Top Ten Most Disturbing GG Allin Songs

Yeah so I've had this list in my drafts for a long time. I was hesitant to post it because there's alot of kids on this site and I didn't think it would be appropriate. However, lately I've been seeing him (GG) appear on numerous lists so obviously they know about him so I'll post it. I was gonna include some lyrics to each songs but I think I'd be going too far and really pushing it so I didn't. Also please note I am not a fan of his.

The Top Ten

1 Ten Year Old F**k

Disgusting song about pedophilia. Quite possibly the worst title for a song ever. - THC13

It’s a pedophilic song, what more can I say! - AliciaMae

2 Young Little Meat

Another song about pedophilia. In the background there's a young girl screaming in terror during the whole song. This song really makes my stomach turn. - THC13

3 Kill the Children, Save the Food

Referring to the starving children in Ethiopia. Why does he not want to feed starving children?...
Cause their black. - THC13

4 Kill Thy Father, Rape Thy Mother

Parricide, incest and rape. Three lovely topics for a song. (I'm sure you know I'm being sarcastic) - THC13

5 Rape, Torture, Terminate and F**k

More psychopath rapist serial killer stuff from him. - THC13

6 I'm Gonna Rape You

Beautiful love song from GG. (Again, sarcasm) - THC13

7 I'm a Rapist

The guy wears his heart on his sleeve - THC13

At least he’s honest. - AliciaMae

8 I F**k the Dead

Detailed song about necrophilia. - THC13

9 Needle Up My C**k

Song about getting STD's. - THC13

10 Cornhole Lust

Anal sex. Presumably by rape. - THC13

The Contenders

11 Kill the Police Kill the Police
12 Ass F*****' Butt Suckin' C*** Lickin' Masturbation
13 Expose Yourself to Kids
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