Top 10 Worst Songs of 2024

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1 Big Foot - Nicki Minaj

This song is just a diss track that shouldn't have been released on any large streaming platforms because it's just embarrassing.

If you compare it to Megan Thee Stallion's track, it loses the race in every way. No one wants to listen to the same, uninteresting beat with a singer just rambling on the whole time.

You know how bad a song is when it's already ranked #2 on RateYourMusic's "bottom singles of all time" chart. Considering the hype that surrounded it around the time of its release and the fact it was made by an artist as high-profile as Nicki Minaj, it is totally justified.

It is currently the #2 worst song of all time according to the RYM community, behind only "You Done Goofed" by Blood on the Dance Floor.

2 Facts - Tom MacDonald

Ben "Rap Isn't Music" Shapiro, as per usual, shows how little any of his takes on anything matter to him and how little they should matter to anyone. Clearly, he'll be willing to forego all kinds of beliefs he (supposedly) has, regardless of how much he's passionately yapped about them, if he sees it as convenient for his relevancy.

In this case, he takes one of his classics, "Rap isn't music," and does what every person with a baseball cap and sunglasses in their car as their profile pic does after seeing Tom MacDonald say things they like for the first time.

I guess to Ben, his stupid little rule about how rap only has rhythm, as opposed to also having melody or harmony, just isn't as important as he claims it is. Unless he's willing to add an asterisk that says, "Unless they say things I like. In that case, it's music."

What would your "music expert" father have to say about this, Ben?

3 Skin and Bones - David Kushner

This is basically "Daylight 2.0."

While "Daylight" has grown on me since its release and success, this new song might just not. David Kushner's vocals are too one-dimensional, and the melodrama sounds more forced than ever.

4 Beautiful Things - Benson Boone
5 Karma - JoJo Siwa

I don't understand how JoJo Siwa even became a music artist, let alone a singer. I don't know how any of the girls on Dance Moms became singers. How are these girls, who are clearly talented dancers, suddenly expected to be talented vocalists? I will never know.

This song sounds like something from the early 2010s in the worst ways possible. The lyrics try so hard to be edgy but are unintentionally hilarious. When will JoJo Siwa finally understand that she can't sing?

The music video is just painful to watch.

6 Carnival - ¥$, Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign & Rich The Kid

I discovered today the line where he defends Chris Brown in this, and for me, that's a serious catalyst for having this song either be #1 or #2 for me.

But of course, there still is that Nicki track.

I am just so tired of Chris Brown getting all these passes, and Kanye has the audacity to say, "what they did to him." Exactly what did they do to him? He still consistently gets singles on the Year-End list. He still has a mass of people who will try to defend him.

Between that, this song, and this album, it's become clear that nothing is off-limits if you have the audience for it.

7 Jail, Pt. 1 - Lil Dicky

This is a Lil Dicky song that is 8 minutes long. Yes, 8 minutes.

If you're wondering, is there any musical switch-up to warrant that length? Is it linear enough to warrant it? No. This is a normal track from Lil Dicky, with him rapping at a length equivalent to 3 to 5 of his normal songs combined.

He uses this absurd length of time to tell a long and convoluted, very unfunny story that includes themes of indecent exposure and lots of prison-related SA. For almost ten minutes.

Admittedly, this does come from his TV show Dave, and it's supposed to function like its soundtrack, but this thing was released like an album, and this is certainly a song. A reprehensible, completely awful song in every way.

8 Cry - Benson Boone
9 Whatever - Kygo & Ava Max

Coming from two music artists who made good songs, this is just cheap. What happened to authenticity in music nowadays? Just a pointless rehash of Whenever, Wherever. This trend is getting annoying.

Yet another bland radio-fodder EDM-pop song that features a lazy interpolation of a well-known, much better track. This trend really needs to disappear ASAP. Please don't let 2024 be another year of gimmicky samples, amen.

Oversampled and made to fit an audience from about a decade ago.

10 I Luv It - Camila Cabello & Playboi Carti

Not a great song by Camila. It sounds like a bad Charli XCX hyperpop song, and Playboi Carti's appearance is kind of disappointing.

