you like sauces, flavorings, herbs, veggies, meats in glorious combinations with sticky rice. Pad Pepper Steak is my favorite: Bell peppers with thinly sliced steak in a brown gravy type sauce perfect for dipping sticky rice into. Absolute Heaven! Or try the mildly sweet Mus Mun Curry: Curry sauce with potatoes and chicken. Pad Thai: rice noodles with slight vinegar/ soy sauce flavor, egg, scallions, cilantro and crushed peanuts.

Thailand is blessed with weather and resource to grow or raise a variety of material. That explains lower cost of living. There are 6 regions in Thailand, each has its own tweak of distinctive flavor, most popular would be northern, southern, and e-san or north eastern.
I'm Thai who has been living in the states for a year now, and I miss the food so much! There are Thai restaurants here but.. It's a completely different story when you get to Thailand itself. I missed fresh seafood, river fish, herbs and all veggies, and noodles shops! I will vote Thailand number 1 definitely, a paradise of food, real tasty, variety and cheap! ($1 awesome street food, $5 nice restaurant... )

The complexity of recipes Thai people made for Thai food are incredible! Many ingredients / different mix of sauces are used for each dish, then finally come to the unique tastes which is so delicious & never been bored! Street foods are super! So many choices to choose! Try all Thai food in Central, North-east, Northern & Southern parts and you will realize how their foods are made so delicious like this!

Many Thai dishes have been voted by food critics as the best and most delicious dishes in the world. No doubt about taste, flavor and healthy for every one. I have been to over 50 countries in the world and cannot stand the persuasion of missing Thai foods. So, I choose to live in Thailand for goods.

I lived in Thailand for 2.5 years and have lived all over the world. without doubt Thai food is the most intricate, delicate and wonderful food in the world

I don't believe this list since England is above China and Thailand come 14!

Chinese food should be in higher place due to its variety as well as Thai for its taste

Thailand is the kitchen of the world and also the best food ever. Healthy fresh food. Better than eating unhealthy food like Pizza. I am wandering the main majority people who be able to vote here only people from Europe, North America. Try to come to Thailand and you will find the best healthy food.

Visited the country twice, and have never regretted it. My family would visit our favourite Thai restaurant, Basil, every other week. We never get tired from Thai food!

I have been too many countries... This is amazing and cheap. They use so many different types of flavors. Sweet, Sour, Spicy and Salt. The food is healthy and everyone knows hot to cook.

I guess those who vote for other country
is the person that never taste Thai Food at all - robertlead37

Thai food is perhaps one of my favorite food in the whole world. Not only is the food extremely healthy, there are so many variety of tastes... Lab, Pad Thai, Chicken Rice, Noodles and Curry is my favorite Thai food!

I love Thai food! I go to Thailand every 2 years and I can take spicy, and I'm 10! Oh, has anyone tried mango with sticky rice? It's a HAVE TO TRY!

Italian, Mexican and Thai are all just like wow - PinkLemonade

I live in Thailand and it's food was insanely delicious. Thailand has many different favors such as sour, spice, and sweet. Some of the famous food are Tom-Yum-Kong, and Som Tum,

Thai food is the best I've eaten so far. I've traveled around the globe to taste food, and after visiting 50+ countries, my favorite food is still the warm, spicy Thai flavor.

Thai food... One of the best. You can taste sweet sour spicy and diff herbs flavour in one dish. Like worldwide well-known Tom Yum :) I like Thai food. One of the best healthy cuisine in the world.

Thai food is the best food because is good for health and delicious, besides thai food have many. Then is ration that I like thai food

The best food in the world! Healthy and greatest taste

The subtle flavours of Thai seduces and beckon the palates. Red, Green and yellow curries are quite palatable, and the various sides, like satay and chicken wrapped in banana pockets are to die for.

Thailand's foods are simply and delicious. They're cheap and yummy. One stick of grill pork is only 5-10 baht of less than one dollar. If u haven't tried real Thai's food try it before voting for other countries. Thai's dessert is also yummy. So think and try real Thai food before voting other countries

If you are looking for some flavor and spice Thailand is the best place to go eat and eat balance food because their food mostly contains vegetables, rice and protein.

Awesome food with blend hot and sour. Best soup is tom yum blend with kafir leave, lemon, and few more ingredients.

Thai food is very the best food in the world seriously. It have all kind of tastes such as sour, spicy, sweet and yummy! It also healthy, people don't gain weight a lot.

Thai food is one of the best in the world because it has many different flavors in one meal. This makes Thai food a very special one like nowhere else.