Top 10 Songs from Morgan Wallen's One Thing at a Time

Morgan Wallen's 2023 album, "One Thing At A Time," is nearly a year old as of the time of this list. It was undoubtedly one of the most successful albums released in 2023, not just for country music, but across all genres. The album features a whopping 36 tracks!

While it's got a lot of great songs, it's also a lot to take on in one sitting. A lot of these songs end up sounding the same. Personally, I think the first half of the album is better than the second half.

Let's discuss the biggest hits on this album.
The Top Ten
1 ’98 Braves

I think one of the most unique songs on the entire album has to be '98 Braves. It's an entire song that talks about the whole idea of being so close and yet so far, and coming up short. He remembers sitting and watching the Braves team play in the playoffs and how they should've won it all but instead fell short.

Not only is this song really relatable, but the lyrics are also very clever. I like the lines: If we were a team and love was a game, we'd have been the '98 Braves and swung for the fences and came up short. Even if you aren't a baseball fan, I feel like this song still manages to get the heartbreak message across.

2 Everything I Love

Easily one of the most upbeat songs from the entire album, Everything I Love takes on a more old-school country feel. The song tackles a relationship that's ended, but not in a serious way. This song is surprisingly upbeat and a bit more on the country side. Morgan Wallen definitely likes to push the boundaries and constantly makes songs blending elements of multiple genres together.

This song is basically him saying that his ex ruined everything he loved doing because it's now tainted by the time they spent together before she left. This is something that I found very relatable and is one of the reasons why I found myself attached to this song. From the beginning, we hear Morgan say he wishes he would've met her anywhere else, like a town he never had to visit again. He claims she ruined fishing for him and ruined his own hometown. This is undoubtedly one of the bigger hits of the entire album.

3 One Thing at a Time

This song does a great job of capturing the main theme of this album, talking about alcohol and heartbreak. A lot of other songs on this album have a more serious tone about alcohol addiction and lost love. This song is different. It's an upbeat take on this whole struggle where he's basically saying to his ex, I'm either giving up you or I'm giving up alcohol, but it's only one.

He shows his vulnerability, but not in a serious way. Instead, he's just like, I'm not Superman. I'm just the way that I am. It's a really catchy song that really sets the stage for the rest of the album.

4 Last Night

This was far and away the biggest song from Morgan Wallen in 2023. It was a mainstay at the top of the charts throughout the year. It cemented Morgan Wallen as one of the biggest names in the entire music industry and really put country music as a whole back on the map. This song is very catchy and upbeat and talks about a topic that he's talked about multiple times: heartbreak and alcoholism.

It's not only a catchy tune, but it's honestly relatable by bringing up the dysfunctional, turbulent relationship between him and his girlfriend, which is why it exploded in popularity. It's a signature Morgan Wallen song with his blended country and pop styles, which may turn some hardcore country fans off, but overall, it fits together nicely. Even if it was overplayed, it's impossible to ignore the impact Last Night had on country music as a whole.

5 Thought You Should Know

I like this song just because it's genuine and personal. I find it interesting it's right after You Proof, considering the two songs couldn't be any more different. This song is much more calm and personal, talking to his mother.

It's very heartfelt and wholesome. I really like the lyrics, All those prayers you thought you wasted on me must've finally made their way on through.

6 Devil Don’t Know

While the two major themes in this album are alcoholism and heartbreak, the other prominent theme comes from religion. He talks about going through a breakup and how it feels worse than hell. It captures that feeling of being up all night, unable to sleep, and drowning out the demons that haunt him. That's basically the theme of this song.

7 Don't Think Jesus

Another song that feels heartfelt and genuine. This song carries a relatable message about growing up and living life too fast, and ignoring the voice in your mind that says, I don't think Jesus would do it that way. Then, he admits that he doesn't deserve Jesus and acknowledges his flaws.

It's truly surprising how much religion appears throughout this album. Of all the songs that feature religious themes, this one does it the best.

8 Tennessee Fan

Another sports reference here, this time around college football. This song admittedly has a similar vibe to Tennessee Orange by Megan Moroney. You could make the argument that this song is sort of the answer to that song. This is basically a love song where the guy converts an Alabama fan to becoming a Tennessee fan overnight.

9 Keith Whitley

This song is a touching tribute to one of Morgan's biggest inspirations, the late Keith Whitley. The lyrics pay homage to some of Whitley's greatest hits, like I'm No Stranger To The Rain and mentioning mirrors as a reference to I Never Go Around Mirrors. It also expresses Wallen's heartbreak over a failed relationship, a topic he's no stranger to.

10 Born with a Beer in My Hand

A solid opening track for this album. In it, Wallen brings up one of the most prominent themes in this album: his alcoholic side. Here, he talks about how he tries to stay on the light side of it. He admits that he tries to keep it in balance without staying off the alcohol for good. Overall, a good way to start the album off.

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