Movie Review - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

MegaSoulhero Seeing all those pictures from the red carpet, or in this case "blue" carpet, premiere of Dead Men Tell No Tales really makes me wish I was there. If only I registered on the Disney Parks Blog a lot faster. They filled up within seconds! I never get to do cool things like that! Sorry about that mini rant. Let's talk about the first Pirates sequel, Dead Man's Chest.

In this movie, our favorite pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, returns and apparently he owes debt to Davy Jones, a squid faced captain, played by Bill Nighy, who owns a ship known as the Flying Dutchman. So Jack has to find the heart of Davy Jones with the help of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. Unfortunately, the two were sentenced to death unless they could get their hands on a compass. When this movie came out, a lot of people hated it. They definitely thought it was a huge step backward from the first movie. And what do I think of it? Well, it isn't as good as the first one, but I don't consider it a bad movie. I still really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun with it! One of the reasons why people didn't like the movie was that the story was hard to follow. And I can understand that. There's this one plot involving Jack trying to get Davy Jone's heart, then there's this other plot with Will trying to end his death sentence by getting a compass. It can get kind of confusing at times. I also felt like there wasn't as much action in this one then there was in the first one. It also lacked some of the heart that the first movie had. Compared to the first one, it's basically a step back.

But of course, there is definitely enjoyment to be found here! I still thought the characters were very enjoyable! Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow is still very brilliant! I also found him to be a lot funnier in this one than in the first. He definitely got a lot of laughs out of me. That jar of dirt scene still makes me crack up. I felt like Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann were a little unneeded in this movie. They still did a great job but I felt like they didn't really need to be in this one. And as for Davy Jones, he is just awesome! This is quite possibly Bill Nighy's best performance yet! He really makes Davy Jones feel like a very menacing villain! And the visual effects on him are brilliant! And yeah, the visual effects in the movie are brilliant! Some may think that it's overused, but as long as it looks good, then that's all that matters. The design of the Flying Dutchman looks awesome! It really has us believe that the ship is filled with these creepy creatures just from the look of it. And that's what they were going for. They wanted it to look unappealing. Fun fact: I got to see the ship in person while on vacation years ago! Even though I said that there wasn't enough action in this one, the action scenes that this movie does have are very entertaining! There's one scene where Will Turner and James Norrington are having a sword fight on top of a giant wheel that's rolling away! And they don't even fall off! They eventually start fighting inside of the wheel and we see what it looks like from their perspective! It is definitely my favorite fight scene in the entire franchise!

Dead Man's Chest may not be as good as the first movie, but I still had a lot of fun watching it! The characters are still great, the visuals are amazing, and the action scenes are still very entertaining! Despite the story being unnecessarily complicated, I recommend watching it at least once to see if you like it or not. For me personally, I still think it's a worthy sequel.

Score: 7/10


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