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181 Lake of Fire - Nirvana (Meat Puppets)

Outstanding!! My favourite cover of all time! This song is truely emotional to listen to. R.I.P Kurt

182 Mony Mony - Billy Idol (Tommy James & the Shondells)
183 Perfect Day - Duran Duran (Lou Reed)

Dreadful, just like all the other ones on their All-Covers-Album and I don't mind many of their own songs.

184 Bringing On The Heartbreak - Mariah Carey (Def Leppard)

this cover is best of original becausE MARIAH IS THE BEST!!!!

You mean DL is the best Mariah careys veson sucks DL did the real verson oringly but the idot MC coverd it

185 Power Of Love - Celine Dion (Jennifer Rush)

I've always heard "The Power Of Love" played on the radio before and I really didn't like the voice because the singer's voice was shrill. When I've learned that Celine sung this song too, I decided to know her version 'cos even if DJ's mistakenly name the singer of the song as Celine, I know that it wasn't her 'cos the voice wasn't beautiful. And when I heard a better version of this song, I immediately recognized Celine's voice. And I was right 'cos when i finally got her "The Colour Of My Love" album, I knew that her own version was the best one. The Power Of Love has also become a hit especially that Celine also sung a high note at one part of the song. Great lyrics. - RLAAMJR

Haven't heard Mariah Carey's version so can't really compare but Jennifer Rush was brilliant.

A british singer did a cover of this song for a advert recently and it's better than both of these

186 We Will Rock You - Five (Queen)

Lot of people like this song. I love this version.

187 Umbrella - All Time Low (Rihanna)

Punk goes Crunk, All time low are fantastic in adapting pop songs into my favourite form of music, Pop-Punk, you should also check out their version of Alejandro

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188 I Fought The Law - The Clash (Sonny Curtis and The Crickets)

Can never decide which one I prefer, this or the Dead Kennedys' version. Both great!

The Clash ruled

189 Valerie - Mark Ronson & Amy Winehouse (The Zutons)
190 I Wanna Hold Your Hand - T.V. Carpio (The Beatles)
191 It's Raining Men - Geri Halliwell (The Weather Girls)

much much and much better than original. Geri did a great job!

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192 Wish You Were Here - Grateful Dead (Pink Floyd)

the original is amazing but grateful dead's guitar work on this song is really great - ravikanth

193 Sympathy for the Devil - Gun's N Roses (The Rolling Stones)

MOTORHEAD version is much better.

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194 Hair Of A Dog - Guns N' Roses (Nazareth)
195 Wild is the Wind - Cat Power (Nina Simone)
196 Without You - Harry Nilsson (Badfinger)

A great song and a *huge* improvement on the original.

197 Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright (Leonard Cohen)

Truly the greatest cover of this masterpiece.

198 Cats in the Cradle - Ugly Kid Joe (Harry Chapin)
199 I Love Rock 'n' Roll - Britney Spears (The Arrows)

Britney claims that "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" is one of her favoutite songs ever. I think she is right.

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200 Somebody Put Something in My Drink - Children Of Bodom (The Ramones)
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