Top 10 Most Disturbing/Creepy Bosses in Video Games

A boss, otherwise known as a very difficult enemy to kill, is an enemy in games that you will encounter, most bosses require a number of attacks/strategies to defeat it. Anyway some bosses in games can be very creepy.

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1 Giygas - Earthbound Giygas - Earthbound

Giygas is infamous not just for the music and fetus theory but also for the feelings of isolation, loneliness, and hopelessness players felt while fighting him. That makes him truly terrifying.

I think this should be number 1. You can hardly tell what he is other than a fetus-like entity. And also the music in the fight... So creepy... - Gojira

He's not a fetus, go play Earthbound Beginnings!

His second form is a fetus, which means his adult form is more powerful.

2 GLaDOS - Portal GLaDOS - Portal GLaDOS is a fictional artificially intelligent computer system appearing in the video games Portal and Portal 2. The character was created by Erik Wolpaw and Kim Swift and voiced by Ellen McLain.

Imagine seeing glados in a dark room,that creepy yellow just staring at you

The voice alone is creepy

At least she gives you cake... Oh, it's a lie.

I LOVE Portal! GLaDOS is amazayn! - happyhappyjoyjoy

3 Nihilanth - Half-Life & Black Mesa

This creature has the ability of speech. When It talks to Freeman, it's actually referring to one of the hidden characters (G-Man). - Horrible_Username

4 0² - Kirby Series

The source of Dark Matter as they are both final bosses of Kirby's Dreamland 3 and Kirby 64. In Kirby's Dreamland 3, if you keep on hitting it in the eye, it will pop out and drip what looks like blood and continue fighting. But what's worse in Kirby 64 is that it returns as what it looks like a fallen angel, crying "blood", and it's weak point is that green, spiky tail under it. Man, Nintendo just loves putting some creepy final bosses to contrast the light-hearted, cute and cuddly Kirby games.

Blood. Blood. Blood everywhere!

WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS OK FOR KIRBY?! He's a cute little marshmallow dude! - Garythesnail

He cries BLOOD

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5 The Icon of Sin - Doom 2: Hell on Earth
6 Majora's Mask - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

This boss scares the crap out of me. Imagine a heart shaped mask popping out of the wall growing tentacles, then arms legs and an eye ball, growing muscles with the eye ball forming into a head sounding like judge doom being tortured. what?

7 Psycho Mantis - Metal Gear Solid Psycho Mantis - Metal Gear Solid
8 Randy Tugman - Dead Rising 2

A guy who is determined not to die a virgin. So he kidnaps this poor woman and tries to marry her. Also he is unattractive in every way. He's overweight, rude, and he wears a fetish costume at his "wedding". He kills his father with a giant chainsaw (accedental, and his father is the pastor.).
He's like Dylan from Dead Rising 3 and Jo from Dead Rising.

9 Solaris - Sonic the Hedgehog 2006
10 Antoine Thomas - Dead Rising 2

He's a creepy chef who, after losing his chance of fame due to the zombie outbreak, tries to kill a poor woman and cook her flesh in a dish. He did it with others. During the fight, he replenishes his health by eating his human cuisine. EWWWW!

The Contenders

11 Dorothy - Galerians
12 Omega Flowey - Undertale

Contrasting the SNES-like art style of the game, Photoshop Flowey manages to be actually one of the toughest bosses in the game. Though I haven't played Undertale, his art style alone is enough to give players nightmares.

That design belongs in FNAF, not Undertale! - myusernameisthis

That laugh... (shivers)

Honestly this is one of my favorite bosses of all time and he's truly terrifying considering the entire game was pixelated up to this point then you get to him and he's a photorealistic nightmare as well as changing the way fights work in the game from turn-based to complete bullet hell with some of the most insane attacks. Plus that laugh and music. Also the fact he can shut off the game at certain points, heal all his health after you've depleted all of it, kill you over and over and still have time to make creepy remarks and gloat, Your Best Nightmare he certainly is.

13 Harlan Wade - F.E.A.R. 3
14 Wither - Minecraft

That thing's got 3 heads, how can that not be creepy? - Pegasister12

15 Wizeman the Wicked - Nights Into Dreams
16 Michael Reynolds - Illbleed
17 Abstract Daddy - Silent Hill II
18 Mimi - Super Paper Mario

She's this little girl who's kinda like a cross between The Exorcist and The Thing. When Mimi transforms, the snapping of her neck is already the worst thing that could happen before her whole sequence! Oh, and she could be an homage to the final boss of Resident Evil 4.

The creepiest thing about this boss is in the mansion where when you stay in one room for a while...
No to mention the black background in Castle Bleck makes her third fight seem like its just a floating head.

19 Calypso - Twisted Metal
20 Scissorman - Clock Tower
21 Onslaught - Marvel vs. Capcom
22 Monocolus - Team Fortress 2

Oh my gosh I'm lying on the ground laughing! I'm just voting this because no offense its kinda lame

It's a over-sized flying eyeball that shoots death at you.

23 Jo Slade - Dead Rising

She's this overweight security cop who ties up several women in chairs and molests them because she's a sadistic lesbian.

