Best Defenses In Clash of Clans

This list is done using the criteria Hitpoints, cost and damage dealt
This list excludes heroes.
The Top Ten
1 Eagle Artillery

It is so overpowered! - micahisthebest

2 Inferno Tower
3 Wizard Tower

It is so good against op spells like the bat spell

4 X-Bow

How is it not better than wiz tower

5 Air Defense

Agreed! I'm annoyed when people say it is overpowered. If it didn't have so much power LavaLoon would be the only popular strategy.

6 Skeleton Trap
7 Mortar
8 Spring Trap
9 Seeking Air Mine
10 Bomb Tower
The Contenders
11 Hidden Tesla


12 Archer Tower
13 Cannon
14 Giant Bomb
15 Bomb
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