Cars 3 Extended Sneak Peek Thoughts

MegaSoulhero A new trailer for Cars 3 was recently released! I still think it's weird that they made a third Cars movie before making Incredibles 2. It still makes more sense than an Emoji Movie! Ugh! But anyway, this trailer for Cars 3 actually looks really awesome!

It starts out by showing us what we already saw in the teaser trailer. Lightning McQueen brutally crashing during a race. But don't worry, he's alright! After that, we get to see a little more! After the incident, others are wondering if McQueen should retire. Of course McQueen says "I decide when I'm done". Also, we see this new race car whose name is Jackson Storm. I think he's the antagonist of the film. But he looks really cool! He's also voiced by Armie Hammer! Interesting. And there's this other car whose name is Cruz Ramirez. A Latino race car who tries to help McQueen get back in the game. So it's kind of like the first film in which Lightning tries to learn more to be able to win. We also see this really cool dirt field with fire and stuff! And then the trailer ends with a kid shouting "LIGHTNING!" Which is odd since we haven't seen any children in these Cars movies yet.

These trailers for Cars 3 just keep getting better! This movie is taking a darker tone than the previous films. I'm glad that this movie is about racing like the first Cars movie was! Not some spy fan fiction starring Mater! Cars 2 made me want to actually get run over by a car! Speaking of Mater, he still has yet to make an appearance in a Cars 3 trailer! I guess it makes sense since he was a huge part about why everyone hated Cars 2! I don't hate Mater but he is not the kind of character who should get his own movie! In this trailer, Jackson Storm seems like he will be an awesome villain! I hope we get to see a little more of him in the next trailer! Basically, Storm tells Lightning that he's not the kind of race car that he used to be. But Lightning wants to prove that he is still an awesome race car! This really gets me more invested! I'm really interested to see how this turns out!

I can't believe that I'm excited for Cars 3! This looks like the kind of movie that Cars 2 should've been! The dark and emotional tone that this film is taking really makes it seem like that this will be the best Cars film! I'm also planning on reviewing the first two Cars movies before the third one comes out.


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