24 The Phase Destroyer - Radiation's Halloween Hack

Similar to the original Phase Distorter from Earthbound. Only this time it resembles a robotic, man-eating, bloodshot-eyed, horrifically deformed Mr. Saturn with an ENORMOUS, bleeding, bloodshot eyeball tumor sticking out of it. Oh, and the eyeball shoots blood-stained lightning bolts at you while the Mr. Saturn tries to eat you.

This THING is apparently the mental image that Dr. Andonuts has of the Phase Distorter in this hack. THAT... Is pretty sad and disturbing - xandermartin98

The backstory behind this boss scares me. Enough said. - xandermartin98

25 The Amalgamates - Undertale
26 Piggsy - Manhunt

he's NUDE!

It's a disturbing overweight man in a pigskin. yeah.

27 Dylan Fuentes - Dead Rising 3

Dylan is a pervert and a sadomasochist who dwells in the basement of the porn store and uses his genital-shaped flamethrower aka the "Lust Cannon" strapped to his crotch as his weapon. His sin is Lust. Not to mention that he also has jagged teeth.

28 Mad Jack - Donkey Kong 64

This is a scary looking Jack-in-the-box. Just look at it's spiky hair and cybernetics.

I have nightmares of this boss but not because of it's design, it's because of how much it sucked!

That laugh is enough to give you nightmares...

29 Larry Chiang - Dead Rising

An evil (but a little misunderstood) butcher who now considers humans as meat instead of the traditional livestock, since zombies broke out in Willamette. He caught the evil terrorist, Carlito, so he can test him out. He laughs constantly when you meet him and during the battle, he is hard as heck!

30 Beezelbub - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

A giant, living, and decomposing corpse hooked by chains and has giant, poisonous flies to defend himself! Enough said.

31 The Broodmother - Dragon Age 2

Not only is this thing a beast of rotting flesh and breasts, the very process on how to make one is the most disgusting thing known to man. Darkspawn kidnap women, spew some stuff into them, violate them, then make them eat all of their kin. what?! - MKBeast

32 Saiki - The King of Fighters XIII
33 Mary - Silent Hill 2
34 The One Reborn - Bloodborne
35 Bad Girl - No More Heroes

Is not that disturbing, although I have never played No More Heroes, but did she really drink gasoline, spit it to her bat and light it up? - LegitRising

36 Sander Cohen - Bioshock
37 Crocomire - Super Metroid Crocomire - Super Metroid

His death is the reason why he's on the list.

38 Twin Devils - Megaman 9
39 Sans - Undertale Sans - Undertale Sans or Sans the Skeleton is a character in the 2015 RPG Undertale created by Toby Fox. He is a lazy, pun-loving skeleton who is a supporting protagonist in the "pacifist" and "neutral" routes of Undertale, and a heroic antagonist/final boss of the "genocide" route. He is known for his incredibly difficult more.

The reason why he's low on the list is because he isn't that creepy. I mean, he's civilized, wears a jacket and shoes, and the boss theme is badass.

40 Snowdrake's Mother - Undertale
41 Endogeny - Undertale Endogeny - Undertale
42 Darlene Fleischermacher - Dead Rising 3

Her sin is Gluttony. She's this overweight woman on a scooter who has an endless food craving and vomits a lot! She's gross, she's hideous, she's ugly, and she makes me lose my appetite! Oh, and she won't let anyone share food with her, as she will kill anyone over it! She attacks with a giant spork and can run you over with her scooter.

She made me lose my appetite after I watch her boss battle. I never ate dinner again until I forgot about her and how disgusting she looks

Why did this have to be a boss I almost puked when I saw her

43 Brent Ernst aka "Slappy" - Dead Rising 2

Slappy is like Adam the Clown, except that Slappy is a kids' mascot. He framed Chuck for the zombie outbreak and killing his girlfriend. He attacks you with his two flamethrowers and tries to ram you on his roller skates, only to slip and fall, giving you a chance to finish him off. When he dies, he does a jumpscare like this:

44 Rakk Hive - Borderlands

His mouth looks just like a woman's birth canal! If look in its wiki page, you can tell that it's the first boss to be publicly revealed in promotional videos before the release date, but I suppose it's trivial. Not only that, but if you constantly attack it from behind, it spews out green acid from its anus! Yuck!

45 Dr. Steinman - Bioshock
46 Marx Soul - Kirby: Super Star Ultra

When you defeat him, his ear-raping scream and unnatural gape are his cream of the crop!

*Marx Soul screams before dying*
*kirby gets scared*
Me: You know? For kids! - LegitRising

47 The Great Mighty Poo - Conker's Bad Fur Day The Great Mighty Poo - Conker's Bad Fur Day The Great Mighty Poo is a fictional character appearing in the 2001 video game Conker's Bad Fur Day. He is a giant, opera-singing pile of feces that appears as a boss in the sloprano chapter.

Just imagine if your own feces came to life and started singing to you.

A singing pile of POOP is where I draw the line.

48 The Masked Man - Mother 3

Why is this low? The music already sounds demonic, and the fact that you're forced to fight your presumably dead and roboticized brother is already scary

49 Ballos True Form - Cave Story

The part where that giant bloody (like literally BLOODY) mess of tortured blood-red souls just suddenly bursts and explodes out of his face; just eeugh - xandermartin98

50 Master Fortress - Super Smash Bros. 4
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