Movie Review - Planes: Fire & Rescue

MegaSoulhero If you read my review of Planes, you know that I consider it to be one of the worst Disney movies ever made. And yet they made a sequel. Which I'm guessing was already made before the first movie came out considering the sequel came out only a year after the first movie! I heard that Planes was originally going to be a trilogy but I'm guessing that they cancelled the third movie. So I'm gonna discuss Planes: Fire & Rescue.

The movie brings back the bland main character, Dusty, who finds out that his engine got damaged. Because of this, he might not be able to race again. He then joins a fire & rescue team in which he is trained to become a firefighter and the team works together to put out a large fire. Just like in the first movie, my biggest problem is the characters. Once again, they are all very forgettable. Although, I'll give them credit for at least trying to develop Dusty's character a little more. They made him more likeable than he was in the first film. But as for the rest of the characters, bland. Very bland. There's nothing really memorable about them. Most of the jokes fell very flat. Most of them are puns. There were a couple of times where I laughed, but not enough times. The writing is very lazy and the story is very predictable. It also feels very similar to the first film. It's just instead of Dusty training to become a racer, he's training to become a firefighter. So it's essentially the same thing.

Surprisingly though, there are some good things to say about the movie. I felt like the story was better structured and better paced. The first movie did a terrible job with its pacing. They pretty much rushed through Dusty's training and went straight to the race. But here, they actually take the time to show us Dusty training to become a firefighter. And this leads up to the climax in which Dusty has to put out the fire. Even though the story is predictable, at least they managed to make it more structured than before. I also thought this movie had better visuals. The flying scenes look very great and the fire scenes look great. I still think that the animation doesn't look as good as most Disney and Pixar movies, but it's still nice to look at. There are moments that some adults might find entertaining. Like when the characters are in any danger, it can be pretty intense. There's also a bar called "Honkers". I was surprised they got away with that in this kids film. And there's even a CHiPs reference! Most kids probably don't even know what that is, so it's a good thing that they included things for adults.

Planes: Fire & Rescue is an improvement over the first movie, but it's still not good. The characters are forgettable, the story is predictable, and it tries too hard to be funny. Which it's not. I commend it for fixing the problems that the first one had. But overall, it's still a pointless cash grab. I really hope I'll enjoy Cars 3.

Score: 5/10


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