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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


Maybe the USA are not just about fast food, even though they have that reputation. However, no matter how you look at it, they shouldn't touch the top 30. There's no originality, no richness, nothing so special in their food. Sad thing that these lists are just a popularity contest.

I do not think US food should be on the list... Our food is a replica of every other nations foods. Not saying its bad, but I would not say we were known for anything other than "fast food"

Seriously number 7? People do realize that the United States is a mixture of immigrants from every single country in the world right? It has every single food group from every single country and should be number 1. If you like Mexican we have it. If you like Italian we have that too. We have food from every one of the countries above.

So basically what you are saying is that there is no such thing as American food. You are correct. Which is why it should actually be farther down on the list. - overhang

A common stereotype for america is that we only have greasy and fried foods. This stereotype is false. America is filled with great food. Some of the best American food can be found in New York City like mac-n-cheese, American pizza, gumbo and certain types of steak along with an endless variety of foreign food too.

America has so many options. They have every cuisine none to man. In my experience you can find way more healthy eating options here than in other countries. Of course Americans are known for sugaring up their food, but it doesn't mean you have to choose those options.

We took lots of other countries foods and gave them more flavor and made them better and internationally known. We also have many of our own original foods, such as BBQ, Burgers, macaroni and cheese, and many of the best desserts. We should be higher, at least top 3.

New York is commonly ranked as the best city to get food in. There is more variety here than any other country. America has invented and adapted multiple genres of food. It may or may not be the best, but it should certainly be ranked higher than number 7.

In USA you have everything you want to eat, the most finest food is there. Of course you'll find also fast food: pizzas, tacos, burgers but if you want to relax and have a nice breath eating tasty food, USA is the place to be.

The barbecue here is amazing. KC, Memphis, North Carolina, and Texas all are spectacular. KC is famous for its ribs and beef brisket. The sauce is thick and sweet. Memphis has its ribs, which are prepared with a dry rub, a mixture of spices. North Carolina is pulled pork country. They have an interesting array of sauces. One is clear and vinegar-based, another vinegar-based but with a tomato base, and the last, a mustard based sauce. Texas is all about brisket. A Texas sauce balances the tartness of a NC sauce with the sweetness of a KC sauce.

I wouldn't really count the Us since its just a combo of all the other countries on this list, including very little original. not saying that is bad though.

It's more than greasy food people, there are lots of things that are healthy like kale! Salads are amazing! I mean yes you can get fat by eating American food but it's pretty good when you look inside of a juicy grilled chicken.

Peru is ahead of the U.S.? I'm sure that even if your perceived quality of American food isn't "on par" with these others, it at least has a huge variety. Everything from Chicken, Beef, Bread, Cheese, Beer, and any other type of food you name it a lot of it originates in the U.S.

Nearly every food in America is great. I just find a few foods kinda, well, odd, chicken and waffles, sweet potato casserole, etc. I especially like their chicken wings and the way Kentucky fry them (hence the name, KFC)!

I'm telling you, we're more than just burgers and fries. There are different types of food to eat, depending on where you are in the country, but I live in Florida. There are so many delicious restaurants to eat at! - RockFashionista

America hands down has the best domestic and international cuisine in the world. This coming from a person that traveled the world. Nyc has the culinary excellence compared to any place in the world.

I'm not saying that American food isn't great, but a lot of food that we think is "American" technically came from other countries.

America has different choices, because it is a diverse, international country. You can have Chinese food, or you can have Austrian food, etc. I love American food.

There's more to the United States than food eating competitions and the disgusting fast-food side.. If anyone has had true southern cooking they can say that American cuisine definitely ranks amount the top! And Sloppy joes YUMMY! New York system hot wieners (only found mainly in Rhode Island) along with coffee milk. The United States definitely I would vote it at number 3. 1= Italy (if you've ever eaten a REAL genuine Italian dinner you know that it's been your most favorite meal ever. My fiance and his sisters are first generation Americans but their parents are straight the old country. Every sunday we have a huge family dinner and to me it's just pure bliss) 2: Chinese/China 3: United States/American cuisine 4: Mexican 5: Japan/Japanese 6: India/Indian 7: German 8: French (only thing I've ever like was escargot.. I had that in the French quarter of the Bahamas) 9: Cambodian/Vietnamese 10: thai

America has the best variety of food, however in my opinion never as good as the real thing (Italian, Indian and Chinese food are all better in other countries)

Yes, I know we have a lot of gross food its not like other countries don't. I love the food here. There is lots of food. We have New York City and Chicago food here!

Mac and Cheese, Apple Pie, Key Lime Pie, Gumbo, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and much more. It's not just burgers.

People think American food is hamburgers and hotdogs but they aren't even American food because hamburgers were invented in Hamburg and hotdogs were invented in Germany

Fast food is not the only food here people! There's homemade cooking around where I live which is a mix of mashed potatoes, meat, cheese, veggies, etc. USA also makes great doughnuts and pastries! YUM! - emraldYE

Mostly, in America, you see fast food restaurants everywhere, and they block us from actually seeing that America has traditional food.

Totally... All the way! I love my countries food... Its awesome! How can you not love American food all the way! Number 1 baby! I've never tasted any food as good as American food. It is totally awesome! No other food is as good as American food is!