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Dancehall reggae is a specific genre of reggae music.

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1 Shatta Wale

Shatta have revived reggae dancehall in not! Only Ghana but Africa and today every youth is loving up to him as role model

"he ( Shatta WALE ) has brought dance hall music to the youth of Ghana and Africa in general. Many people have learnt the real lessons of life through some of his songs like # Life to God and # Reality. I think he deserves to be the best and I thank all those who voted for him. Guys he never gives up..

He is the best dancehall artist in Africa.. I love shatta so much...#continue. Do your tin

He's the dancehall king of the whole world chaaampion

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2 Vybz Kartel

Kartel has the most hits in dancehall and that's a fact, no dancehall artist has dominated the industry for as long as he did and is still doing even from behind bars and the fact he writes all his songs himself is just incredible, all of the artist on this list had or have ghost writers and they still haven't put out as much hits as the great vybz kartel

The most versatile artist in the game, unfortunately incarceration has hindered his career from reaching its full potential.

Vybz Kartel possibly has the most successful dancehall career within Jamaica and the Caribbean. He has hit after hit and has the biggest influence over Jamaica than any of these artists ever had.

He's fi best

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3 Sean Paul

Sean Paul followed up on what Shabba Ranks started by keeping dancehall music playing on the radio.

The man help promoted dancehall internationally

Sean Paul I think you are best artist in the world

The best ever,his music is the best,95% of his tracks are hits,i think he took Dancehall music to another level,he got a special voice,a great energetic flow and a great sense of melody,hope he would less explicit music in the future,and less dirty dance and that stuff,you know,but he is still my favorite anyway...

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4 Bounty Killer

Bounty killer is one of the best of all time. he contributed by far the most to dancehall and is still doing so

Bounty killer boss the most artist in my opinion he is the best

Controversial, Bounty has always kept it real.

Bounty killer real boss

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5 Alkaline

Consistently creating music watch out for 2016 which will be his year- hits include - moving mountains, things me love, more than happy, how it feel, champion boy many more etc...- Alkaline is believed to be the heir to the throne of dancehall after vybz Kartel

He is on his way to becoming the king of dancehall

Alkaline you are my favourite artist

Alkaline the youngest and top make me lean more about the sound. Alka is the best always

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6 Buju Banton

Voice of the Jamaican people unfortunately hindered by incarceration

I live you Buju I always did n will bless

Buju is the most talented Dj, the only thing that has pulled him back is his stand against homosexuality.

Buju is the best

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7 Beenie Man

He stay current, where a lot of artist has fallen off. He still finds hits and his stage performance and presence is second to none in dancehall. He also had mainstream success and still stayed relevant in Jamaica.

Great Artist and performer, he is a down to earth guy. He is always in touch with his root and likes to mingle with his people in Jamaica just like a normal person

Was and still is one of my favourite artists of all time

King of dancehall, respect on to you.

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8 Stonebwoy

He brought an exception in the reggae dancehall music #he is gifted

He's to much. 1st dancehall artiste 2 win de BET award

The best so far from Ghana and to the world, voice clarity, mad raga flows and sweet melody's

He's the real king of dance hall music in Africa and the whole world.

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9 Shaggy V 2 Comments
10 Sizzla

Representing the Bobo dreads, Sizzla put out the most incredible reggae album since Bob Marley "The Real Rock", his output however is incosistent

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11 Winky D

Winky D is a very talented dancehall artist try listening to disappear it will become a disease

Winky d is the man...and the best of all times #extraterrestrial

Winky is the best even in terms of live performance

Winky dee is the dancehall king

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12 Rudebwoy Ranking

Dancehall Anas

We all love you Nima bass Rudebwoy Ranking

A real talent try his new album you "should" amazed

He is good

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13 Tommy Lee Sparta

For me the most unique artist of all time

Oh no...he sounds like a ape shouting

He is best dancehall artist in the world

He is the best

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14 Mavado

Gully always on top.. Respect and manners Gully gad...

Mavado music make me feel comfortable with my baby

Mavado is the king of dancehall

Gully side fi life

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15 Spice

I love her and she's very intelligent and respectful to people and she has very nice song my favorite is the panda remix

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16 Popcaan

The best dancehall artist ever

Is the best of the best

Popcaan is the King

King of dancehall getthere

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17 Shabba Ranks

The first dancehall artist to win a grammy award, the one who pioneered the crossover of dancehall music into the mainstream

Should be WAY higher on this list. Seriously people?

To be honest most of his songs only cause headaches and the beats are dry, only Songs I really like are Mr Loverman and Housecall

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18 Busy Signal

With the flow and lyrics of the best dj and adding melody that can match some good dancehall/reggae singers, Busy a.k.a the "Turf President", is the most talented and best dancehall artist of all time. To add to that, he has great live performance ability and effortlessly makes hits on a plethora of topics and variety of beats from multiple different genres.

My favorite artist right now...Fusing the old with the new... Bringing back the real reggae dancehall
vibes...Second to none...Busy signal is the artist Jamaica desperately need right now at this time... Unique style n voice make him stand above the rest

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19 Anthony B

A Catalog of hits and the most amazing live show in reggae music period

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20 Soul Jah Love
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