Top 10 Worst Country Songs of 2023

For the most part, country music had a successful 2023. I discussed my picks for the top songs in my last list.

Today, we'll be talking about the opposite end of the spectrum. It's time to relive the weird, janky, and just downright bad country songs.

Interestingly, it was harder to find bad songs for this list than last year, which is a good thing.
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1 Southern - Katie Noel

This song is so stupid, I can actually feel myself losing brain cells just by listening to it. It originates from the genre known as "Hick-Hop," which I find bewildering that anyone could like. But to each their own, I'll say. This type of song has been around for years and hit its peak in 2011. Normally, such a song would come from some irrelevant male artist. However, I did not consider the powers of drunk, sassy women. You know, the ones with their white boots and pink or white cowgirl hats, getting super drunk at bars. You can watch the video and look up the lyrics at your own risk.

2 Pretty Liar - Shania Twain

I don't even know how this is even considered country. This has to have barely met the criteria. First issue is whoever greenlit this monstrosity should be charged for criminal malpractice. Also, Shania's voice sounds so artificial, it's almost demonic in its tone, and it just doesn't sound right. It's filled with these dumb DJ Booth/dance floor callouts. Literally half the song is just saying the word "Liar," whether in a sentence or just repeating over and over again.

Then we get the use of "pants on fire" as actual lyrics in this song multiple times, like that's supposed to be seen as "cool." But in reality, it comes off as immature, just like the unnecessary F-bombs thrown in there, making this song sound like the drama you'd hear in a damn middle school cafeteria.

3 Fancy Like Christmas - Walker Hayes

Oh Walker, I thought you'd manage to stay off the list this year. Unfortunately, I was mistaken. You just had to create this monstrosity of a remix. I cannot stand Walker Hayes. If you're unfamiliar with his music, think of the corniest dad joke you've heard. Now imagine that as a song. That's essentially what this guy does. His songs are never-ending dad jokes!

What's even worse is he's remixing his own song that he released a year ago! The point of a remix is to remix an older song, not a year-old song! This is a blatant, obvious example of Walker Hayes milking whatever he still can from "Fancy Like" and riding its coattails as long as he possibly can. I'll spare you the corny lyrics because they're that bad (look them up at your own risk!). Absolutely nobody was asking for this.

4 Giddy Up! - Shania Twain

I almost feel bad for Shania. She was a former country star in the '90s who was essentially the Queen of Pop Country with classics like "Man! I Feel Like A Woman" and "Any Man Of Mine." However, now she seems to be trying too hard to recreate those old classics from a bygone era, and it's just not working out well. I present to you maybe the dumbest lyrics of the year: "Up, in your giddy up, giddy, giddy up! Up, in your giddy up! Drunk in the city, got a litty in the cup. Up, in your giddy up! When it gets tough, gotta get a little love. Put some up in your giddy, giddy up!"

Whatever this is supposed to be, it's not anything remotely good. Hey Shania, words of advice: maybe stick to the classics, and people will still like and respect you.

5 Boys Back Home - Dylan Marlowe & Dylan Scott

If you're not sure what "Bro Country" style is, then let me introduce you to this abomination. It features clap tracks, dirt road beers, and trucks circled up around a bonfire. Was there any way this song wouldn't make the list? It's as stereotypical "bro country" as you can get. It seriously feels like it was pulled straight out of 2014 or 2015 when that style was considered "cool." If you've heard "Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line (also a terrible song), this is basically the Dollar Store knockoff version. The song is unoriginal and bland.

6 I Can Feel It - Kane Brown

I'm still a bit mixed on Kane Brown. I'm not sure about this pop dance track where he sings about how "you can feel it when her body starts to dance" and wanting to take her home. But I can say it certainly was a swing and a miss. It may be a stretch to consider this monstrosity a country song, but apparently, you can add a banjo to anything and slap a country label on it these days, which is pathetic, if you ask me.

7 Dancin’ In The Country - Tyler Hubbard

I wanted to like this song, I really did. Tyler Hubbard was once a member of the "Florida Georgia Line" band, which hit their peak about a decade ago in the "Bro Country" era. Since the FGL group has gone on hiatus/split up, Tyler Hubbard has released a few songs of his own, such as "5 Foot 9," which is an okay song. This song goes right back to his FGL roots, and it's laughable how bad the lyrics are: "I'll take you dancin' in the country, Levi's in them low beams, Spin you in some red dirt, Sweep you off of both feet
, Out here where the sun sets, Silverado backbeat, You'll never wanna go home, And never wanna not be, Dancin' in the country."

How is it the year of our Lord 2023, and this is the kind of formulaic music we're coming up with? This just feels like a desperate attempt to grasp onto a dying era. I cannot stand songs like this.

8 On the Boat Again - Jake Owen

So, what do we have here? Jake Owen decided to remix a well-known Willie Nelson song, "On the Road Again." The issue I have is that this remix kind of does the original song dirty. This isn't even the first time he's done this. He did the same to John Mellencamp's song "Jack and Diane" with his 2018 song "I was Jack (You Were Diane)."

I'll admit, I'm a little picky when it comes to songs that remix older songs, but good lord, at least don't make me lose IQ points while listening to this! Oh, and guess how many people it took to write this song? Not one, not two, not three, not even four, but five people! Which includes giving Willie a credit. I get it's a silly summer song that doesn't take itself too seriously, but can we at least be more original?

9 Chevrolet - Dustin Lynch

I don't know what it is, but this feels more like a Chevrolet advertisement than a good country song. The song itself not only has elements of "bro country" in it, but it also feels like they go a little heavy on the use of "Chevrolet." This obviously isn't the first time a song has mentioned the car brand, but in other songs, it's used as a one-off line, not the sole focus of the song. This could've been an okay song, but the heavy use of "Chevrolet" really drowns out anything else the song tries to say for me.

If anything, I definitely don't feel encouraged to buy a Chevrolet vehicle anytime soon. GM should feel kind of humiliated to see their car brand Chevrolet used like this. Jelly Roll, who was a featured artist on this song, should be embarrassed as well to have his name slapped on this song just to make it relevant at all due to his popularity. I can't help but feel like Dustin Lynch was using Jelly Roll's current success and relevance to his advantage just to keep him slightly relevant.

10 Girl In Mine - Parmalee

Parmalee has to be one of the most forgettable bands ever. They're essentially the Nickelback of country music. The song isn't even that bad. It's just so painfully generic, it's not even funny. Really, who actually likes Parmalee, or has even heard of this band? Most Americans probably couldn't pick them out of a crowd, and those who could would be embarrassed to admit it. The song is so generic it feels like we've heard the same song over and over again throughout the last ten years, and this one does nothing to differentiate itself.

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11 Try That In a Small Town - Jason Aldean
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