Is Cars 2 Really That Bad?

MegaSoulhero Yes it is! But there are a few good things about it. And we are going to discuss it right here.

A couple months ago, I reviewed Cars 2. And in that review, I said that it was a dumb, unfunny, nonsensical mess that felt more like John Lasseter's fan fiction rather than something that should've been released in theaters. The biggest mistake was making Mater, the comic relief character, the main character. Sometimes that kind of thing can work as shown in Finding Dory, but Mater is too obnoxious to be given the amount of screen time that he has here. That doesn't mean that there is nothing to like about it. This movie's strongest point is the animation. Since it's a Pixar film, we should be used to their movies having stunning animation. But it seems to really stand out here. You can see the amount of detail they used to make the cities look beautiful to look at. Even if it's surrounded by a dumb plot. In order to make these cities look so good, John Lasseter and the crew actually visited the real life cities. This was clever idea, until Lasseter asked what would Mater do in those places. And the answer to that question was apparently spy related stuff. The idea of McQueen racing in a World Grand Prix would've been good if that was the main focus. So they had a good concept going for them but decided not to entirely use it. And that was a bad move on their part. This movie would've had a saving grace if they just used that idea.

I know I've said that the whole spy plot doesn't make any sense, but something good that came from that is the action scenes. The action scenes are actually pretty awesome. If you can ignore the fact that these are cars with faces. So despite having this incredibly stupid plot, you can tell that they tried to put some effort into it. A lot of people really hate this movie, but apparently this movie happens to be loved on TheTopTens. And I can kind of see why. Some people happen to really like Mater. I'm not saying I hate Mater, but I feel like this movie is more for people who never get annoyed by Mater. In this first, he was enjoyable and got a few laughs, but there were also times when he can get a little obnoxious. I personally think he got just the right amount of screen time in that film. The concept of Mater realizing that everyone is laughing at him because they think he's an idiot is kind of cute, but it's done very poorly. Throughout most of the movie, they try to make you laugh at his antics and then later on, they make you feel bad for laughing at his antics. Considering people really love spy movies, I guess there is some entertainment that can be found here.

So basically, Cars 2 succeeds in imagery. There are a lot of great visuals and scenery that make it nice to look at. And the animation gives us some pretty great action. Cars 2 is still a pretty bad film. But there are some aspects to it that make me understand why people like it. Although, it would've been a lot better if it was just about racing. Which makes me excited for Cars 3. So those are my extra thoughts on Cars 2 and I will be reviewing Planes later this week. Which is actually kind of worse.


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Me: "Huh, Is Cars 2 Really That Bad? Yes it is" *starts reading*
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Eh, Mater's okay, but kind of annoying. But either way Cars 2 is pretty much bad, there's worse from Disney (looking at you Home on the Range, Chicken Little, and Mars Needs Moms) but nonetheless it's still dumb. (Also how the hell did Roger Ebert rate it 4 stars? ) - Anonymousxcxc