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381 Incinerator - Napalm Death (Slaughter)
382 Smash - Norther (The Offspring) V 1 Comment
383 Land of Confusion - In Flames (Genesis)
384 Out in the Fields - Sonata Arctica (Gary Moore)
385 Breaking the Law - Firewind (Judas Priest)
386 The Hellion/Electric Eye - Helloween (Judas Priest)
387 Flash of the Blade - Avenged Sevenfold (Iron Maiden)
388 Plateau - Nirvana (Meat Puppets)
389 Iris - Sleeping With Sirens (Goo Goo Dolls)
390 Paparazzi - Lady Gaga (Greyson Chance)
391 Year 3000 - Jonas Brothers (Busted)

I love this song especially the jonas brothers version because they are my favourite band and they sing perfect. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that busted is not good. I am just saying that I like the jonas brothers version better.

392 Who Wants to Live Forever - Benjamin Burnley (Queen)

It gave a flair to an already amazing song by queen, Benjamin's amazing voice made the song amazing!

393 Everytime We Touch - Cascada (Maggie Reilly)
394 Orgasmatron - Sepultura (Motörhead)
395 Legs - Nickelback (ZZ Top)
396 New Dawn Fades - Moby and New Order (Joy Division)
397 Mustang Sally - The Commitments (Wilson Pickett)

Love the Commitments version, gutsier great instrumentation.

398 Billie Jean - The Civil Wars (Michael Jackson)

Love MJ's version, but the Civil Wars make it a whole new sound.

399 I Know There's Something Going On - Common Fates (Frida)
400 Unchained Melody - Harrison Craig (Righteous Brothers)

Harrison is 18 years old and to be able to sing this song way better than the original is just amazing, plus the fact that he has a stutter is incredible. He won the voice australia 2013 and I can definitely see why, Seal did a fantastic job on coaching him!

The version on the film Ghost (played by The Drifters? ) is the best for me

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