Creepiest Vocaloid Songs

I heard about 50 million creepy vocaloid songs but what do you think?

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81 Sacred Blood - Miku Hatsune

It is the most creepy vocaloid song I have ever watched. I couldn't sleep

82 Gigantic OTN

This isn't creepy who put this here? It's just hot

Not creepy, just straight up weird

B-but he MURDERS YOU at the end! This isn't... Dear lord what am I doing here...

ew not OTN - SeeU

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83 Toeto

Toeto is creepy?
Toeto is about a shy girl overcoming her fear
It's not creepy at all

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84 Snow White and Blossom Red
85 Banshee Strikes

The lyrics are about Miku basically killing a person. Good song, though

Honestly this hurt my ears the first time I listened to this, but otherwise the song is fine

Not really creepy, I actually love it lots!
But I recommend the newbies to prepare for loud crying noises.
Catchy and easy lyrics.

86 Final Reason

IT. IS. NOT. SCARY. It is 100% depressing. It's about a bullied girl. It's sadder than Servant of Evil and Rolling Girl combined.

YOU PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID! Final Reason isn't about a yandere! It's about a very heavily bullied girl whose only friend is dead so she commits suicide!

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87 The Purple Forest - Hatsune Miku & Kaito

This song creeped me out. Especially the ending.

88 Yuugoup - Pandemic

The face GUMI makes at 1:20 is very unsettling

89 Evil Eater Conchita - Meiko

I love this song! Meiko's singing is beautiful. One of my favorite Vocaloid song! NOT CREEPY! - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Meiko eats Everyone in her mansion This about MEIKO eating everything, and even resulting in eating other vocaloids, then herself.

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90 Here Comes Slendy - Gumi
91 Paganism - Kaito and Miriam
92 Corpse Attack!

The song is about a zombie apocalypse! EEK! - Mooshry

93 The Secret Goldfish

I Love this song because I Love super creepy songs

94 Gift from the Princess Who Brought Sleep

Don't poison me Miku...

95 Perolette

A jungle. A girl. A destroyed life. And a terrible killer. Peritte is creepiest

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