Top Ten Most Disturbing Songs of All Time

These are the songs that disturb you the most, be it their lyrics, their message, or the way they're sung
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1 Daddy - Korn Daddy - Korn Cover Art

Literally send shivers down my spine, and listening to him talk about the abuse he suffered in interviews makes listening even worse. The fact that he can remember the pain that he went through even though he was so young (around five) is the most heart breaking thing to think about.

My god...this song is so heartbreaking to listen to. It's about the lead singer of KoRn getting molested as a child. There's just so much pain and anger in his voice...

I made the mistake of not only listening to this without looking up the story behind it, but while high as well. The chorus and the lullaby at the end looped in my head. Continuously. It ruined me, I tell you. Ruined. It brought up things that I had tried for years to bury, to this day this remains the only song by Korn I wish I had never listened to.

You can hear the pain in his voice as he sings. When he starts crying and screaming in pain of the memory it breaks my heart more than any song ever has. This is the reason I love metal

2 Kim - Eminem Kim - Eminem Cover Art

Shouldve been number one OH MY GOSH ITS DISTURBING. The lyrics and the sound effects he used at the end was a bit too much for me. I wish I never heard this song again

You can picture everything in this song. You can't really picture EMinem the same way after picturing him murdering his wife.

Its disturbing but it's a good song


3 I C*m Blood - Cannibal Corpse I C*m Blood - Cannibal Corpse Cover Art

A good song, but you never forget those lyrics. They stick with you, haunt you

Cannibal Corpse songs are a serial killer's wet fantasy.

Pretty bad but I think Necropedophile is worser in terms of disturbing.

I showed this to my class, and now I'm on a list.

4 Down With the Sickness - Disturbed Down With the Sickness - Disturbed Cover Art

I love this song it isn't bad or gross why is this on here if you don't like something or like something that is everybody's on decission if they don't please be rude about it.

Well they're called Disturbed for a reason

Such a great song, but that part where Draiman tells off his mom for all those years of abuse is only for those who can handle a truly disturbing song

That “Mommy Don’t hit me! ” Part really gave me the willies

5 Revolution 9 - The Beatles Revolution 9 - The Beatles Cover Art

Such a weird song with terrifying audio. This coming from the beatles is definitely weird

This is not a song. I don’t even know what this is, or what drug all four of the Beatles were smoking when they made this.

This is so flipping scary, most of it is backwards and keeps me awake at night just thinking about the voices and the petrifying audio.

Really strange, but I like it)))

6 Stan - Eminem Stan - Eminem Cover Art

This song is good but it is really disturbing. Imagine a man having a crush and having a wife, just image. its really disturbing.

The story of a fan who took his obsession too far. It's the last two verses that are most disturbing

7 Date Rape - Sublime Date Rape - Sublime Cover Art

Jolly happy song about a woman who gets raped by a man who later gets raped in prison himself

8 A Little Piece of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold A Little Piece of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold Cover Art

This song is about killing someone and having sex with their dead body...

Love this song

this one... just don't

9 Closer - Nine Inch Nails Closer - Nine Inch Nails Cover Art

Watch the music video and you'll see why it's on here

That director's cut though

10 Fitter, Happier - Radiohead Fitter, Happier - Radiohead Cover Art

I looked at the lyrics and this is some artsy stuff. I really like it

Creepiest song I've ever heard

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? Cambridge 1969 - John Lennon & Yoko Ono Cambridge 1969 - John Lennon & Yoko Ono Cover Art
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11 Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson Cover Art

Just an example of a freak of nature making a demented display of "creativity". I was actually looking for disturbing foreign (Latino, French, Moroccan, Japanese, etc) songs list and not just punk metal junk.
-F. C. Fox

Really any of the legendary Marilyn Manson's songs could make this list, but it is this one that is most disturbing just by the way he sings it

12 One - Metallica One - Metallica Cover Art

People are wondering why this song's here.