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? Lavish - Twenty One Pilots
? Outta Pocket - Yung Oogway, Master Oogway & Manlikeisaac
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11 Think U the S*** (Fart) - Ice Spice

This song is identical to many of Ice Spice's older songs and tries to ride on earlier fame present this year. Lyrics are also not great.

12 Love On - Selena Gomez

This song isn't that bad, but it's too generic and it tries too hard to sound sexy. The music video is pretty fun to watch, though.

If it wasn't for the attempt at sexy-sounding vocals, I wouldn't mind this song. It's not bad, but the vocals kind of ruin it for me.

13 Days of Girlhood - Dylan Mulvaney

What on earth is this crap? Who told this girl to sing when she can't even sing? AutoTune is not enough to cover up her lack of skills, sadly.

14 The Sound of Silence (Cyril Remix) - Disturbed

Such a useless remix of an already mid cover. Plus, AutoTune doesn't work on David Draiman's vocals.

15 J Christ - Lil Nas X

I like Lil Nas X's stuff, but this was a big miss. It feels like he's trying to capture that Montero (Call Me By Your Name) lightning-in-a-bottle energy again, as evidenced by the sound and the music video. However, it's poorly executed due to the beat and the lyrics.

This new Lil Nas X song is not bad, but it's pretty disappointing compared to his earlier hits.

16 Good People - Mumford & Sons x Pharrell Williams

What the heck happened to Mumford & Sons? Who told them to collaborate with Pharrell Williams? This song is just incredibly bland and shows that R&B and folk do not mix.

17 Redrum - 21 Savage
18 Alibi - Ella Henderson

It's not as bad as "Whatever" by Kygo, but it suffers from the same issue as the latter: it's cannibalized by a lazy sample of a well-known, much better track. Ella Henderson managed to ruin "Gangsta's Paradise" on this song, so much so that Coolio must be rolling in his grave (RIP Coolio, your music doesn't deserve such treatment).

Edit: The more I hear this song, the more I wish it could just burn in hell. Simply inexcusable! If Coolio were still alive today, he surely wouldn't allow this to be released.

Why Gangsta's Paradise? Some songs just need to be left alone. I wish this sampling trend died out already.

19 Might Just - Walker & Royce & James Patterson

This is just boring and repetitive.

20 Forever (Stay Like This) - Armin van Buuren & Goodboys

Armin van Buuren has officially joined the Lazy Samples Club. The hook from Guru Josh's "Infinity" is so lazily sampled that it makes me wish I wouldn't stay like this forever. I really hope this sample pandemic ends sooner rather than later. Also, RIP Guru Josh (1964-2015).

21 American Dream - 21
22 Beg Forgiveness - Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign

The absolute worst song from Vultures 1.

The Chris Brown feature is very disappointing, the sample of "Gabriel" by Joe Goddard is dreadful in every possible way, the beat is unfinished, and Ye's screaming during the second half of the song is sheer torture.

An absolute nightmare to listen to!

The original song that this samples is so much better. This sounds so unfinished, and the effects on Chris Brown's vocals sound poorly done.

Vultures 1 went to number 1 on the Billboard 200.

I think I just lost some of my faith in humanity.

23 Wow - Kid Cudi & A$AP Rocky
24 Adolf Hitler is My N***a - Yung Oogway and Master Oogway
25 I Don't Wanna Wait - David Guetta & OneRepublic

Ahhhh here we go again! David Guetta butchering yet another dance classic, this time he's ruining the "numa numa" chorus from "Dragostea Din Tei" by O-Zone. Also, it features OneRepublic but it's just Ryan Tedder performing. The other members are simply out of the picture. All I can say is: a big no thank you to this track! What classic is David Guetta going to ruin next? He can't keep getting away with lazy samples and inviting innocent artists to waste their talents on such inane crap. Enough is enough!

Edit: This song has kinda grown on me since its release. I probably overreacted to the sample. Even though the interpolation of "numa numa" still feels like nostalgia bait, the song itself still has some nice summery vibes even though it sounds basic. Maybe it's because Ryan Tedder does the job just right? Anyway, I don't hate this song as much as I wish I did, at least it's catchier than "Whatever" by Kygo and "Alibi" by Ella Henderson, the latter being probably the biggest offender of the year in terms of lazy sample so far.

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