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Fingertight is a band I discovered at one point in 2022. I loved them the moment I heard their song Guilt (Hold Down). Honestly it's hard to understand why, but I just do. Probably in my top 3 favorite bands these days. I just wish they were around for a bit longer.
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1 Satori

This is one in a bunch of demos that were intended for a second studio record before they were dropped from the label. It's a lot different than most of their songs. It's very soft, and the lyrics... well, I can't lie, they make me a bit emotional. This whole song does, in fact.

The riff near the end of this song is just wonderful, and the way it transitions to the chorus riff is smooth. I also like the brief piano licks throughout the song. They add a lot to it, in my opinion. And it ends with a slower version of the third verse's riff. I really wish this had made it to a second album, but that's just how things are. No complaints with this one.

2 Guilt (Hold Down)

This is the first one I heard, and definitely their most well-known song. The only complaint I might have with this song is that I don't like the changes they made between the Composed Muse version of this riff and the Guilt version. The main riff from that song became the main riff of this song but slightly different. Apart from that, the main riff is nothing special.

The rest of the riffs are very good, though, especially the bridge riff, which is probably this band's best riff. Scott Rose, the singer, goes hard in the vocal department near the end of this one. The ending slowing down and the softness of it is honestly the perfect ending to this song. The lyrics are great too.

Also, fun fact, did you know there exists an alternative version of this song's music video? Well, probably not, no one but me listens to this band these days, but still. Anyway, I tried uploading it to YouTube but couldn't because the video itself triggered some copyright bot. You can find it on the drummer's blogspot somewhere if you want to see it. It features the weird box robot thingamajigs on the album cover, so that's cool, I guess.

3 Fear In Me

Not going to lie, this song is a bit too cheesy, but the riffs make up for it. And not going to lie, I love the mellow bridge, and the intro is very cool. The chorus is instrumentally very cool due to the time signature changes.

4 Surface

Definitely the most aggressive one they wrote. Bit of a jump scare from the previous song on this album, Shut Up. No, I'm not telling you to shut up. That's literally the title of the song. This song goes absolutely insane in the instrumental department. Straight-up chaotic. Wonder if Scott's going to explode his lungs from screaming.

Okay, never mind, this is my favorite Fingertight bridge, not At War's. The drumming and guitar riffs are very memorable there and fit the chaotic nature of this song perfectly.

5 King

This song probably has the coolest lyrics of any Fingertight song and also one of the coolest choruses. Or is it chori? I don't know why I'm questioning that now of all times, but whatever, who cares. I love the chorus not only for the lyrics but for the cool riff where the drums stop for a moment in the beginning as the riff plays, and then they come back crashing down. That's super cool.

Okay, but I'm going to be questioning. What was that bridge? I mean, yeah, Scott's vocals were awesome, but that is the laziest guitar riff I have ever heard. At least there's a brief bass solo at the end, which was cool.

6 At War

The lyrics are so confusing. The backing vocals are so cringe. And the chorus is so short and not very interesting lyrically at all. But damn it, I still love this song. I'm headbanging too much to care. And this is my favorite Fingertight bridge possibly. And the time signature changes are once again very good.

Couldn't tell you what times they go to and from because I have little musical knowledge, but you know what I mean. That's good enough.

7 Bellevue

This song is just groovy, man. I kind of prefer the demo version, though. The chorus riff is better there in my opinion. It's one of Scott's best performances on this album. I love how the ending repeats the intro's riff. Not much else to say, but this is definitely a unique one. Big fan.

8 Lounge Act

Talking about the Columbia Sessions (problems and headaches) version, not the Seashine Sessions version. This is one of the songs that was planned for a second studio album but never made it to one. One of their softer ones. And yeah, it's one of those cheesy love songs!

Okay, but seriously, I love the singing on this one, and the bridge is very nice. I really think this song would've been successful if it was released as a single.

9 Things Have Changed

The title doesn't lie. This is one of the more unusual songs from this band, featuring a flute and piano. Upon re-listening to this song recently, I honestly really started to appreciate the song's lyrics a bit more. They're pretty good and meaningful. I can say the same for the drums.

Initially, this was one of my least favorite songs on the record, but I can say it's one that has really grown on me. Pretty cool instrumental, great meaningful lyrics. That sums it up.

10 Colour

One of the songs from Meantime Between Failures that never made it to In The Name of Progress. Drums. That's all I have to say. They speak for themselves.

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11 Virtue Is
12 Speak in Tongues
13 Better

Blank Stare is an awesome EP... and holy crap, the drumming on this song is insane at the end.

14 Magical
15 Shrink
16 Circular Motion
17 All Around Me
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