It's based off Trumbo's novel Johny Got His Gun ; which describes an American soldier from WW1.
The soldier while crossing the trenches gets hit by an artillery shell, he loses his limbs, eyes, tongue, jaw, nose and ears..and he's left in that state..and begs to god to take his life and end his suffering.

The music video version makes it even creepier.

13 Iowa - Slipknot Iowa - Slipknot Cover Art

I was absolutely terrified listening to this song for the first time, the bass line and vocals are on point along with sampling guitar and precision/drums. Listen to it in complete darkness and let your brain take you to hell.

Slipknot is simply the most disturbing band... Humping severed goat heads on stage, huffing roting Bird corpses in a jar befor a show, not washing their masks while on tour, having songs about playing with dead bodies / locking a lady in a box & not feeding her / suicide in the bloodiest ways / a kid who gives himself surgery / a song LITTERALY called “The Heretic Anthem”... This band is the embodiment of what a scary metal band should be.

Even though people say they're scary, off stage they are the nicest people you will meet.
yeah, their songs are creepy to the average person, but the people are good humans

Corey was cutting himself with glass while recording this song.

14 Dance With the Devil - Immortal Technique Dance With the Devil - Immortal Technique Cover Art

My god this is really disturbing but I got to admit the piano is perfect and the song it's self is good but the topic is dark in its own nature

Makes you sick to your stomach

Listen to it and tell me it shouldn’t be on at least top 3

This literally is the most disturbing song I’ve ever heard...

15 Willy Bum Bum - Alien Red Wolf Willy Bum Bum - Alien Red Wolf Cover Art

Barely a song, really. But once you hear it it scars you forever

Sounds like Stewie from Family Guy

16 Paper Cuts - Nirvana Paper Cuts - Nirvana Cover Art

This song is about a family who locked their kids in the basement and at the end social services come to rescue them but the kids think that their there to hurt them and abuse them further.

I don't know what's disturbing about this song.

17 Rape Me - Nirvana Rape Me - Nirvana Cover Art

what just the title itself tells me so many things

18 Suicidal Thoughts - The Notorious B.I.G Suicidal Thoughts - The Notorious B.I.G Cover Art
19 Vorkuta - Gulaggh Vorkuta - Gulaggh Cover Art

No joke, this song is literally the screams and cries of mentally insane people.

This music is horrible, full of cries aggressing

20 Last Resort - Papa Roach Last Resort - Papa Roach Cover Art

The lyrics are about suicide, almost to the point where it glorifies it. It also mentions mutilation. Surprisingly there wasn't any controversy surrounding this song.

This song is made by whiny emos.

About suicide.

21 Hurt - Nine Inch Nails Hurt - Nine Inch Nails Cover Art

No not scary at all.

22 Polly - Nirvana Polly - Nirvana Cover Art

Like Daddy this song is REAL while it didn’t happen to Kurt, it still happened to someone who’s most likely still walking around today.

Forget what I said about Rape Me.

A song describing rape and torture, if that isn't disturbing what is?

About a 14 year old girl who was kidnapped and rapped in Washington state and is sung in the mind of the rapist in my opinion even more disturbing then rape me and many others

23 Baby - Justin Bieber Baby - Justin Bieber Cover Art

This is so scary, I had nightmares for days after my first listen. I showed it to a friend and he had even worse nightmares. It's like if dj khaled made music high. Thanks for more nightmares.

Excuse me? JB rocks! But that's just my opinion. I really wish the good sides of him were also shown on this website.

This gruesome madness is like 10 times more disturbing than daddy by Korn...

Most abominable, disturbing trash I've ever listened to.

24 Big Bad Wolf - In This Moment Big Bad Wolf - In This Moment Cover Art

An excellent metal song with a new, more disturbing, take on the Three Little Pigs

25 Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Cover Art

This song makes you actually visualize everything in the song. This should be number one. The songs ranked above this are nursery rhymes compared to this

I'm not disturbed easily... yet I get the creeps listening to this song!

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