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41 Lavender Town Syndrome

Not scary at all but I like this song

The title is based off a Pokemon video game. There is a area in the game called lavender town or something like that anyways in the Japanese version they say that the music was so high in frequency that kids would go mad and/or drive themselves to suicide.

This is a Vocaloid song now? Lavender Town Syndrome is fake in my opinion. Show me the evidence, not just a video saying random things.

It gave me a headache, but my friend didn't feel anything... Maybe it works differently on different people? I don't know

I don't believe the "theory" it sounds very fake

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42 Calalini

It's not creepy! It's depressing! It's about a girl with schizophrenia!

The voices are the easiest things to handle with schizophrenia..

This might not be correct, but this is what I heard her hallucinations are like:

400: Evil cat, tells her to do bad things
Midnight: Friendly cat who has kittens
Blink: A funny beagle
Sycamore: a singer, not really mean

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43 Bad End Night

Nice song, the ending is the creepiest, I like it because it feels to me that it resembles RPG Maker Horror games. And if you watch Crazy Night it gets creepier

Upbeat good tune good story how is this creepy also yes this is based of a book or is a book made based in it one or the other

The song sounds upbeat, taking away it's not creepy at all

I like how in the last song of the Night series, Ever Lasting Night, Miku whispers 'arigato (thank you)' before killing herself. That's cool!

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44 Carnival - Gumi

It's about Cannibalism but it's not too scary

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45 Musunde Hiraite, Rasetsu to Mukuro - Miku Hatsune

Chilling and bizarre, "Musunde Hiraite; Rasetsu To Mukuro" may sound innocent but is a dark song that is not to be taken lightly.

The music is amazing and I didn't mind the lyrics. If you translate it though...good luck sleeping.

This song is cool! I probably won't think so when I find the translation though...

This song doesn't really creep me out at all to be honest

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46 Pink Bunny

It's creepy in so many ways just go and look up the lyrics._. And the ending will freak anybody

Dang Len is that you in the pink rabbit costume

There are some vocaloid songs that I refuse to listen to. Those songs include Okasaan, Story of a Poor Rabbit, and this one... I love the dark stuff, but this is too dark even for me. - Branded25001

A rabbit works in an amusement park and takes children and kills them. straight forward yet dark and effective

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47 Pumpkin Spice Dummy - Oliver

I don't find this song scary at all. (I guess there is mentions of intestines, but it's not scary.) It's a really good song.

I hated the raspberry lollipop from your skull thing

I read the lyrics and they are very weird

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48 Ellie - Mayu

I love this song. Find it scary if you like but its super catchy

I don't think this is scary but I love this song

49 Don't Look at Me That Way

I think it's about abortion... it's sad, creepy and beautiful

This song creeps me out, but it was kinda sad, though... - Kuroemon2002

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50 Impale - Luka

Disturbing but not creepy.

51 Full Course for Candy Addicts

Miku's voice sounds very natural

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52 I'm Sorry I'm Sorry

I have no idea how this isn't in the top ten. Truly sad and disturbing. Like holy cow. What did I just listen to.

I didn't watch the video I read the lyrics thinking WHAT ON EARTH? - mayamanga

Look at the English lyrics and you are SCARRED FIR LIFE

This song is already on the list and is in the top ten

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53 Splatter Party

I love this song. I love how it was also dubstep.I have never seen dubstep I. Vocaloid until now. It's a great song and you should check it out if you have not seen it yet.

Dubstep song about sacrifices
Zip zap zip zap

"Lala-la-la-la-la-lalalalalala" - SeeU

Zip Zap Zip Zap

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54 Beheading Dance

This is definitely a weird and disturbing song. Not so bad until you watch the video and read the lyrics. Then it gets way too weird. The beat is nice though...

I can't believe this isn't higher up the list. This song is so creepy and weird, and in my opinion it's one of masa's creepiest songs.

I find it rather catchy despite its lyrics, I do agree with the other comments though it is creepy and weird bleugh worthy.

This deserves a higher spot, at least in top 10. just listen to the lyrics and undersand how disturbing it is. Although any Masa song could be in the top 10, I think this song is creepier then "the foxs wedding" from the same writer. Maybe it's cause it's unknown. I don't know.

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55 Ward Room 305 V 1 Comment
56 Pandemic

Pandemic is NOT CREEPY! It's about bullying!

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57 Alien

Just plain weird and super creepy!

This one made me get up and search all around my bedroom for that skull-thingy. This is so creepy!

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58 Childish Happiness
59 Honey Eater
60 Virgin Butterfly - Gakupo
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