Best Songs from All 3 High School Musical Movies

Well I needed to make a list and I decided to make a list about a Trio of musical movies and my fave Songs in the 3 movies! Someone's gotta do this so I'll do it cause I like the movies!
The Top Ten
1 Breaking Free - Gabriella & Troy

This is a great song. It makes my eyes water to see Troy sing, but he should sing this song with Sharpay, not Gabriella. She can't even sing. Her voice is so fake.

Love the song, but I hate that Zac didn't sing the songs in the first film.

The lyrics, the music, the voice - everything is superb about this song.

2 Gotta Go My Own Way - Gabriella & Troy

Favorite song from all three movies combined.

3 Can I Have This Dance - Gabriella & Troy

This song is number two for me. Everyday is number three, and We're All in This Together (the graduation version) is the best.

This song is so nostalgic to me and steals my breath away every time I revisit it. The zenith of this wonderful trilogy defines my childhood. Tributes to you!

I wish to dance with a girl to this wonderful song!

4 We're All in This Together - The Cast of High School Musical

This could be a song for TheTopTens!

5 Start of Something New - Gabriella & Troy

I've never heard any of these songs, but I just love the title of this one - it's inspiring.

6 Scream - Troy

I cried when listening to Everyday, but Scream will always be my favorite. I love the idea behind it (a confused teenager who is losing everything and has to make his own decisions, but is being persuaded by others). Also, the choreography is great!

How come this isn't top ten? I really LOVE this song!

7 Everyday - The Cast of High School Musical
8 You Are the Music In Me - The Cast of High School Musical
9 High School Musical - Cast of High School Musical

This is my favorite song from the franchise, along with Bet on It.

It's the end. Gives a tear in my eye...

10 Bet On It - Troy

Probably the best song on any Disney soundtrack. Zac's vocals are pretty good, and the production is ace! It mixes R&B, electronic/dance, and pop sounds, and the results are pretty fantastic!

This song is so fun. I love the sequence in the movie!

I bought this song on iTunes. This song is lit.

The Contenders
11 When There Was You & Me - Gabriella

I love this song! This movie is probably the best!

12 All for One - The Cast of High School Musical

Now this is one that will get the whole group participating in the song!

13 I Want It All - Ashley Tisdale
14 What Time is It - The Cast of High School Musical

Love the music video for it. Lots of fun comes out from this song!

15 Stick to the Status Quo - The Cast of High School Musical

How is this not higher? This was one of the best songs from the series! (In my opinion, at least.)

16 Right Here, Right Now - Gabriella & Troy

Sweet and romantic and great overall!

17 Fabulous - Sharpay Evans
18 The Boys Are Back - Corbin Bleu, Zac Efron & High School Musical Cast
19 Bop to the Top - Ashley Tisdale & Lucas Grabeel

Something about this song always makes me want to dance. Their duet is really great.

20 Get'cha Head in the Game - Troy
21 Just Wanna Be With You - The Cast of High School Musical
22 What I've Been Looking For - Ryan & Sharpay
23 Now or Never
24 A Night to Remember - The Cast of High School Musical
25 I Don't Dance - Lee Brice

This is the best song in High School Musical! Along with Bet on It.

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