Top 10 Crush 40 Sonic Songs

The band who has made Sonic's greatest hits, Crush 40, will be getting their songs that are in the Sonic games counted down!

The Top Ten

1 Live and Learn Main Theme (Sonic Adventure 2)

This song really gets you pumped up for defeating the Final Hazard! Epic is what you should think when that opening peice starts playing! - randomuser2525

2 Open Your Heart Main Theme (Sonic Adventure)

Same case with Live and Learn, this one is very fitting for the battle with Perfect Chaos. - randomuser2525

3 What I'm Made Of Final Boss Theme (Sonic Heroes)

One of Crush 40's greatest hits made its way to number 3 on this list. Although I prefer Live and Learn and Open your Heart, this is another epic song. - randomuser2525

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4 Live Life Ending Theme (Sonic and the Black Knight)

Okay, this is an oddball choice, I know, but the soft rock is beautiful and admirable. - randomuser2525

5 I Am... All of Me Main Theme (Shadow the Hedgehog)

This edgy and dark song is well, edgy and dark. - randomuser2525

6 Sonic Boom Crush 40 & Cash Cash Remix (Sonic CD)

I can't stand the original Sonic Boom, but this one is pretty cool. - randomuser2525

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7 His World Remix (Sonic 06)

Oh really? Soundtracks ruined the whole Sonic franchise, & "His World" would work better on Pac-Man. Also, the whole Sonic franchise would b terrible with soundtracks.

Zebrahead version=Much Better. But it doesn't mean I can't like this one. - randomuser2525

8 Knight of the Wind (Sonic and the Black Knight) V 1 Comment
9 Un-Gravitify (Super Sonic)

This song is neat, I like the start peice, and the middle is really good! - randomuser2525

10 Never Turn Back Closing Theme (Shadow the Hedgehog)

The game that ruined Shadow's character has finally ended, and you are rewarded with this song. Its really good. - randomuser2525

The Contenders

11 Sonic Heroes Main Theme (Sonic Heroes)

I didn't know Crush 40 Made this for a long time. It gets repetitive, but it is cool. - randomuser2525

12 Escape from the City (Sonic Adventure 2)
13 Fight the Knight (Sonic and the Black Knight)

My favorite sonic song followed in a close second by sonic boom! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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14 It Doesn't Matter - Sonic Theme (Sonic Adventure)
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