Top 10 Worst Songs of 2024

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1 Big Foot - Nicki Minaj

This has to be one of the worst diss tracks EVER MADE, and I can't believe it was made by Nicki Minaj. This response to "Hiss" by Megan Thee Stallion is wrong on every level. Even the beat is trash.

Nicki Minaj just sounds like some sadistic high school bully (à la Regina George) who can't stand to see another girl being more popular than her. She accuses Megan of being a sexual predator without providing any credible evidence, which is easy to do when your husband and your brother were convicted for rape, and even mentions her deceased mother, which is something you must NEVER do on a diss track. It's so damn embarrassing and it doesn't even have entertainment value unlike "Stupid H**". And let's not talk about that muttered beat-less second half which sounds more like an IG live than an actual song. Definitely the worst song of the year so far! This might get to #1 very soon when more remixes will be made.

Edit: it ultimately did hit #1.

2 Facts - Tom MacDonald

Ben "Rap Isn't Music" Shapiro, as per usual, shows how little any of his takes on anything matter to him, and how little they should matter to anyone. Clearly, he'll be willing to forego all kinds of beliefs he (supposedly) has, regardless of how much he's passionately yapped about it, if he sees it convenient for his relevancy. In this case, he takes one of his classics, "Rap isn't music", and does what every person with a baseball cap and sunglasses in their car as their profile pic does after seeing Tom MacDonald say things they like for the first time.

I guess to Ben, his stupid little rule about how rap only has rhythm as opposed to also having melody or harmony, just isn't as important as he claims it is. Unless he's willing to add an asterisk that says "Unless they say things I like. In that case, it's music." What would your "music expert" father have to say about this, Ben?

Why do we keep giving attention to Tommy The MacDonald Clown? Plus, I saw this on the iTunes singles chart in Switzerland.

3 Skin and Bones - David Kushner

This is basically "Daylight 2.0". While "Daylight" has grown on me since its release and success, this new song might just not. David Kushner's vocals are too one-dimensional, and the melodrama sounds more forced than ever.

4 Beautiful Things - Benson Boone
5 Jail, Pt. 1 - Lil Dicky

This is a Lil Dicky song that is 8 minutes long. Yes, 8 minutes. And if you're wondering, is there any musical switch-ups to warrant that length? Is it linear enough to warrant it? No. This is a normal track from Lil Dicky, with him rapping at a length equivalent to 3 to 5 of his normal songs combined. He uses this absurd length of time to tell a long and convoluted, very unfunny story including themes of indecent exposure and lots of prison-related SA. For almost ten minutes. Admittedly, this does come from his TV show Dave, and it's supposed to function like its soundtrack, but this thing was released like an album, and this is certainly a song. A reprehensible, completely awful song in every shape of the way.

6 Good People - Mumford & Sons x Pharrell Williams

What the heck happened to Mumford & Sons? Who told them to collaborate with Pharrell Williams? This song is just incredibly bland and shows that R&B and folk do not mix.

7 Whatever - Kygo & Ava Max

Yet another bland radio-fodder EDM-pop song that features a lazy interpolation of a well-known, much better track. This trend really needs to disappear ASAP. Please don't let 2024 be another year of gimmicky samples, amen.

8 Redrum - 21 Savage
9 Fancy Sauce - Green Day

Green Day sucks. The Clash are better.

10 J Christ - Lil Nas X
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11 American Dream - 21
12 Small Finds - Sleater-Kinney
13 Forget You - Jessica Mauboy
14 Wow - Kid Cudi & A$AP Rocky
15 Hell - Sleater-Kinney
16 X & Cud - Kid Cudi & XXXTentacion
17 The Sound of Silence (Cyril Remix) - Disturbed

Such a useless remix of an already mid cover. Plus, AutoTune doesn't work on David Draiman's vocals.

18 Think U the S*** (Fart) - Ice Spice
19 Should've Wore a Bonnet - 21 Savage & Brent Faiyaz
20 Alibi - Ella Henderson

It's not as bad as "Whatever" by Kygo, but it suffers from the same issue as the latter: it's cannibalized by a lazy sample of a well-known, much better track. Ella Henderson managed to ruin "Gangsta's Paradise" on this song, so much so that Coolio must be rolling in his grave (RIP Coolio, your music doesn't deserve such treatment).

21 Yes, And? - Ariana Grande

It obviously interpolated Madonna's Vogue (yet sounds less like it than Lady Gaga's Babylon does) and has weird lyrics, but it's still catchier than any song in her album Positions.

22 Beg Forgiveness - Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign

The absolute worst song from Vultures 1. The Chris Brown feature is very disappointing, the sample of "Gabriel" by Joe Goddard is just dreadful in every possible way, the beat is unfinished, and Ye's screaming during the second half of the song is sheer torture. An absolute nightmare to listen to!

The original song that this samples is so much better. This sounds so unfinished, and the effects on Chris Brown's vocals sound poorly done.

Vultures 1 went to number 1 on the Billboard 200. I think I just lost some of my faith in humanity.

23 Don't Feel Right - Sleater-Kinney
24 Never Giving Up - Jessica
25 Red Sky - 21 Savage, Tommy Newport & Mikky Ekko
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